Monday, May 31, 2010


It has been such a crazy last month. When I think about what I have put my body though it is no wonder that I feel like a major crash is coming on. 17 days and it can. I will welcome it. 

You all know how my last couple weeks... who am I kidding this whole semester, has gone in relation to stress and sleeping/eating habits and this week just added to it. I will admit I loved almost every minute of this semester, but I am so ready for a nice break where all I do is sleep, eat well,  lay by the pool, read, workout, and make some headbands.

Some goals for summer:
I want to be tanner and blonder (by sun) then ever before, because I can. I have always had dance, work, or school in past summers but my two months home I will be by the pool everyday if possible. I will workout 2 times a day, a hard one (P90X) with my dad and then a small one made of simpler exercises. I will cook a healthy dinner for my family 4-5 times a week and will have no limitations or restrictions but will focus on eating very healthy! I will feel good about myself and pretty again, that is my goal because there is a serious lack of that going on and it is not good or fun. I will relax and enjoy not having deadlines, assignments etc. I AM SO EXCITED! 

This weekend was great (guest post by Talyn Camp to come). I did more walking in the past week then I think I have done in my whole life. I started the week showing my parents around, then I started my Study Abroad where we walk all over town. This weekend I left at 8 and came back between 8-11 every night and all day I was out walking, either shopping or being out and about with Talyn. It was SO MUCH FUN! But I am exhausted. I have most of the day to rest tomorrow before I leave for Europe. I hope I am able to get caught up on sleep so I am well rested for my TRIP!!!!

Thank you New York City for being so good to me! Europe here I come!

P.S. I love cheese! My SA (study abroad) teacher brings us cheese and crackers everyday and it is always AMAZING. This is coming from a girl who HATED cheese for the longest time. But honestly good cheese is one of my new favorite things!

P.P.S Do not think that laying out for only ONE hour with a little sunscreen exempts you from getting burnt. Because that is a LIE. I got so FRIED today and it hurts SO BAD. I think if you could die from a sun burn... I would be dead, I have never seen more bright pink in my life. It was ONLY an hour!! sad day. I am usually SO careful because I don't tan easily so I have learned how to avoid burning but apparently that didn't work so well today. My poor skin.

P.P.P.S. I really did not intend all of this to come out on this blog post. Throughout the day I think of so many things I want to write, then they all disappear when I start to write and all this comes out.... I wish my brain worked perfectly and always thought the right things at the right/convenient time, but I think my brain is tired, and so am I.

Sweet Dreams.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

guests, graduation, game, going shopping

Awaited post from last weekend Sunday-Tuesday

My parents (both mommy and daddy) came on Sunday morning to help me pack and come to my graduation. I am so happy I was able to spend some time with them! We didn't do much but pack, but I couldn't have done it without them.

We ate at an amazing Thai place called Sea, I had been there before and it is very good. They also had the BEST creme brulee ever! SO DELICIOUS. It was truly wonderful.

On Sunday night we packed a lot and I sewed my suit. I sewed and packed until about 6:30 in the morning... last all nighter. THANKFULLY! (that is my cute pattern making teacher in the background)

We continued to pack and run errands on Monday, it is hard and took forever because I had to pack in 3 categories, 1) Storage-kept @ Emily's house in Jersey 2) Home, clothes etc. that I will need for summer etc. 3) Study Abroad, 3 weeks in a small suitcase, good thing I am good and mixing and matching!

We ate again at a WONDERFUL Italian restaurant, so so good! Called Gaetana's Cucina Italiana in the West Village. It was to die for hearty delicious Italian, so yummy! AND homemade doughnut type things covered in powdered sugar, dipped in chocolate. PURE HEAVEN!

Tuesday morning I GRADUATED at Radio City Music Hall. Yay, 2 years of work completed in 1 year of time. I have a degree, a Fashion Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology!!!!! YAHOO! It was a very nice ceremony at Radio City Music Hall. I was so very tired and hungry and stressed so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have but it was good!

We finished packing finally and had a few more errands to run before we met up with Katie and Emily for the Mets vs. Phillies Baseball game at Citi Field.

Every summer since 2004 my family hosts Rookie League Orem Owlz baseball players and in 2006 we had David Herndon, who now happens to pitch for the Phillies. It couldn't have worked out better, the only night we could go to a game was tonight and it happened to be that the mets were actually playing at home... and on top of that they are playing the Phillies, the one team we KNOW someone on. We were able to get players tickets from David for My dad, mom, myself, Katie and Emily. Katie happens to be a die hard baseball fan and Emily is a die hard Phillies fan so it worked out PERFECTLY. Oh and on top of that David got to pitch!!!! It was such a great night!

last night with Katie and Emily.... so sad, I am going to miss them so much. Katie for 3 weeks, Emily for a couple months.

Today, Wednesday, I started my study abroad. The first week is in NYC. We printed out a list of stores and basically we just go shopping to get inspired ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. lovely. I am focusing on Bridal but will also be looking at a variety of stores to be inspired by other trends. Our assignment is to shop and take pictures! So lucky I am. The hard part is sneaking the pictures, they don't like pictures... I got to learn to be aggressive... Good luck to me.

I also got a cheap but great mani/pedi (only $21). The nail color has a bit more citrus lime in it then it photographed, it looks real pretty in person, I love it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

another day of shopping.

Other then my poor brothers was a good day.

More shopping. I was able to sneak some pictures in Bergdorf, always inspiring. I also went to Vera Wang. She finally bought my story and stopped hovering after I explained that in my world we get married young. I didn't try any on, actually none I fell in LOVE with.. which was really unexpected. BUT I looked at every single dress and touched them all and it was AMAZING! It was exactly what I wanted. I told them my mom and me where coming back in August, which we are, and I'll try on dresses then! Just for fun. And I WILL get an appointment at J.Crew.

Me and Talyn met on the steps of the MET. We got Mr. Softee ice cream, so yummy. Then sat in central park for a while before our Vera Wang appointment. We went to Serendipity for dinner, naturally. I enjoyed my lovely sandwich and sundae. BUT more importantly, I enjoyed my lovely Talyn.

P.S. this is apparently what kids eat in Elementary School on the Upper West Side. They also get this view...(click on the menu and it will come up big so you can read it)


My mom still hasn't been able to upload the pictures.. it has been a pretty crazy last couple days.

Meet my brother Sy.

Meet my brother NOW, post surgery.

4 plates, 16 screws.  Right now a big stitch is holding his eye in place because it will break his socket because it's too heavy.  He can't eat solid food for 6 weeks cause he isn't allowed to chew. And his eye gushes blood when he opens it.

A guy (name withheld) threatened then punched my brother, then punched his/my car and broke the side rear view mirror, then ??coincidentally?? a short time later a rock was thrown through our garage window, another shot at our poor house that has been paint balled and egged, etc. repeatedly over the past 4 years. NOT OKAY.

Yet my brother stays the sweet, adorable boy that he is. He hasn't ever and doesn't ever want to fight back, he just trys to walk away.  He says he is fine (obviously he is NOT fine, his face is a wreck, he can't go to all of the wrestling camps and tournaments this summer that he had lined up in preparation for his senior season, and he can't eat) and he just wants it to be over and done with.  I love him, he is so amazing!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


sorry last week updates to come, just waiting on pictures...

For now..
Wedding day shopping #1 on the upper east side was great. The new J.Crew Wedding store is completely AMAZING. It is my personal paradise. Absolutely perfect. I am in love all over again with J.Crew. Ah beauty.


I am getting married! I just got engaged last weekend, I am from Utah and am visiting my best friend Talyn in D.C. this week and we are coming to the city this weekend and want to look at wedding dresses. The special day is May 6, 2011!

At least that is what Vera Wang thinks.... Yep. I have an appointment with them tomorrow!!!!! It is mostly a true story except I am not engaged... haha but I will be with Talyn (only she is coming here from DC to visit me) and I am so excited. It is the only way we get to even look at her dresses and have the chance of taking pictures so... a little lie never hurt anyone right?.. I also am trying to get one at J.Crew but since they just opened I am not sure if they will be available.

Basically I am looking forward to Talyn coming tomorrow and staying until Monday!!! More shopping for class, Vera Wang, hopefully J.Crew, and good eats! 

P.S. I just realized that you may be confused by this wedding dress stuff, I explained it in the post that I haven't posted yet.... I started my Summer Study Abroad, yes, that means homework...again, I started the day after graduation... Basically I just shop around the city (next week Paris, the one after Milan). My focus is wedding dresses. That is why there is so much wedding talk and shopping.


For homework we had to create an example of our aesthetic. This is mine..

Friday, May 21, 2010

I slept!.... for a whole 12 HOURS

After turning in my 2 projects I went to dinner with my lovlies Katie and Emily. We went to our favorite restaurant, Le Grainne. I had the a wonderful crepe with goat cheese and spinach and for dessert..... my all time favorite,CREME BRULEE! Delicious.

We stopped at anthropologie, it is really such an INCREDIBLE store, so beautiful and inspiring.

I am starting a new line with aBree Original, last summer started headbands, winter came necklaces (which will both be continued) and now I am starting belts/sashes! It should be great. More info to come, I am very excited!

We found our love, mango licorice, and enjoyed a bag together.

THEN I WENT TO BED AT 10 P.M. = perfection

and I WOKE UP AT 10 A.M. = a whole 12 hours of heaven!

so happy!

Today I have class 1-3, no final. And tonight I am cutting out and hopefully sewing up my whole suit jacket and pants... we'll see.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

final days....

Final day of INTENSE homework, thank goodness.

Was working on my journal/portfolio, went to bed at 2:30, woke up at 4:45, finalized my portfolio for printing, Staples @ 7:30, spent $100 and an hour for printing/cutting, class 9-12 presented my PDM final, 12-1 worked on portfolio journal, 1-2 lunch with Katie, 2-3 finished Journal section of Portfolio, 3:30-5 Crumbs cupcakes with Taylor from FIT dance team and last minute bridal swatching at mood, 5:30-6 dinner (subway and watermelon), 7 p.m FINISHED PORTFOLIO!!!!!!!!!! 7-9 cleaned/showered/figured out my future, 9 p.m energy shot, 9:30 starting to sew my Twist Dress that is due at 8a.m. tomorrow! Yes, I did just say START and yes it is due in less than 12 hours. LAST NIGHT OF THIS NONSENSE! yay. FINISHED Twist dress @ 2:30

TOTAL HW hours: 12
7 hours of sleep in the past 68 hours. BUT I get to sleep tonight!! 5.5 hours!!! So excited! 

Finals done! EXCEPT a suit (jacket and pants) that I have to sew before Monday.

Here is how happy Hannah and I are going to be when it is over... @ least I was supposed to look happy and excited... it didn't turn out that way, I look like I am in major pain.. hahaha and my dark circles under my eyes are lovey!

FUTURE plan A: J.Crew is opening a BRIDAL BOUTIQUE in NYC. I want to work there SO SO SO bad. Here is my possible here

FUTURE plan B: SO... I am about to get my Fashion Design degree, I will get my business Bachelors degree at BYU and I also really really want to take some classes/go to school for floral design, cooking, and photography. I was writing this all out, my future, the other day and was stressed and worried about what my life would mean... lots of little on the side jobs etc. trying to do all of these things? or would I just have to pick one and stick to it??? I want a career but I want to do them all, and I can't have a career in them all there are way too many different paths... as I was talking this out yesterday with my friend, meaning to say exactly what I had just written, I had modern day revelation because the past week this has been eating at me, I couldn't figure it out, then my future just spilled out of my mouth and I don't know how it did. I don't know why I didn't come up with it on my own to begin with but... here it is.

Custom Wedding Designer. Brides come to me and my team for EVERYTHING. I have been told lately that my mind works differently than others, I never knew that, I thought the things I think of in relation to design were common sense and everyone thought of them but apparently that is not the case. SO I want to put ALL my talents and likes to use. I love weddings and this way I can have all my many dream weddings through others. I will design and execute the...

Dress (bride, bridesmaid, wedding party): I can help design, make, alter, find, accessorize the PERFECT dress.

Flowers: Customize/decide on colors and flowers.

Food: We'll have the best recipes for all occasions, dessert/salad bar/light dinner etc

Photography: Cute, new, fresh ideas for all wedding related photographs.

Basically come to me and I will design the perfect wedding for YOU! With high taste level and no stress on your part! AND I get to do everything I LOVE! plus I get to attend MANY weddings! Which if you haven't guessed are my FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD!!!! Perfection. I will do all the designing with my bride and then have specialized teams who will help me in the execution process.

Basically either one of these futures look GREAT to me, I guess we'll see... Got LOTS more school, learning, experience to go though..

P.S. I highly DO NOT recommend that you try to break my lack of sleeping record, I can attest it does weird things to your body... not fun. I experienced shakiness, blurry vision, MAJOR head aches, aches in my knees and all over-PAINFUL, oh and experienced for the first time which again I hope NONE of you have to, I didn't even know it was possible but.. I got a charley horse in my HEAD, yes, OUCH, way weird, it still hurts this morning. hahaha oh the joys. NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!!!!!!!!! YAHOO

P.P.S. Some things to look forward to...
2 days until my parents come (both mommy AND daddy!)
5 days until graduation (Associates Degree in Fashion Design)
13 days until Paris
20 days until Milan
28 days until home!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sneak peek

 I ate HORRIBLY today...(in order of consumption).... graham crackers, yogurt with oranges, PB(AB)&J (with bananas), cheese stick,  chocolate (symphony bar), licorice... a small bowl of chili from the caf., I did have lots of fruit (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and THE BEST MANGO'S of my LIFE!!!) thanks to Whole Foods and their ready-to-go fruit containers! And left over gnocchi with corn. The licorice kind of lasted all day, well they started last night at about 11:00p.m

...................AND my first caffeinated beverage of the semester, ew, I really do not like soda! BUT it kept me up all day, I've been going pretty much non-stop since 8 this morning when I woke up really late (@ 8:03, apparently me and my alarm did not get along this morning, class starts @ 8:10. AND I made it on time, could tell you what I looked like today... not so hot, nothing new though, no time for pampering, can't remember the last time I used a mirror... ha sad but true. And now it is 12:30, I have about 2 more hours to go tonight... then ONE MORE long day/night tomorrow then hopefully I can sleep a little! That will be nice.

sneak peek.
Portfolio Final.

(The thumbnails for each section have between 20-40 looks, and there are 6-10 full figures in each section as well, a total of 30 full figures) 

FINALS week (2 out of 5)

Monday: Long Day
6:30 Good Morning, Kashi Cereal with Bananas
7-9:30 Computer Lab,  Digital Flats and Specs
10-11:30 Pattern Making Class (Flat Pattern due, we could leave early once it was turned in, supposed to have class til 1)
11:30-5:30 Computer Lab, continuing Digital Flats and Specs
5:30 needed food SO bad so I had to leave the lab, SUBWAY, veggie delight with everything but jalapenos, on Honey Oat with Mustard, Vinegar, S&P. Perfection.
6:30-10 Nap Time, Shower, non-computer Homework, Whole Foods (so hungry, had another bowl of cereal (Raisin Bran Crunch) and got some Watermelon and Strawberry licorice)
10-12 Computer Lab, Digital Flats and Specs FINISHED! YAHOO, it is due tomorrow at 8 a.m.
12-2:30 Computer Lab/Dorm Room, Product Data Management PowerPoint Final. FINISHED! due Wednesday at 9 a.m.
TOTAL: 13 ALL in the computer lab.. ugh. BUT I AM DONE with 2/5 FINALS

DFS-Digital Flats and Specs
1)Story board with 10 flats illustrated on the Computer (NOT something I am good at)

2)Next are 2 examples of the CAD pages, we had to do them for all 10 flats. We had to fill in the flat with 3 colorways and write all the fabric indication etc.

3-5) For 3 of the flats we had to do a complete tech pack (This is just part of one I did) which consisted of; Stitch details (basically what kind of stitching goes where), Trim (Zippers/hook and eyes etc. I made my designs real simple because Illustrator is really really hard for me so I didn't add much trim), Actual Size Detail (a blown up detail with exact measurements (usually in a real tech pack you would do this for every single detail but we only had to do one), Spec Sheet (not shown because it is an excel document, basically it is filling in all measurements for the garment. The idea is, if you send a factory a complete tech pack they should be able to make all the garments just by these pages.

4) My color palette, the colors look different on every computer so... I am not sure how they'll turn out but on mine they all work together and look nice.

PDM-Product Data Management.
Basically this class is a JOKE. It is for an online program that is suppose to make Tech Packs easier... as you can see my FINAL project had NOTHING to do with webPDM. NOTHING. So dumb, but oh well, we may recognize part of this project because part of it is the same project that we did at the beginning of the semester, we just added more things to it. We had this HUGE binder due last week with lots of color sheets, tech packs, some webPDM stuff etc. but they are all excel documents and won't upload. They aren't too exciting though, maybe when I get it back I will scan and upload...
 What is most frustrating is that both of these classes had SO much work, very time consuming, and they are only 1 credit........ NOT OKAY!!! The work load was definitely that of a 3 credit class.