Monday, November 29, 2010

what happens when you mix an upper westsider (me) 
with an unexpected sighting (insert possible person here)
stay tuned

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am also grateful for my FIT DANCE TEAM.

Last weekend we went on our first road trip to PITTSBURGH! For NUVO dance convention. I used to do conventions ALL THE TIME back in high school when I danced at The Dance Club but it was different this time. This time I wasn't there to win anything or because I had to, I was there to simply DANCE with my amazing friends, it was the best weekend I have had in a LONG LONG LONG time! I am SO happy we were able to bond as a team and spend the weekend dancing our hearts out. I couldn't have asked for anything else, it was perfect.

Our adventure started bright and early Friday morning. We piled into 2 FIT vans and started our journey to Pittsburgh. The ride was pretty long but I didn't mind and I don't think others did either, most caught up on their sleep-I read the book Fallen and figured out my Christmas shopping list. We arrived later than expected so we couldn't go to the 2 classes that were taking place Friday night BUT we did go to dinner!
Joe's Crab Shack was the only place that could fit us all in, no complaints here since crab IS my favorite food. I didn't get crab legs though, instead I got a lovely dinner of crab cakes, crab filled shrimp (which was delicious) and the most AMAZING fish and chips EVER. It literally melted in my mouth it was so good. YUM YUM YUM! Oh, and Max so kindly shared his chocolate milk shake with me, so I got my sweet fix as well. We were all so stuffed and tired, after talking with my roomies (Taylor, Amanda, and Alyssa) and Ashley, we went straight to bed to get some good rest before our 7:30 class Saturday morning! Let the dancing begin!

SATURDAY MORNING! We started the day right with Lyrical, Mark, and Celine Dion. Lyrical being the style of dance (my personal specialty and favorite), Mark being the choreographer/teacher, and Celine Dion-I Want You to Need Me as the song we danced to (one of my FAVORITE songs EVER) I was SO SO SO excited I could barely handle myself. The dance was AMAZING, absolutely beautiful and I loved it.

Our next class was Ballet with Cebar-again my other FAVORITE style. Cebar was wonderful, we learned a beautiful dance combination that was technical and lovely as well as our audition piece that I didn't love as much but there were a few pretty legs in it that made me happy. Our other audition piece (there is an audition for scholarships at this convention so we have to audition a ballet and jazz combination) was with Ray Leeper. It was an upbeat Jazz routine (not my favorite, but it was fun). The audition went fine, I am not good at auditions-I always mess up but Taylor and Max made it and got scholarships!!! Congratulations to them!

After lunch we had Jazz Funk with Kim (by this point I was really tired and I hurt myself in the first class-I did something to my hip/butt area... don't know what exactly I did-so I was in an awkward pain when I moved certain ways-that is why there is a picture of me laying in bed with an ice bag on my bum haha). The class was easy and fun it was to a song about whipping your hair back and forth so that is basically all we did the whole time. She is a really inspiring and fun teacher, I liked her a lot!

Next came hip hop with Ivan. DEFINITELY not my strong point. I tried and got it when it was broken into parts but once the music came.... I was a lost cause. I spent most of the time standing and drooling as I watched Ivan dance. WOW WOW WOW he is one of a kind. Simply amazing and mesmerizing to watch. Then came Travis. He is also one of a kind, one of the best choreographers and dancers ever. His dance that he taught was really hard and it had a lot of BIG movement and traveling which is hard when there are 200 girls trying to all dance at once. I was frustrated that I didn't pick up on the choreography is well as I would have hoped to. BUT it is all good, the day was amazing!

My favorite of Travis' choreography 

We finished classes at 2:30 and we all went to bed! I needed a nap BAD! So I did that, iced my bum, and showered then we all met up and watched a bit of the competition. I just want to publicly thank The Dance Club for being AWESOME! We were so blessed with amazing choreography, costumes, and dancers. My children will only grow up dancing at TDC! (elementary school and gymnastics in Michigan/Jr. High and High School in Utah-just like me haha best combo ever)

We went out to dinner at Buca di Beppo (thank you Talyn for introducing this into my life a couple summers ago) and it was so good! Salad, Ravioli, and Chicken Marinara FAMILY STYLE! I only got a picture of the cheesecake! It was SO DELICIOUS. Again we were SO worn out so after dinner we went back to the hotel to sleep.
Classes on Sunday started at 8 and they were even MORE amazing than yesterday!!! It was the best day ever! Nothing better than starting off with Ballet, man am I out of shape though, I can't wait to start up Ballet again at BYU. It was a GREAT workout and an amazing class! We then had a class with Ray where we did the combo from the day before (which was a LOT more fun today for some reason).


Stacey+ Contemporary+ My FAVORITE song of the moment Jar of Hearts+AMAZING choreography= P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. PERIOD. It was literally the BEST hour of my life! I think it was at this moment that I realized why I LOVE dancing! I did the combination as many times as possible and I just want to do it more and more and more, forever! I never want to forget the combo, or  how it made me feel because it was so incredible!

Here is the song... I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH! 

We then had tap.... Anthony is AMAZING, but tap has never been my thing. After lunch we had Ivan again with Hip Hop, and again I stood in amazement at how amazing hip hop dancing is and how I wish so badly that I was better at it! Travis taught us a new dance that literally was hands down, the most ridiculously AWESOME dance ever. The music and movement was insane! I wish there was more room and more time to really get his dances down because like I said, they are memorizing and genius! We ended the day with Jazz Funk where we basically whipped our hair around for 45 minutes and again this class was A LOT more fun today than yesterday! Everything about classes today was perfect.

After classes some of the faculty performed for us and I just want to say I think I literally stopped breathing and could have died the happiest person after watching Travis dance-he danced the combo that he taught us and I literally have NO WORDS that can describe him and his dancing. I wish I could explain. Think of the most beautiful/perfect/inspiring/amazing/flawless thing in the world and times it by 10000... that is how this dance was. WOW. Ivan, Anthony, and Stacey were all breathtakingly amazing as well! This weekend made me wish I could re-live my Dance Club days.

After our long day we went to eat before hitting the road. I had French Onion Soup, a YUMMY Lemonade (my special treat, I usually only drink water (I had over 100 ounces today though... so I thought a lemonade would be nice!) a VERY delicious spinach salad and Creme Brulee! ALL for under $15. AWESOME!
The trip home was fine, I finished my book and my ipod died only an hour before reaching home. Taylor and I danced at a gas station out in the middle of nowhere because I wanted to remember the lyrical combination which I sadly have forgotten haha that is what happens when you are dancers who are high on life! You just can't help yourself, you dance anywhere! I finally made it back home at 3 am Monday morning with a lovely surprise in my mailbox.

Thank you FIT DANCE TEAM for the best weekend EVER! I love you all, and I am so glad I got to share this experience with everyone!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.
This is why I wish I was home... PIE FEST! I want, I want. 
Next year... I will dominate and make at least 20 pies and eat them ALL just to make up for the past two Thanksgiving Dinners that I haven't been able to spend at home! 

Last year's Thankful List

This year I am THANKFUL for everything I was thankful for last year... BUT especially for...
-Perfect FAMILY
-My Faith and Love in The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
-The knowledge I have of my Savior
-Loving Friends
-J.Crew-My small source of income
-Being able to see my Family in only 4 WEEKS!!!!!! 

I am also VERY grateful for the days that my family lived in Michigan!

a) Because that is where we were introduced to the BEST PUMPKIN BREAD ever! Which is now baking in my oven. -Elementary school in Michigan was AMAZING, I may raise my kids there just so they can go to my school, we had a big Thanksgiving feast every year and each class made certain foods, the 4th graders made pumpkin bread. I could go on and on about Commerce Elementary School. Separate Art/Music/Gym teachers. LEGIT field day. etc. oh and I was awesome, I believe I still hold the record from 2000 for the most pull-ups! 25 or something! Thank you Gymnastics!

b) My family met the Ellis Family. Eventually we both left Michigan (10 years ago) and between then and now our only real communication has been through Christmas Cards. Through good old trusty Facebook my mom found out that the Ellis' daughter lives in NYC now too! Our mom's starting talking and realized that both Christy and I live on the same street! AND we both now work at the same J.Crew! CRAZY. Anyways, she lovingly opened her house to me and invited me to dinner! I am SO GRATEFUL I have somewhere to go, I was getting worried I wouldn't be eating dinner at all.

I hope everyone is spending Thanksgiving with loved ones-If you are, BE GRATEFUL! I wish I was you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was looking at one of the wedding blogs that I stalk and just wanted to share this AMAZING honeymoon  location... if I can't have my own private island like in Breaking Dawn I want this! haha so SWEET!

on a completely different note...

when I got my milk yesterday the expiration date was DECEMBER 2. I cannot believe it is already almost DECEMBER. I LOVE december. I love winter. I love that I can ALMOST see my family. SO many good things come now...

Two Thousand ELEVEN
My 21st Birthday

I wish I was home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my FAMILY. I miss you all way too much.

Monday, November 22, 2010

birthdays to celebrate.

Happy Birthday SAGITTARIUS 
Keyword: Optimism. 
You are energetic, ambitious, generous, freedom-loving, and a seeker of challenge, open to new ideas and exploration. 
You SEE. 
You seem to breeze through life, you are at the right place at the right time.You rarely talk about your feelings. You are the nicest friend in the zodiac. You aren't possessive or jealous and you have a sense of humor, a born entertainer. You are fun.

Happy Birthday to Katie, Maria, and Amanda, girls from my dance team, who all have birthdays this week!
-Post to come, Weekend in Pittsburgh with FIT dance team! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

one dream I have...

I CANNOT wait until I have a home where I can host Thanksgiving dinner... and all other sorts of fun dinners. I just want to make lovely food and DELICIOUS desserts all the time. I don't even know if I will be good at it... but it is something I dream about.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a stroll in the park

I noticed that the trees were changing in Central Park yesterday and so since I had the day open I decided to stop by Magnolia Bakery on the way to CP. I picked up two treats.. (don't judge)
1. Pumpkin whoopie pie with maple cream cheese. Delicious!!!

2. Blueberry Jamboree (shortbread crumb crust with a thick layer of cream cheese topped with blueberries). The picture does this NO justice. It is SO SO SO YUMMY!

I ate my goodies on a rock surrounded by leaves. I LOVE FALL. It was practically perfect! I need to do it more often. Here in CP and at home. Take time to recognize the world and all its beauty. When was the last time you sat in the middle of a park and just took in your surroundings? I encourage everyone to take a picnic and go some place lovely with someone you care about.. or alone as I did, and just be GRATEFUL for life and for all that we have. Cracking open a new book is never a bad idea either! What a refreshing day!

-Now, I have a bit of a sugar high...

I've been spoiled

The past couple weeks...

I received a package from my mom which included pumpkin seeds (one of my favorite fall treats!!) a rice crispy treat which I devoured within 3 minutes of opening, and a few other things.

Dinner at Rosa Mexicano with Katharine for our FIT LDSSA dinner. FINALLY some AMAZINGLY delicious Mexican food. Fresh Guacamole and Chicken Tortilla Pie. YUMMY... oh, and it was FREE.

I just discovered the 29 cent chocolate bars @ Trader Joe's.. yes, a 29 cents. Awesome.

I took a trip to Central Park, but the leaves hadn't turned yet. On the way I got some hot apple cider and a devil's food cupcake . I don't normally do the chocolate cupcakes... but it was one of those days.

I had dinner with my friend Carrie at Luce, an Italian restaurant with the most PERFECT mushroom sauce ravioli. I think it is the best Italian dish I have ever had... well, so far I have been to 3 Italian restaurants in the city that I can say that for... after we went to the lovely GROM.

My friend Sara who has been traveling the world made it back to the city for a couple weeks and her, Jenn and I got together had had DELICIOUS sandwiches at 'wichcraft. We each had a white cheddar grilled sandwich with smoked ham, pear, and mustard on cranberry-pecan bread! YUM. AND I was introduced to a perfect cookie-thanks Jenn.

So one day after work someone walked by with a HUGE ice cream cone... I needed it! Everything was closed or way too expensive so the next day I went to Trader Joes's and picked up some Pumpkin Ice Cream. BEST decision of my LIFE. Literally this rivals Banana Pudding and Creme Brulee in goodness (I NEVER thought that could happen) It is HEAVEN in a Quart. I will happily eat the whole tub alone AND will eat at least one more before I go home. It is like Pumpkin Eggnog Pie combined into creamy soft serve perfection.

Sunday was a great day. There was a Dylan's chocolate chocolate bar taped to my door from someone from church which was a lovely thing due to the fact that it was 730 am and I was on my way to a J.Crew meeting. I was greeted with another treat at the meeting.. dunkin donuts munchkins, AND my Releif Society precidency stopped by with chocolate chip pumpkin bread! SO many tasty treats.

Sara and I decided it was time for both of us to try the Doughnut Plant. They have all sort of yummy different flavors of donuts.. I tried out Cranberry (very good) and Creme Brulee (naturally) and it REALLY DID taste like Creme Brulee. WOW the cream inside was perfect and the glaze was torched. It was VERY very yummy. I was satisfied. (sorry this is the only one with a picture)
..Oh on a slightly healthier note I found an amazingly delicious treat that is good for you! (unlike all my sugary treats listed above...) TRY IT-you won't be disappointed I PROMISE!

I am starting to miss NYC already... all the yummy treats. I have about 5 weeks left... and I will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I am craving here that I can't get at home.. if I gain 10 lbs doing it, it is ALL GOOD, because I don't know how long it will be before I am back... hopefully not too long! I am also on a budget though... so I won't go too crazy but I will make these last few weeks memorable. I need to make a list of things I need to do before I am gone... any suggestions? I don't even remember what there is to do here in the city, it is just now my everyday life so I forget that there are amazing opportunities here and it's not just a place where I sleep and work.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11

is a special day...
Happy happy birthday brother dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish then it would be.... a happy happy birthday to YOU from ME!
I love you!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My cute little brother. 
(just thought this was a sweet pic and wanted to share)

What happens when I am bored?.... Photoshop picture collages.

I just realized I never posted any pictures from my FIT graduation. SO let's see I now have my High School Diploma!

I Graduated May 2010-Magna Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Associates degree in Fashion Design.

(the next step is back to BYU for my Bachelor's degree in Business)

Now onto life currently... well, kind of. This is my "Though I LOVE NYC, I miss...." post. SO it will be a mix of all things that make up my life. Basically I have the whole day free today and have nothing better to do. haha. SO enjoy.

I MISS....

Dance (dancing everyday)

My lovely Friends- especially my BESTIES!

Taylor- He gets his own separate category and isn't included in the "friends" section because our lives have been intertwined for a long time, since Sept. 2005 when we met so... he is pretty important (not like my other "friends" aren't... I also have lots of pictures with him)

Sophomore year 2005-2006
Junior year 2006-2007
 Senior year 2007-2008
 BYU 2008-2009
 and now, may 2009-current.... we are apart... until May 2011, because he is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Utah- Mountains/Trees/Drives up the Canyon
 (definitely didn't take any of these pictures but I tried to get the most accurate view of the mountain I see out my window!)

Food -Champs, Magleby's, Noodles and Co,, Rumbi, Licorice Ice Cream, Cafe Rio, Kneaders, Zupas, Stephen's Hot Chocolate, S'MORES, Apple Pie Caramel Apple... (I really wish I had a picture of me eating every one of these amazing foods haha)

Baking-and all my homey treats

Non subway Transportation: My Land Rover and Scooter

Movies on the couch with popcorn... and someone to cuddle with.

Sewing- I haven't sewn in FOREVER. depressing.

Game Night-Ticket to Ride, Canasta, Baseball, Nickle Nickle, Scattergories

THANKSGIVING DINNER-again... a homeless thanksgiving dinner. SAD! I miss pie.

 and more things... but that's all for this post.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lord's Hand-Nov. 8, 2010

  1. A girl emailed me about checking out the apartment! YAHOO. Her lease is up in November though and she can't get in here until end of December so.... hopefully something works out. I would love to have this all settled so I could stop stressing out! 
  2. I planned 3 hours to study for my speech for class but as I was about 15 minutes into studying I got a phone call from work asking if I would come in early and that I could stay as long as I could... (11:15-5:30 rather than 1-5) how do you say no to money when you are poor living in NYC??? So I went. I am sales which means I have goals to meet and I don't normally cashier but we were way short on people and there were only 5 of us running the whole floor so I cashiered for my first 3 hours, I got on the floor for about 4 minutes and I helped a women who allowed me to meet my goal with one purchase! THANK GOODNESS. I only spent a total of 1.5 hours on the actual floor-the rest was spent cashiering/at meal/in a meeting. I only had 30 minutes to practice my speech rather than 3 hours but... I did fine, somehow I felt prepared and good. So... moral of the story is I saw the Lords hand all day with getting more hours, meeting my goal (which is a big one), and helping with my speech.
  3. BOTH of my friends called me back from yesterday when they didn't answer!!! 
  4. I had a better attitude today, a better day!

Monday, November 8, 2010


(7 of my favorite words)
Green Wedding Shoes
(quick preview)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Church was good, dance was good, I am a little lonely (none of my friends answered their phones when I called...still love you though), for some reason I have been in a bit of a funk lately... I have kind of a weird attitude, I don't even know what it is... and I've been crying a lot so HOPEFULLY that goes away this week.

I LOVE MY CHURCH! I LOVE testimony meeting! I LOVE Sunday! I LOVE the joy and happiness that runs over me every week. I LOVE learning from so many amazing people who know so much. I LOVE thinking about eternity with my loved ones, and the perfect millennium.

"Christ is the only thing that matters-everything else is just logistics."

I wish I could sing. A girl sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and WOW WOW WOW. period. It was incredible. Really such a great song. My favorite line  "Here's my heart, O take and seal it. Seal it for Thy courts above." If only we all truly had the faith and strength to give our hearts to the Lord.

I have a new goal. Every day I am going to write down at least one example of where I saw the Lord's hand in my life. I may share some, I may not... we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gavin DeGraw

Since I went on about Taylor Swift... I'll give a little shout out to one of my other FAVORITE singers. The forever amazing Gavin DeGraw. I love him, I love his music. I could go on for days, but I won't. Instead I will post the 2 dances that I have choreographed to his songs.

BYU solo 2009 (sorry it is sideways.... ha)

FIT dance team 2010 (and yes... some of the moves were used in the previous dance...)

Elder Tay Tay Wilkins

has been gone for ONE and a HALF YEARS today!!!! If only he was a girl.. then he'd be home! haha. I can't wait to see this cute face in PERSON again SOON!
He has SIX more months serving the Lord, well, he will serve the Lord forever, but 6 months left of his actual mission.
He is amazing, such an inspiration, such an example to all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bainy's growing up...

My little sister had her FIRST KISS!!!!!

meet Kent Boyd, star of So You Think You Can Dance! YAHOO, congrats! That is what backstage passes do for you... up close and personal! haha Happiest day of her life. Her 'real' first kiss has a lot to live up to...haha good luck to him one day.. hopefully one day 5 years from now. She is too cute for boys!

Taylor Swift my idol, I love her. I have since I heard 'Tim McGraw', her first single years ago... I remember thinking, "Dang, this girl got nerve to NAME her FIRST single after the greatest country singer of all time!" And now Tim McGraw continues to hold the number one male country singer spot for me, and Taylor Swift holds the number one femal country singer. She is amazing because... well, I'll show you. I'll make a list of all my FAVORITE songs from her (I like them all, but here are my all time loves...) My ALL TIME ALL TIME favorites are in bold.

Album: Taylor Swift 2006
  1. "Picture to Burn 
  2. "Tim McGraw"
  3. "Teardrops on my Guitar"
  4. "Cold As You"
  5. "The Outside"
  6. "Tied Together With a Smile"
  7. "Stay Beautiful"
  8. "Should've Said No"
  9. "Our Song
  10. "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
Album: Fearless Platinum Edition 2009
  1. Untoubable
  2. Forever & Always
  3. Come In With the Rain
  4. The Other Side of the Door
  5. Super Star
  6. Fearless
  7. Love Story
  8. White Horse
  9. You Belong With Me
  10. Breathe
  11. Tell Me Why
  12. You're Not Sorry
  13. The Way I Loved You
  14. The Best Day
Album: Speak Now 2010
  1. Mine
  2. Sparks Fly
  3. Back to December
  4. Speak Now
  5. Dear John
  6. Never Grow Up
  7. Enchanted
  8. Innocent
  9. Haunted
  10. Long Live
  11. Ours
And a favorite that isn't on an album is I'd Lie 

Here are a few you can listen to...
I don't know if you remember but I also did a Fashion Design project based on her, we had to pick a celebrity that we wanted to design for... (and that's me with my "Taylor Swift" hair. hahahah)
She is so inspiring. This is what she wrote on her album (click on them so they are bigger and readable, she is truly amazing!)

So... I promise I'm not a creeper freak fan, I just love that there is such an amazing role model for us for once.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Dance Team:

You guys make me not want to move back home! If only dance was 3 or 4 times a week then nothing could get me to leave! P.S. I missed dance SO much on Sunday, I know I should have been out doing Halloween stuff but instead, I was sitting on my bed wishing I was dancing! Seriously!

Tonight was the first time I have been sad about leaving NYC... I'LL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH! Again, it is not completely final-still have to sell my place- but I am signed up for classes and everything at my old school.... Not fair.. I am coming back. My semester ends April 21 so I am just going to come crash at one of your places and do the show with you! I hope that's okay! For real!

Thank you coaches for the BALLET today! Heavenly. Such a perfect way to start, I just love it so much! oh, and FYI Max loves Ballet too! He wants to do it all day-he told me so- so please put him in a ballet/contemporary number! I'd gladly be his partner and choreograph it if I was there.... So someone else might have to.

Thanks also for allowing me to find my ghetto side. I pretty much ROCK at hip hop ha, okay maybe not but I am getting lots better all thanks to FIT Dance Team.

Seriously Dance Team saved my life last year.. it was the only release from school I had and I NEEDED it. This year, I am literally taking a couple classes at FIT JUST so I can be dancing with you guys. I want second semester, I want all day Sunday practice. I love DANCE, thank you for letting it be a part of my life since I can't afford extra classes here in the city. haha one day I'll be rich.... just not yet.

For those of you hip hoppers and new members who I don't know as much because I haven't spent hours and hours with you all rehearsing, I hope I get to continue to get to know you better before I leave.
Ashley- You are BEAUTIFUL, thank you so much for all the contemporary/ballet
Sam- I want to work out like you do! You are AWESOME! Thanks for letting me branch out and rock out in Chop Suey.
Katie-This is for you! You are like the mother of the team and I love it!
Lucia- One day I'll be hot like you.
Ali- I never said thank you for representing Michael Jackson last year! perfection.
Kristen- You are pretty, and I want your skinny long legs.
Alyssa- We will forever be chalk butt twins! You bring the party to rehearsal!
Amanda- My someone who would love contemporary all the time as much as me. haha.
Andrea- I saw your gaga outfit you made! SO good!! Can't believe you did it on top of everything else! amazing.
Bianca- Love that you have joined the team with full force and are not shy, unlike me.
Brianna- I love your hair, you are so cute, and you ROCK, if only I had a hip hop bone in me...
Brittanny- Always my partner in the big Jazz numbers! I admire how confident you are.
Elizabeth- Props to you! almost done with your FD degree!!! and dancing. Two best things ever.
Hannah-I am so jealous of your body.. just fyi. haha one day I'll be hot like you too.
Jessica- So glad you get to do the 'heads will roll' solo in the front corner! You are so good at it!
Krista- Every time I see you, your eye lashes amaze me, they are so pretty! You are pretty.
Laura- You have AMAZING technique. Please demonstrate the Ballet next time!!!
Maria- Secretly I wish I could dance like you... I guess it isn't a secret anymore. ha
Max- MWD and Dancer=perfection. You are AWESOME! for real.
Michele- You are ADORABLE. You seem like the kind of person that always makes things better.
Michelle- I love starting out Ya Buddy next to you and being your partner long ago... haha good times
Taylor- You always brighten my day, I WANT TO BE IN YOUR DANCE. and we still need cupcakes..

P.S. when we get those cupcakes everyone is invited! And while I am talking about going out.. sorry I never come when you guys do anything, it's not like I don't want to, I just don't have a 21 id and I don't drink so... ya. BUT I am SO SO SO excited for our Christmas PARTY this year! I love you all. I will miss you.... I LOVE FIT DANCE TEAM!!! FOREVER!



 I Signed up for BYU classes.. yikes, it will be a HUGE change from having a FIT schedule where every class is something you absolutely LOVE to do and are all the same subject pretty much... Winter semester at BYU... here I come, wish me luck. I am not taking as many credits as I did my Freshman year... need to ease my way back in. (although this doesn't really seem like easing.. ha)

Political Science-Government (may have to switch)
Computer Spreadsheet/Presentation
Western Humanities
New Testiment

AND I put my apartment up on lds housing! Studio Apartment.

AND there is now a countdown on my sidebar of the days till I come home!

Monday, November 1, 2010


November means Fall
Fall means Pumpkin
Pumpkin means Baking
Baking in the Fall on November 1st with Pumpkin means.. 
My FAMOUS Family Pumpkin Bread
Word to the wise.... TRY IT!
You won't be disappointed. (I've been known to eat all 3 loaves by myself) 

Pumpkin Bread 
 2 ½-3 loaves
Bake @325 for 1 H, 15 m.

3 ¾ c. sugar
1 c. oil
4 eggs
2/3 c. water
Combine and blend well

1 tsp. cloves
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 ½ tsp. salt
3 ½ c. flour
1 tsp. Cinnamon
½ t. baking powder
2 t. baking soda
Combine and add to above mixture

Add 2 c. pumpkin and blend well
Pure Perfection. Period.