Friday, December 31, 2010

What the Woolsetnhulme family has been up to since Christmas..

Harry Potter-FINALLY (Sy decided we would wait for each other to see it)
P.F. Changs
Dear John
UVU Basketball Game
Shoveled LOTS of snow-YAY FINALLLLLLLY snow!!!!

Drank my famous Hot Chocolate (Belgium Dark Chocolate mixed with French Vanilla mixed with Caramel with marshmallows, whipped cream, heavy cream, and cinnamon and sugar!)

Ran Errands in the Blizzard
Noodles and Co.
Sy's Eagle Court of Honor

Project Description
“Celebrate U”
            My Eagle Project will be directed at assisting the Second Chance Foundation of Utah to help with the Celebrate U event on September 18th at Utah Valley University. The Second Chance Foundation of Utah is a non-profit organization that helps provide, hope, scholarships and financial support for those in our community that have been stricken with tragedy. The Celebrate U event is being organized to help make people aware of the dangers of teen depression and suicide and as a means to prevent suicide in high school and college age people through the use of educational speakers and inspirational speakers. I feel very strongly about this need because many of my good friends were close to a young man who committed suicide earlier this year.  I see the emotional toll his suicide has had on them.
I contacted the President of The Second Chance Foundation of Utah and asked if he needed help with the publicity for the Celebrate U event. He has given me the responsibility for publicizing the event to the high schools and junior highs throughout Utah County.  I will be recruiting students from surrounding schools and will train these students on the entire publicity plan.  We will utilize print, radio, and speaking directly to classes and other groups to raise awareness of this important event.  I will write and record a Public Service Announcement to run on the school’s radio stations.  We will distribute flyers and posters to the schools as well as putting posters in local businesses.  Finally, we will help the event organizers at the event as needed to ensure that the event runs smoothly and to ensure that the message of the event is effectively communicated to as many young people as possible.
My project will benefit the Second Chance Foundation of Utah by providing a link to the Junior High and High Schools of Utah County. A young man that many of my good friends were friends with committed suicide last year and I have seen how devastating it is. I want to help the Second Chance Foundation of Utah get as many people as they can to participate in their Celebrate U event. 

I had a girls night/sleep over with Talyn, Haley and Kiara (Ate apples with marshmallow/creme cheese dip, ruffles with dill pickle dip, muddy buddies, and caramel corn.YUM!)
My FedEx boxes arrived!!!! 
Lunch with Megan at Zupas
Dollar movie-Hereafter
Family Christmas/New Years Party

and TODAY:
IT is a VERY special day.... SY'S 18th BIRTHDAY!
which means bowling, dinner and our traditional waffles at Midnight for New Years!

HAPPY Two Thousand ELEVEN!
I have a feeling it is going to be an AMAZING year

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

So... we have a little bit of an odd tradition in our house on Christmas... we all dress really Christmas-y.. every year we get progressively more creative and... odd. BUT we LOVE it! It is the best part of the day.

Santa came and brought us a Wii along with some goodies in our stockings.

My favorite present of the day was my mom had the first year of my blog printed into a book! So now I have a published book of my own life-my journal and scrapbook! AND I will continue to have it printed every year! It is so awesome.

We had this yummy breakfast...

Then we went up to my dad's friend's cabin up the canyon where there was about 3 feet of SNOW! AH it was my heaven, I LOVE snow and I've missed it since all of our 11 inches of snow melted at my house before I made it home. We went sledding which none of us have done FOREVER! We all used to be PRO at sledding because when I lived in Michigan we had a golf course in our backyard that we used every winter but since moving to Utah we really haven't gone. It was SO much fun, and SO cold!

We came home to have our traditional Christmas meal of Prime Rib! I LOVE Christmas food! And for dessert we had our lovely Bread Pudding!!! This year my mom started a new tradition. We had a present on our plate and in it there was a paper where we would write what our present for Jesus would be this year. (example: Read scriptures everyday. Be kinder to parents and family. Do not judge others. Go to the temple more often. Don't swear. etc.) Our present is personal, we didn't share it with anyone I simply put my present in my room by my mirror so I can remember everyday what I am hoping to give to Jesus this year. I thought it was such a thoughtful way to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas! I will continue this tradition my whole life.

I hope everyone's holiday was absolutely merry and wonderful!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

There's no place like home for the holidays.

I arrived home to smiling faces at 12:20 am. SO happy to be home at last!

Woke up to my FAVORITE hot chocolate! Pure Loveliness. Mmmm. AND good bread for toast... seriously NYC bread is no good... I've tried MANY loaves and I've not found one I liked whereas here we have the two best breads EVER-crunch bread and squaw bread YUM.

OH how today was one of the most lovely days ever. I was surrounded by my loved ones and beautiful Christmas decor. Here is how the Woolstenhulme's do Christmas.

First decorations


Snowman Tree


AND now FOOD-Christmas Eve Dinner (Clam Chowder, Beet Salad, Cucumber Green Apple Pomegranate Salad, and my ALL time favorite Cranberry Waldorf (it is a Thanksgiving dish but since I missed Thanksgiving I asked if my mom could make it for me today)) and my favorite dish in the world... CRAB LEGS. Amazing.
Dessert (Pecan Pie/Costco style and delicious, my favorite Homestyle Popcorn, and Egg Nog spiked with 7-up) all while watching Toy Story 3. perfection.

and here are the people that made today perfect!

My first stop was at The Wilkins house. Debbie (Taylor's mom) is so sweet and wanted me to stop by so she could give me a present from her, her family, and from Taylor. Well first things first, I received a CD that Taylor sent me for my Christmas present and it included pictures of him and his companion Elder Matthews-they are adorable!!

Along with my pictures sent straight from NYC Debbie gave me the most BEAUTIFUL gold and pearl necklace along with the "Taylor" scarf-literally it was named the Taylor scarf by Coal-the brand who made it and a few other goodies. SERIOUSLY the best gifts ever (and Debbie I'm not just saying that because I know you are going to read this! It's true)
The Taylor Scarf
After I got home my dear Katie stopped by!!!! YAY!

My Family!
On Christmas Eve our tradition is to open the presents given from kid to kid. (and this Christmas Tree is our "GIRL" tree. Every year since I can remember Bain and I were given Barbie ornaments from my Granny and they along with many other girly ornaments are all on this tree (we also have a "BOY" tree for Seth and Sy with lots of sport ornaments))


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday
(sorry it's a day late)
Keyword: Steadiness. 
You are reserved, prudent, patient, uses strategy instead of force, seeks security, is acquisitive, disciplined, determined, and quick to seize opportunity. You USE. You are ambitious. You desire success, money, status, position, authority and love. You are a superb organizer. You are responsible. You are creative and artistic, you must learn to love yourself. Affections and loyalty run deep.

I'll be HOME for Christmas!

new york, I love you and miss you already!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

bye bye NYC

I had dinner last night with Carrie and Cindy at Hill Country Chicken, it was actually VERY tasty-it is on 25th and Broadway. We went for dessert but I also got some fried chicken. For dessert I had.... well you can guess-2 of my most favorite things joined together....
Creme Brulee and Pie= Creme Brulee Pie! and it was TASTY!!!! Such a heavenly combination of pure tastiness! 

Some good news-I was informed today that I received a scholarship from BYU! I don't know how.. I didn't apply for any but I'll take it! I am so HAPPY! Now I just need to get a job.... I am hoping Avenia Bridal will hire me! THAT would be perfect!

I also officially withdrew from FIT for next semester today.

I finished packing today @ 3:30! Only I ran out of tape so not quite ALL the boxes were taped closed, apparently you need 3 rolls of tape for 8 boxes...SO $13 in tape and $25 in boxes later I am ready to go... I just hope that my FedEx man comes to pick them up-preferably before I get shuttled to the airport at 12:45... He is suppose to come between 8am and 3 pm... I would just feel SO much better if I KNEW they were picked up BEFORE I left the city. 

I received a couple pictures of Elder Wilkins today-Braving the cold weather on the Top of the Rock. It seriously has been FREEZING the past few days... I hope he has figured out a way to stay warm because my huge scarf and puffer coat don't even keep me toasty enough to be out all day long.

Here are some lovely pictures of my sister and her friends wearing their favorite Christmas sweaters! They are  awesome! 
 I am kind of sad I never saw snow in the city this season... AND my home got a good 6 inches the other day but I hear it's been RAINING... BOO! Please don't melt my snow, I really am DREAMING PRAYING HOPING and NEEDING a white Christmas!!!! 

Basically my last couple days in the city were uneventful-it really doesn't feel like I am leaving.. like it hasn't hit me yet. Maybe just because I've been so busy packing I haven't had time to realized what I am going to miss..... ALSO I think knowing that I will be back for a couple weeks in April/May helps because I KNOW I will be back soon. I did go see the Tree @ Rock Center and drank Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (honestly though NOTHING is as good as my mix of French Vanilla and Belgium Dark Chocolate Stehphen's Hot Chocolate-which (along with my favorite Home-style Pop-Secret popcorn) will be the first thing I consume when I get home!) The guy who gave me my starbucks drink told me I had a beautiful smile... sweet but awkward since he kept smiling at me the whole time he was making my drink just so I would smile back, haha. Oh NYC-I will miss you! O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How lovely are your branches! AH I can't wait to see my HOME all dressed up in Christmas cheer! YAY!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

today is blah....

I'm a WRECK today... packing and moving SUCKS! I've been doing it for 7 hours today and I'm still not done...................................... and FedEx may be the death of me, PLEASE please PLEASE let me get my boxes home and at decent cost... Please pray it all works out. Something about my account isn't working so they can't process my order until tomorrow which means they can't pick it up until Thursday... which is the day I leave and I'm SO stressed!
Tonight: Jewelry class and dessert with Carrie! At least starting at 6 my day will get better! Tomorrow-FINISH PACKING!!!