Thursday, December 29, 2011

more Christmas..

I have other things on my list 
(finishing up the sewing of my 2nd skirt of the break)
(reading the 6th book in the Blue Bloods Series that I finally bought)
(picking up my room)

But if I get too behind I will never catch up and with school starting soon... things get busy. 

Grades are posted. Yes, taking 15 credits and working around 20 hours a week does put a little damper on grades.. It was my worst semester at BYU. (but considering I have never worked while going to school and I still took the same amount of credits that I always have.... I think I did pretty well). Next semester I am taking 14 credits, but instead of teaching only 1 Jazz class I am teaching 3 and I am still taking the same work load at Avenia... not sure how it's all going to work out but... it won't be easier than last semester... that's for sure. 

And oddly.... I am kind of excited to get back into school-I'M SO BORED!! Even with working everyday and sewing and watching movies and playing games... It's not enough (it doesn't help that practically ALL MY FRIENDS are out of town/unavailable during most of the break)... I think I'm just a girl who likes a schedule, who likes being TOO busy-too busy that I don't have time to miss my friends and be lonely. I think that's the truth, I like being so busy that my emotions are pushed away and all I have to focus on is getting through the day. (is that bad?... it kind of sounds bad, but I think it is the way I work best) 

Well... no more talk of school-back to CHRISTMAS!! 

yummy breakfast
getting ready for presents
you can call us the creepers...

granny and grandpa
present time!

After all the Christmas festivities at my house were over I went over to the Wilkins' house. Sweet Debbie gave me..

NYC ornaments and a GORGEOUS gold and pearl necklace!!

and I told Taylor all I wanted was a new water bottle filled with Tootsie Rolls....

old (cracked and duct taped) vs. NEW and perfect! 

BUT I was surprised by another gift... a big wrapped box.
inside was another wrapped box...
and another..
and another...
and finally another which held...
the most gorgeous and perfect present I could ever have hoped for

gold, diamond, and amethyst (my birthstone) necklace
Mr. T also took me on a nice date up to Temple Square, to an amazing Mexican restaurant Z'Tejas (best guacamole ever!), and to Mission Impossible 2.

on Him:
Shirt and Sweater: J.Crew Factory
Jeans and Scarf: Gap
Coat: Target
Shoes: Guess

on Me:
All J.Crew (all new except jeans)
Sweater, Vest, and jeans: Factory

I've been spoiled by such amazing people-my family and friends are perfect.

Thank you!

And just for fun, my mom did the window displays at Avenia this winter and she came and took some pictures while I happened to be in the window doing inventory..


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year doesn't really seem like Christmas for some reason... maybe because there isn't some big event (like me coming home for the Holidays) or maybe because there is NO SNOW ON THE GROUND or the fact that Seth and Jenn aren't here...either way, it was Christmas Eve none-the-less.

(Here is my post from last Christmas Eve, which includes all of our gorgeous decorations and our complete list of traditions!! Christmas Eve 2010.)

Last Christmas Eve Eve Eve -I miss NYC

December 2010
This Christmas Eve we made the best homemade caramels (one of my favorite traditions), finished last minute presents, sang along to Christmas songs, watched Elf, cooked and ate delicious food, opened a few presents, and are now watching The Help. 

We also started our new tradition. Festive Sweaters on Christmas Eve! YES!

best Christmas movie EVER

Traditional dinner: Clam Chowder, Crab Legs, and Rice Pudding
Interesting dinner conversation. Thank you Granny!
Presents: Kid to Kid
we like presents... and we are weird. welcome to our lives.

Holiday Fun..

I've been busy (and lazy) during the break so far and have not felt up to blogging...

BUT I have some catching up to do.. outfits, life, Christmas/family stuff, pretty inspirations... etc.

Outfits... (no time for pictures most mornings so.. I only have a few..I wish I had more time during finals, I lived in J.Crew weekend clothes and would have loved documentation)


outfit 1 (church)- shirt: J.Crew factory (this year), skirt: a vintage shop in Provo that no longer exist.. I can't remember the name (2008), necklace: Anthropologie (2009), belt: Flower Basket (2008), tights: J.Crew (2010), shoes: Seychelles -Nordstrom (2010)

outfit 2 (school)- shirt: J.Crew factory (this year), cardigan: J.Crew (2009), pants: J.Crew (2010), boots: Steve Madden -Nordstrom (2008?)

outfit 3 (school)- shirt: J.Crew (this year), sweatshirt: Banana Republic (this year), pants: J.Crew factory-crewcuts (this year), boots: Ugg's (2008?)

outfit 4 (school)- silk blouse: J.Crew factory (2009?), cardigan: J.Crew (2010), white jeans: Hudson (2009), shoes: farylrobin -Kaleidoscope (2008), earrings: Nordstrom (this year)

outfit 5 (church)- turtleneck: J.Crew factory (2009), dress and earrings: J.Crew sample sale (2010), socks: J.Crew (2010), shoes: farylrobin -Kaleidoscope (2008), sash: Gap-off of a dress (?)

outfit 6 (school)- sweater and pants: J.Crew (2010), boots: J.Crew sample sale (2010), belt: ? (?)

AND.. since today was my last day of work until Christmas (I get tomorrow off), I decided to wear something a little Christmas-y and red... which I don't do often

my mommy's pretty tree

tank: J.Crew (2009), shirt and tights: J.Crew (2010), belt: J.Crew factory (?), skirt: Savers ? (?), shoes: (same as above), earrings: gifted from miss Katie (Cherry Lane ?-this year)

Since finals I have...
worked at Avenia Bridal
blogged at Avenia Bridal-check out our Holiday Inspiration post 
gone to Zermatt 
played Ticket to Ride with my Mommy
gone Christmas shopping
wrapped presents
made necklaces with Bain and Mom
given presents (12 days of Christmas (which I sadly have not been good at taking pictures of) for Mr. T)
made goodies (pumpkin bread, oreo marshmallow bars, sugar cookies, honey taffy)

only thing I have pictures of-Oreo bars (via)
ate goodies
talked with Talyn about secret things! 
taken an afternoon to design and sew a festive skirt 

here is the material-finished product to come (I forgot to take a picture when I wore it that night)

gone to Brandon Harvey's wedding

photo booth at wedding

helped T organize 
relaxed and laughed and smiled
celebrated the lovely EMILY CARR's engagement!

given more presents
warmed up by a fire 
eaten at the Pizza Pie Cafe with my girls (pictures on Talyn's camera)
fallen asleep watching the Grinch 
realized how legit my brother is... Turtle-Nog  

gone back up to Zermatt with my family and friends 

listened to Christmas music
played Canasta, Outburst, and Scattergories
eaten my favorite Crab Meat Pizza
sipped hot cider and hot chocolate

eaten pumpkin bread
watched Star Wars 3
gone hot tubing (in the cold hot tub)
napped on the nice huge soft bed
eaten yummy chili, corn pudding and gingerbread pudding cake
watched part of the Santa Claus 2 
cleaned my room
worked some more at Avenia Bridal (and had a nice surprise visitor) 
done some last minute Christmas shopping
and blogged. finally.

I'm sure I did much more in-between.. I just don't remember right now

AND here is some inspiration I have saved to my desktop lately... 

I might have posted this before, I don't remember but I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE FLOWERS AND THAT DRESS!!!

This is currently my favorite Wedding dress (well.. aspects of it are my favorite)

I came across some old wedding dress sketches (2010)
I miss sketching
I miss designing
I miss sewing 

LOVE the dress and the CAKE!!!! I want it

it doesn't matter what season I get married in- I WILL HAVE HANGING MARSHMALLOWS! I love it! 

and these candles -love this wedding shoot

Gorgeous Neutral Flowers! love. 

and if you didn't click the link to Avenia's are some of the inspiration photos I posted there
I think this is ADORABLE

I'm IN LOVE with EVERYTHING about this photo
beach, fur, wedding, dress, gold sequin pillow, cozy cave...

anything with hot chocolate is a winner in my book

Love. Love. Love. Everything.

Well.. that's all for tonight. 
Merry Christmas EVE!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

it's been so long..

I don't even remember how to blog anymore.

Hopefully inspiration comes soon.

For now, I am done with school for 2 weeks.

and it feels so good.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

slowly but surely...

3 down
-Human Development

3 to go 
-Physical Science
-Doctrine and Covenants
-Information Systems

Thursday, December 8, 2011

finals = hibernation = MIA

I am so grateful for my best friend Taylor.
He makes studying for 15 hours a day in the library bearable...even enjoyable at times!

Classes DONE! (no more HTML projects or Physical Science Midterms EVER AGAIN!)


Hibernation in the library continues until next Friday at 10pm! (with obvious breaks in the JSB Auditorium where I will be crammed, bumped, and claustrophobic while taking my 4 finals (the other 2 are THANKFULLY online!) and at Taco Bell-where I'll be eating all my cheap meals because I can't make a lunch that will last from 8am-1am)

Again... this is where I am grateful for Taylor.
and hot chocolate.
and Christmas Cadbury chocolate balls.

6 finals + administering/grading the final for my Jazz Class

Then CHRISTMAS! and cookies. and cuddling. and warm fires. and no hard library chairs. and no homework. and sleeping in. and hopefully sewing/designing something. and relaxing. and gift giving. and movies. and friends. and family. and recuperating. and simply a much needed (not long enough) break.

Next semester doesn't get any easier...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December

I am celebrating the first minutes of December here in my favorite place...
The BYU Library.

I'm on the verge of a breakdown.
I am tired.
I am sick of school.
Almost done.
2 weeks.

It'll be over before I know it.

Happy December.

 Gorgeous Winter Palate 
In LOVE with this dress
The cake is adorable and so is the ring