Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Thank you Pinterest.

Party with Bain

My parents, Seth, and Jenn left for Vegas on Sunday so it was just Bain and I. We had so much fun!!!

First off, my Relief Society lesson went well.. so that was good!

 Shirt/Dress/Shoes/Bracelet: J.Crew
Belt: Flower Basket
Bracelet: gifted
Earrings: aBree Original

After church we made Green Chili Soup and I cleaned my room (switched out my winter clothes for summer clothes and got rid of some old things) - always a good feeling.

Monday Bain and I worked out at RCC then stopped at Target. I finally bought myself a Timex (only $35!!) It is gorgeous, I also bought two bands ($7 each) to go with it (navy and khaki).

After Target we were planning on getting a Champ and getting home by 11 am so that I could eat and get to work by noon. BUT.... my car decided to not start. And naturally everyone is out of town. My dad was calling people, Taylor was calling people... finally my cousin was able to come help me out. STRESSFUL! But it is such a blessing to have so many great people in my life who were willing to help me out. (While waiting Bain did walk over and get us our Champ and I made it to work only 20 minutes late.)

After work Bain and I went up to Park City (in my brother's car) to the outlets......(after stopping at Bajio for lunch/dinner)

J.Crew Factory + Memorial Day Promos + 20% off coupon + $75 gift card = happy

(This is both of our purchases combined + a few items not pictured {gifts})

We got $904.05 worth of clothes for only $378.03

 We saved more money then we spent... we call that AWESOME.

We also stopped at the Nike outlet where there were some pretty good deals as well. 

I really do need to STOP tempting myself and not go to any store EVER again this summer. Even if I do get good deals. AND timeless pieces. I'm suppose to save this summer - not spend...

And here are our two songs of summer (one is just simply amazing...the other one, annoyingly cheesy but somehow catchy - I hated it FOREVER but now it is just funny)

Everything is Sound - Jason Mraz

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
and the music video is prime!

Happy Summer!

Monday, May 28, 2012

fitness journal week 3

  • I did not workout today due to my knee 
  • Breakfast: Whole wheat strawberry pancakes with powdered sugar 
  • Snacks: Almonds and walnuts, orange
  • Lunch: Cashew butter and peach jam sandwich on crunch bread 
  • Snacks: Slice of Rosemary bread from Costco (thanks Kiara)
  • Dinner: Chicken cooked with mango salsa (Costco - delicious), asparagus, strawberries, pasta salad
  • Dessert: Mini ice cream sandwich
    • minus all the bread it was a pretty good eating day

  • Workout B minus the running (knee injury) (crunches/bum/push-up routine) + I added these workouts too 

  • Breakfast: Protein shake
  • Snack: Carrots/peppers with yogurt dip, applesauce, hard-boiled egg 

  • Lunch: 1/2 turkey sandwich and an orange 
  • Snack: Almonds and Walnuts 
  • Dinner: Whole wheat pasta, broccoli, fruit (strawberries and kiwi)
  • Knee still hurting.. ugh I'm so frustrated! I want to run and go to yoga and Pilates 
  • I did my crunches and this bum workout + my regular bum workout
  • I am planning on making a more in-depth and intense workout this weekend and hopefully I can start on it next week!
Food (we are fresh out of groceries.. not much choice for food, went today though so should be better)
  • B: Protein shake
  • L: leftover pasta and orange
  • S: Special K cereal 
  • D: Panda Express 
  • Workout B (crunches, push-ups, bum) minus running
  • Breakfast: Hot Pink Smoothie
  • Lunch/Snack: Hard boiled egg, Special K, carrots/cucumbers and hummus, protein shake (didn't have time for one big lunch so it was mostly snacks all day)
  • Dinner: Quinoa with beef and broccoli (PF Chang brand)
  • Breakfast: Quinoa with almond milk/agave nectar/blueberries and strawberries 
  • Lunch/Snack: Protein shake, carrots/cucumbers with hummus, Greek yogurt (chobani passion fruit is my favorite), bologna sandwich with mustard and avocado
  • Dinner: 1/2 Hula salad from Rumbi + sweet potato fries (one of my favorite meals) with Emily and Katie and 1/3 cazookie from The Chocolate. AMAZING.

  •  Stretch day (I failed at working out this week..) I was sore from the bum workout yesterday + knee is still hurting, but feeling better!
  • Breakfast: 2 Eggs (omelet-ish style with avocado and spicy hot sauce), cottage cheese and berries, and 1 piece of bacon 
  • Lunch/Snack: Carrots/cumbers with jalapeno yogurt dip, apple, yummy protein chocolate bar (unsure of brand - I will find out and post cause it was super good!), berry pie (at work) ((food is so hard when you work for 7 hours))
  • Dinner: Protein shake, IN-N-OUT fries and protein burger animal style
  • Breakfast: Green smoothie and Special K with fresh raspberries and blueberries
  • Lunch: Green Chili soup (white beans + green salsa + chicken broth + chicken with tortilla chips, cheese, and avocado on top) and blueberries
  • Dinner: Shapes mac and cheese (childhood favorite) and cowboy cookie dough

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Bree Style.

Friday - dinner (Rumbi) and dessert (The Chocolate - Cazookie) with my lovlies Emily and Katie!

Saturday - Skype date with Taylor

What more could a girl ask for? 
(okay maybe if I could touch my date that would have been nice - only 3 and a half weeks!)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

my dream. j.crew style.

Behind the scenes with Molly Shaul director of Wedding Design at J.CREW.

Literally my dream job. 

I want it.

please please please please please.


Read article here!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Look how awesome these look!!!!

Seth and Jenn are currently selling at the UVU  baseball games - go check it out and get one of these delicious strawberries (or lemonade, or frozen banana pops, or fruit bowls). They will be doing many more events this summer and cater as well. Check out their blog

So yummy!!

have compassion

I am giving the Relief Society lesson in my ward this Sunday and the topic is "The Rescue for Real Growth" (talk given by Bishop Richard C. Edgley), as I was researching and preparing I found this quote.

"We must recognize that we are all imperfect—that we are beggars before God. Haven’t we all, at one time or another, meekly approached the mercy seat and pleaded for grace? Haven’t we wished with all the energy of our souls for mercy—to be forgiven for the mistakes we have made and the sins we have committed?"

—President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "The Merciful Obtain Mercy", General Conference, Apr. 2012

The bottom line is, have compassion on others. Don't judge. Our world is filled with so many trials, so much comparison and competition, so much judging, so little remembering that our fellow men are important to our Heavenly Father. That we are all equal. Try to judge a little less today - realize you don't understand the circumstance of others. We have no idea what each person goes through or the life they have lived. If we spent more time loving and admiring others, our life would be much happier. Life is hard for everyone. Those who seem perfect - DON'T HAVE IT PERFECT. We all go through so much and are trying our best to make it through each day. Love more. Serve more. Be more kind. Be more understanding. Remember "the worth of souls is great in the sight of God...(D&C 18:10)"

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier, be the living expression of God's kindness. Kindness in your face, kindness in  your eyes, kindness in your smile." - Mother Teresa

"Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate." - via

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

current crush..

Pictures via

sweet tooth crush

lunch crush
hair + glasses + sweater crush

gorgeous back + swim suit crush
wedding dress detail crush

sparkle + gown crush
summer + glasses + hair + casual men's fashion crush

shoe crush
necklace crush

flower crush

cake crush
love crush

wedding crush

Some current favorites from my pin boards.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My sister needed to take some pictures for her photo class... (Bain styled the shoot and did my hair - I edited these, she is editing them herself at school as well)

Chambray shirt and Jacket: J.Crew; Jeans: Hudson; Heels: Michael Kors; Earrings: Nordstrom; Watch: Michael Kors; Tie: belt from Urban Outfitters pants

On the topic of pictures...

This summer one of my goals is to catch up on my scrapbooking. My life is documented by me from 6th grade until I graduated high school. I only have my freshman year at BYU to complete until my scrapbooks catch up to my blog books that I have printed. Once I finish that... my life story is pretty much complete. I also have a "Taylor and I" scrapbook (pre-mission), so I am making a post-mission one.

I finished the post-mission scrapbook today and tomorrow I will start on the one of my freshman year!

 pre-mission (on top) : September 2005-May 2009
post-mission : May 2011-present

clockwise: dec 2005; may 2008; may 2009; 2010; july 2011; feb 2012
I have one more picture and some news to share..

I'm going to DALLAS!
AND I have a new job. I was hired to teach another Jazz class! Yay, starting in June I have 3 jobs; Avenia, BYU Jazz,  and this other teaching position. Which means I have a lot of sewing and projects I need to get done before things get too busy!

I can't believe May is almost over - I've been out of school for a month... 3 more to go!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fitness Journal Week 2

  • Workout A (at the gym, more time consuming)
    • Elliptical 10 min (alternating forward and backward) 
    • Arm weight routine 2x with 10 lbs. weight
      • 10 bicep curls in front with palms facing up
      • 10 bicep curls in front with palms facing each other
      • 10 bicep curls out to the side 
      • 10 tricep lifts (kneeling on a bench)
      • 10 tricep lifts (hands behind head/extend)
    • Ab routine
      • 10 sit ups on incline bench, twist side to side with 10 lbs. ball 
      • 20 crunches legs bent
      • 20 crunches legs straight
      • 20 crunches legs up in air and straight
      • 20 crunches legs in air and bent at knee
      • 20 crunches legs open in frog position 
    • 25 extended calf raises
  •  9:15-10:15 Yoga at RCC 
  • Pre-workout: Almonds and green smoothie
  • Post-workout: Protein shake and warm quinoa (with almond milk, raspberries, blueberries)
  • Snack at work: Everything bagel (from Einstein) with cream cheese 
  • Snack after work: Veggie's and cottage cheese with mango 
  • Dinner: Chicken, string beans, and avocado/mango/orange salad

  • Workout B (at home, less time consuming)
    • Run (my route takes me about 12 minutes) 
    • Abs
      • crunches same as in workout A only in opposite order 
    • Bum
      • 20 leg lifts (laying on side), knees bent in right angle 
      • 20 leg lifts legs straight 
      • 10 leg lifts (on knees), to the side 
      • 20 leg lifts up to the back, knees bent in right angle 
    • Arms
      • push-ups 
        • 8 count push-ups 3x, 4 regular push ups (3x) 
        • 10 triangle push-ups
        • 10 military push-ups
        • 20 alternating wide arm push-ups (on knees) 
  • Breakfast: Protein shake 
  • Lunch: Curryosity with dad (tried the currito with peanut curry and the passion fruit salad) 
  • Snack: Almonds and Mrs. May nut bar (and some Hershey's chocolate)
  • Dinner: Quinoa with Red Pepper and Spinach Chicken Sausage (from Costco) and mango with cottage cheese 
  • Workout A with bum routine from workout B 
  • Breakfast: Green drink and quinoa scrambled eggs 
  • Lunch: Half turkey sandwich (piled with goodness: mustard (both sides), turkey, purple onions, cranberry sauce, avocado, bread and butter pickles on crunch bread) and cherry tomatoes
  • Snack: mini ice cream sandwich (Bain and I went to the store...), a few creme brulee flavored rice cakes, orange
  • Pre-workout: Protein shake
  • Dinner: Lobster ravioli (Costco) with Alfredo sauce, peas, and Caesar salad
  • Pilates class (I LOVE PILATES!) I am seriously considering getting certified sometime in my life
  • Breakfast: Protein shake, quinoa with almond milk, mango, and blueberries 
  • Lunch: leftovers with an orange 
  • Dinner: Chicken enchiladas and salad 
  • Snacks: girls night (dill dip and ruffles/starbursts/skittles/chocolate....)
  • Yoga 
Food (it was a very bad day for food choices... this whole weekend was - ugh)
  • Breakfast: Green Drink 
  • Lunch: Zupas with Emily (Thai Peanut Chicken Salad and Asparagus soup) 
  • Dinner: JCW's with family (1/2 turkey avocado sandwich, fries), mini ice cream sandwich
  • Workout B (only my knee was hurting extremely bad when I was running - so I had to walk most of the way)
    • My cousin is a chiropractor so I went to him Saturday and Sunday and it feels better today, he adjusted a few things - my pelvis was rotated, my adrenal glands were messed up because of emotional stress, my blood sugar was off because I need to be eating every 2-3 hours (EVERYONE SHOULD BE), and some other stuff.. something with my hamstring and then stuff in my knee was rotated... ANYWAYS moral of the story - if you are hurting, go see my cousin, he works miracles. I'll get his info and post it soon! AND really take his advice, eat at least something every 2-3 hours. Eat 3 meals but always snack on something in between. 
Food (another bad day - probably why my blood sugar was messed up)
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with almond milk and berries, protein shake 
  • Lunch/Dinner: Oven flat-crust pizza and Wendy's with Bain (chicken nuggets and fries)
  • Snacks: Almonds and walnuts, orange, turkey with cheese
  • Breakfast: Eggs and Quinoa
  • Lunch/Dinner: Pork, Quinoa (substituted into our rice pilaf recipe), green beans, fruit salad 

*I am super embarrassed of my eating this week - sometimes it is so hard to have the time and energy to make and eat nutritious things. But it is okay - we are human, and life is meant to be enjoyed. Don't beat yourself up if you had a bad eating week. All of the bad food I ate was enjoyed with people I love, so look at the bright side, spending time with friends and family may not help in the healthy eating category (since we socialize around food very often) but we are building relationships and memories.*

I am documenting this fitness journal to help me and others realize that life is good. Taking care of your body is good, but we don't have to be perfect. We aren't expected to. We do the best we can and try our best to feel good in the body we were given. Hopefully toss out some looming insecurities, and make ourselves better people and examples. 

Enjoy this week - love your body and treat it well!
Hot Pink Smoothie (didn't have all the ingredients this past week - I will make it this week and post the recipe)

Green Drink (I posted this recipe about a year and a half ago HERE, I change it up depending on what I have at home, the one linked is a serving size using the magic bullet)
  • Plain/Greek/Non-fat yogurt
  • Some sort of liquid (I prefer orange juice or coconut water - try to get something not full of sugar)
  • Frozen fruit (anything really, berries/peaches/pineapple...) 
  • Fresh fruit (apples/oranges/bananas/kiwi/berries) 
  • Protein powder 
  • Nuts (almonds/walnuts)
  • Spinach (the more the merrier) 
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Really add anything you want! 

Protein Shake (I mix mine in the magic bullet)
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder 
  • 1 cup coconut water 
  • 1/2 banana
  • Raspberries (handful) ((or blueberries))
  • Walnuts or almonds (handful) 
  • 1 tsp glucosamine powder ((after workout to prevent sore muscles))

Sunday, May 20, 2012

colored pants + skinny belts

There definitely was a theme this week. I pulled out my colored cropped pants, added a skinny belt and necklace for a fun + bright spring look. Easy and simple.

Outfit 1 (grey and blue)
Shirt/Cardigan/Pants: J.Crew; Shoes: Sperry's; Belt: gifted; Earrings: Francesca's; Necklace: Ily Couture; Watch: Michael Kors

Outfit 2 (bright melon colors)
Shirt/Necklace/Belt/Bracelets/Shoes: J.Crew; Pants: Urban Outfitters; Earrings: Anthropologie, Watch: Michael Kors

Outfit 3 (neutrals with purple)
Shirt/Belt/Pants: J.Crew; Necklace/Earrings: Francesca's; Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom; Watch: Michael Kors

Outfit 4 (heather grey and neon)
Shirt/Pants/Belt: J.Crew; Bracelets: J.Crew and gifted, Shoes: Dolce Vita via Flower Basket; Necklace/Earrings: Francesca's; Watch: Micheal Kors

Outfit 5 (tan stripes)
Shirt/Belt/Bracelets/Shoes: J.Crew
Pants: Anthropologie
Necklace: Gifted via Nordstrom
Earrings: Banana Republic

Outfit 6 (chambray and citrus)
Shirt/Shoes: J.Crew
Skirt: Anthropologie
Earrings: Francesca's (years ago)

If you haven't noticed I have a few new things from Francesca's. They newly entered the University Mall and I was so happy because I used to go there in Vegas (they have the cutest accessories + good prices). WARNING: If you don't want to spend money - avoid this store. Their earrings are all pretty much $12 and most of the necklaces average $25. It is easy to spend (and it adds up quicker than you think.) BUT if you are in need of some fun earrings and statement necklaces - this is the place. They also have bags, clothes, and other fun things!

And for fun - a little about my style.

I'd describe myself as comfy chic. I LOVE dressing up but I also LOVE being comfortable. J.Crew weekend is what I crave. I love placing simple tops with fun bottoms (or vise versa) and heels (like above). I don't go crazy with layers, I love button-ups, jeans aren't my favorite things, I am a huge sucker for (nice) sweatshirts (for guys and girls), the second I get home I throw sweats on (J.Crew weekend or Gap Body usually), I do love dresses and skirts, I am addicted to anything sequin (I LOVE SPARKLE), it's been over 4 years since I have worn flats to church, and if I had a reason to wear a formal gown once a week I would be the happiest girl in the whole world. I use to wear a lot of black - now I wear a lot of color.

simple top + fun bottom
button-up + cropped pants + heels

J.Crew weekend
skirt + heels + stripes + cardigan + metallic + necklace

formal gowns
J.Crew is my brand (like you couldn't already tell...) I DROOL over their catalog. They are EXPERTS, truly ARTISTS, when it comes to color. They are so inspiring and I absolutely LOVE their clothes/style.

 My other favorite store is Gap Body - since I teach dance everyday and workout daily I wear workout clothes ALOT and I LOVE THEM!!  Gap Body has some amazing products (and literally some of the softest fabric known to man) - not to mention, I am a sucker for intimates. I think they are absolutely gorgeous.

My go-to shoes are definitely Sperry Top-Sider. I LOVE THEM. I really have to hold myself back from wearing them every single day. Especially on campus where heels are not the best option and flats tend to kill my feet more than heels - I wear them pretty much every single day. When I'm not in Sperry's I'd choose to be in heels (but when I am working 5-7 hour days on my feet sometimes flats will have to do).

when I'm not wearing Sperry's

I am very true to my brands, Michael Kors is my watch supplier (I also love his heels) (and Timex - I don't have one but I have given Taylor 2 different Timex watches, they are great); Hudson is my jean supplier.

Really the only stores I ever shop at are J.Crew, Gap, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Anthropologie (and in high school I was Urban Outfitters all the way (until they went super indie).

I also LOVE accessories. Big necklaces, big watches, a few bracelets, and definitely earrings tend to make it into every outfit.

I have staple jewelry that I never take off (since Feb 2008 I have worn a necklace gifted by Taylor (dogeard heart necklace, replaced in Dec 2011 with my amethyst necklace) - visit this post to see pictures and descriptions of my other staple items (posted Jan 2011).

When it comes to getting ready (hair and make-up) I am pretty low maintenance. My hair is natural (blonde and straight) - and I'm not really creative with it. I don't wear much make-up. My essentials are studio fix (Mac) (applied lightly with a brush), bronzer, blush, and mascara. Then depending on the day I will add black or brown liner and eye shadow in shades of brown/bronze/gold. I also love lipstick but I don't use it terribly often (usually to church and sometimes to work).

Oh, and did I mention the BEST place for swimwear is also J.Crew. Well, it's true. Again - I go with the simple colors, no prints - Just pretty J.Crew.

Well there you go, that is my fashion style.