Monday, August 29, 2011

first day back.

I love school.

Here is my amazingly unflattering, awkward, and rather ridiculous first day of school picture... I don't really know what I was doing..... ha

More to come.. hopefully. This blog may be slightly neglected this semester. It is definitely going to be a hard and time consuming one. Basically I'll be reading my life away in textbooks.

Shirt: J.Crew
Jeans: Hudson's
Shoes: J.Crew-Sperry Top Siders

The only thing I do know is that I am EXTREMELY excited for my 1.5 hour massage tomorrow. I NEED IT SO BAD!!! 

Oh... and wish me luck for my FIRST day of teaching tomorrow. I just printed my roll, read through my syllabus, finalized the class schedule.... and basically I am all ready to take on this fun new opportunity!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have so much I want to write...

BUT it is now 9:30-the day went by too quickly... I start school at 8 am tomorrow and... hopefully I'll find time tomorrow to write more. Highly unlikely though... School excites me but stresses me out... and so does teaching my first Jazz class... So this week might be kind of crazy. I hate when the moment is gone though-today at church was SO good and I want to convey what I felt and what I learned so badly... I will try very hard to do so tomorrow before I lose the feelings..

for now.

Necklace: Anthro
Shirt: Urban Outfitters (I have about 10 of these in multiple colors-my FAVORITE shirts)
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Old Navy. ha. 

Shirt and Belt: I don't know
Tie: J.Crew
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: J.Crew

Dress: Nordstrom
Cardigan: J.Crew
Shoes: used to be mine a long time ago.. I don't remember where I got them..

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I spent WAY too much money this week.....
-Banana Republic was having a 50% off sale. So I went....$$
-I went tumbling with Kenzie and her friends. $
-Dentist....... $$$
-Breakfast at Magleby's with Emily and Katie. $
-Made Rolo cookies with Brandon.. did you know a bag of Rolo's is like $5??! Plus I really needed Tootsie Rolls so I got some of those too... $
-Photoshoot. $$
-50% off at Gap.......$$
-Broken ipod = new ipod.. $$$
-Hudson jeans..I needed a new pair that fit. $$
-1 1/2 hour massage for next Tuesday. $$

Good thing I have two jobs (plus a wedding dress and wedding accessories/headbands on the side). I live at home. and I have nothing to do but save money (and spend it apparently).

Two more photos.

just a sneak peak

at my photoshoot with Brian Mengini. 


He is available Saturday and Sunday!
Here is the link to book your session.. 

P.S. It's for a good cause! Dancers Against Cancer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bainy is a SOPHOMORE!!!!!

She started OREM HIGH SCHOOL on Monday (sophomore day) and school officially started on Tuesday.. which is why she has 2 "first day of school" pictures.
Isn't she adorable and so stylish?! LOVE HER!

Black Shirt: J.Crew
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Poetic License-Kaleidoscope

Shirt: J.Crew
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy-Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Anthropologie

Kamryn, Brittney, and Bain
Happy Schooling!

I'm officially a Jazz teacher at BYU

Look how cool!!!! 
I'm a REAL instructor!! 
People can sign up to take MY, Bree Woolstenhulme's, class!
Jazz 231 Intermediate Jazz/Technique 1 section 3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

happy sunday.

complete with an interesting day at church, a dress fitting, my lovely friends, yummy dinner, and fresh peach pie. 

just some beauties from the week.

The Promise. Last night I went to "Dancing Under the Stars" at the Scera Shell and my amazing friend Jen danced to this song. It was the most precious and amazing AMAZING dance ever. I wish I had the dance recorded because it was perfect. (Jen if you have it, I want it!) It was beautiful.

One of my favorite Taylor Swift songs... Love her. Love her lyrics. Love this. (I am so excited for her concert..32 days!!!!!)

Some GORGEOUS dresses. Unreal really.... I am IN LOVE with them.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

some fun things I've done recently...

--saw the movie The Help. AMAZING. Read the book. See the movie. Bring Kleenex's.

--gave my first haircut.

--went to my sweet friend Megan's BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!! Congratulations Megan and Jake Moncur.

--finalized my Fall 2011 BYU schedule. wish me luck...

8-8:50 Physical Science 100
9-9:50 Statistics 121
11-11:50 Doctrine and Covenants-2nd half (only Mon. and Wed.)
12-12:50 Physical Science 100 Lab (only Wed.)
2-2:50 (only Mon.) Bus M 371R Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

-work at Avenia Bridal 2-7 Wednesday and Friday-

12-12:50 Statistics 121 Lab (only Thurs.)
1:35-2:50 Human Development
4-6:40 I Sys 201 (only Tue.)

Avenia Bridal (any shift)

Yes, I am teaching not beginning but intermediate jazz now. Yes, I have a slightly different schedule every single day of the week. Yes I have 6 classes (none of which are dance)-15 credits-on top of teaching for the first time and working 15+ hours a week at Avenia Bridal. Yes, it is going to be a hard semester.

10 more days until school starts...

Los Angeles

LA Trip… scatterbrained and imperfect-but here it is.
This trip was for Sy-he graduated High School. In 2006 for Seth’s graduation we went on a cruise to Mexico and we stopped in for an Angels game.

In 2008 for mine we went to Ohio and New York to go to Cedar Point and see the Church History sites.


Subway for lunch: Veggie Delight (all veggies except jalapenos on honey oat bread with mustard and vinegar)

In the car: Salt and Vinegar Pringles, Mixed Nuts, Tootsie Rolls (MY FAVORITE), Sweedish Fish (another favorite), applesauce, apples, grapes, water.

(We arrived in Vegas. We stayed the night at my Granny and Grandpa’s house.)

Dinner @ Taco Bell: (confession- I LOVE TACO BELL! It is EASILY my favorite fast food restaurant… and because I am cheap, I eat there plenty. That was the worst part of NYC-I never was close enough to a Taco Bell) This time I got a Mexican Pizza (that I shared with my mom) and a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. (my other choices are a chicken grilled stuff burrito, tostada, or a bean burrito with green sauce and sour cream.

Very eventful day huh.... which is why there is so much food detail.. I was bored when I wrote that section apparently..


Breakfast: Toaster Strudel, Pringles, and Tootsie Rolls…..  mmm.. healthy. I feel sick. Ha.

Bain's melted breakfast
hazy LA
We made it to LA safely. Our first stop was a street art show that Sy was dying to see. It was pretty cool-he loved it.

We were starving and in Korean town….. you know what that means… sketchy Korean place for lunch. Bain and I weren’t too excited but my dad and Sy were. They loved it. Bain and I…not so much. I thought I’d be fine-it was mostly meat but I just was already not feeling well and I am not the HUGEST oriental food fan so it wasn’t the best mix.

our expressions say it all... haha
outside the restaurant on the sidewalk.... I wish I had pie

We then went to MOOD!! Yay. I got some fabric-for a skirt and other projects.

The main reason we came to LA was to see the Phillies play the Dodgers. We are big baseball fans and we actually know someone on the Phillies team who can get us tickets!! We were the host family for David Herndon (pitcher) in 2007 when he played for the Orem Owlz. The game was fun! We won! And we got to try the famous Dodger Dog-YUMMY (hot dog complete with mustard, onions, and relish).

We woke up and ate breakfast at Denny’s then we drove up to Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway before arriving at the Santa Monica Pier. We walked along the beach (I think it was my first time on a California beach), got burned (even with sunscreen-I’m like a lobster), Dad Sy and Bain braved the ice water and got fully in the ocean (mom and I put our feet in) then we went to the pier. We walked around and got funnel cake!!! And continued to get burned… It was chilly and deceiving. We had no idea how bad we were until we got home.

We cleaned up at the hotel then went back to Dodger’s Stadium for game 2. We won again!!! It was pretty cold tonight but still tons of fun. GO PHILLIES!! I had a burrito and a frozen banana, peanuts and tootsie rolls (I think I’ve pretty much eaten the whole big bag….)

Confession-I am not a big LA fan… at all. I want New York City.
We drove back to Vegas to spend the day there with my grandparents while dad did some work. We visited my Aunt and Uncle who recently moved to Vegas and then went shopping. We naturally went to the J.Crew outlet then to Urban Outfitters and H&M. We also ate dinner at Serendipity. It was again-no quite NYC… I was rather disappointed.

We woke up bright and early to drive home so I could get to work by 2.

It was so much fun!!!! Thanks Daddy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here's what was inside the 'finals week' package....

-Warm shirt and socks for studying in the cold library
-Water bottle for long study sessions
-Chap stick and gum...essentials
-Twix candy bar, his favorite
-Picture frame (that was obviously filled with pictures of us)

- - - I promise my California post is almost ready. This week will also consist of Katie's wedding dress and Megan's wedding!!

lovely sunday.

Taylor and I went to Maria's homecoming today. I knew her when I was at my first semester at FIT. She left on her mission that winter and now she recently returned from Australia filled with the pure light of Christ and an exceptional testimony. 

Terribly unflattering picture of Maria and I at FHE. Fall 2009

 This took place up in Draper so Tay and I decided to drive to the temple. After getting lost and looking at beautiful houses we finally made it. I LOVE the Draper temple.

image via

I had the opportunity to go to the open house of the Temple and see all the beautiful rooms that I won't be able to see again until I am married-I am excited to see them again!!

where I may get married someday.. image via

Tay and I went to the open house together and I also went with my family.

after the open house-Feb 2009

with the family and our Sweden exchange students

Talyn and I did Baptisms at this temple too on our summer tour.

image via

summer 2009

If I can't get married in the Manhattan Temple-I wouldn't mind this lovely temple to be the one where I am eternally sealed to my love.

- - - - -

The other day Taylor asked me who my favorite character in the Book of Mormon is... I didn't have an answer for him. Today I do. 
For his courage, strength, leadership, dedication, love, faith.

I am currently reading about him in my personal reading (for those of you following the summer reading plan that Talyn and I put together I am a bit behind but I have a revised schedule that should have me completing the Book of Mormon by the time school starts (2 weeks)) he is simply put-a hero.

Title of Liberty (Alma 46:12-13)
"...he rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it-In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children-and he fastened it upon the end of a pole. And he fastened on his head plate, and his breastplate, and his shields, and girded on his armor about his loins; and he took the pole, which had on the end thereof his rent coat, (and he called it the title of liberty) and he bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land."

war hero and leader

My favorite verses about Moroni Alma 48:11-12, 17
"And Moroni was a strong and a mighty man; he was a man of a perfect understanding; yea, a man that did not delight in bloodshed; a man whose soul did joy in the liberty and the freedom of his country, and his brethren from bondage and slavery; Yea, a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people...If all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; ya, the devil would never have power over the children of men."

Read more about Moroni HERE!

hiding the golden plates in the Hill Cumorah

Hill Cumorah- Summer 2008 (my Sr. trip)

Angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith

Angel Moroni stands on every Temple

- - - - -

Happy Sunday