Friday, November 30, 2012

random updates

- I love Taylor Swift's style and you can't go wrong with Paris.
Begin Again.

- I came upon this blog post today. LOVE.

- My practically adopted brother Brandon entered the MTC on Wednesday! We are so happy for him and his accomplishment. He will be serving in Atlanta Georgia.

My family with Sarah, Brandon's sister

Monday, November 26, 2012

Story Time - The Perfect Proposal

Taylor told me on Saturday morning that he was spending the afternoon with his sister and family up in Salt Lake City - little did I know he was actually preparing for the most special night of my life so far. He told me he had a fun night planned and to be ready around 5. I was thinking a movie, dinner - maybe up in SLC or Park City and I started trying to plan what to wear (naturally). I asked him what type of clothes to wear - more formal vs. casuals, heels vs. boots, etc. He was not much help. "Nice but comfortable" doesn't help much when my nice = heels and a dress and my comfortable = boots, jeans, and a sweater. Needless to say I was struggling. It was my last night with Taylor for 3 weeks and I wanted to look good. My hair and makeup was done by 4 and I sat around with my sister trying to decide what to wear for a while until my mom (who knew what was going on) gave me hints to hurry and get dressed. She finally came into my room and said, "Get dressed, dad wants to talk to you." -- Um... that made me anxious, like I was in trouble or something so I did what she asked and came down the stairs. On the dining room table there were 2 sheets of paper and a rose. And my mom with her video camera. Once I started reading I knew what was happening, naturally I started crying. I was the happiest girl alive!!!

Here is the note he left: 

"The Journey" 

"Once upon a time a beautiful young girl and a dashing young man met through an unusual set of circumstances. Little did they know that their humble beginnings would lead to something wonderful, even magical. In order to make their relationship complete, one final journey is required. The journey will require you to re-live the story, each special moment at a time. Your journey will take you down Memory Lane, winding and twisting, and will lead you to your heart's desire. Let your heart and mind guide you on this very special journey."

"Instructions: You will now complete a series of travels taking you all throughout Utah County. Before you leave, pack a nice dress, which you will wear later in the evening. Also, be sure to take your camera. At each location along the way take a picture of yourself and the location! Good luck."

That solved the question of what to wear, but now I had to pick two outfits. I hurried upstairs to get ready and start on my "journey."

The first location was where we first met - Orem High School. My best friend at the time, Cami, met Taylor a few days before school started. He was on student council and was helping out at school and she happened to stumble across this handsome young sophomore and thought that he'd be perfect for me. She told me all about this boy named "Taylor" and on the second day of school I was heading to lunch with Cami when I saw him. She yelled for him to come meet me - and I guess that is where it all began. To this day I remember that first look. He had a turquoise (my favorite color at the time) "American Eagle" shirt on and had long shaggy hair.

flashback: Us as sophomores

My mom, Jenn, and Bain came with me. At each location there was a hidden rock with a new clue for me.

My next clue led us to where we "became a couple." On September 10, 2005 Taylor "asked me out." We were taking a walk by Cami's house so my next rock/clue was hidden there. The rock was hidden really well so it took us awhile to find it, but we finally did!

The next rock was hidden at Cascade mini golf course where we had our first "group-type outing/date." Taylor even drew me a crossword puzzle in case I wasn't sure which one he was referring to. It included: The girl who went with us: Talyn; The boy who went with us: Ryan; and what we were doing: Golf. ((Due to some technical difficulties we didn't get pictures of this location.))

After was the location of our first kiss. On September 23, 2005 on the porch steps of Taylor's house (after our golfing outing) we kissed for the first time... So we headed to Taylor's house.

The next clue fast forwarded us to senior year when Taylor asked me to Prom in 2008. My family owns some land in Provo that has a gazebo on it and he asked me to the dance by decorating the whole gazebo with lights and having his friend kidnap me after dance and drive me up there blindfolded. When I got there he was dressed up in a tie and gave me roses and hot chocolate!

flash back: Prom 2008

The gazebo is on a winding dirt road so Taylor left the clue at the "gate" so we didn't have to drive all the way up. Since Taylor hasn't been up there for awhile he didn't know that the gate that we always went to was washed away in a he left it at the closest place to the gate he could.

Our next stop led us to "our park" aka the park across from Hillcrest Elementary. We would go there all the time. It was our little meeting spot when we wanted to talk, have picnics, or nap under a tree. We have spent a lot of time there.

(I would like to give a shout out to my sister-in-law Jenn for finding most of these clues for me thanks to her trusty flash light phone!)

The next clue was suppose to lead me to where we were reunited after Taylor's two-year mission. Bridal Veil Falls. Unfortunately the roads leading there were already all blocked off for winter storms and we could not get past. The clue there had me line up the rocks in numerical order and on the flip side of the rocks there was a phone number to call which would lead me to my final destination.


I got changed into my nice dress and met Taylor's dad at the entrance to Sundance where he gave me instructions of where to go.

I was led to a lobby and the worker there then led me to Taylor's location. A small private cabin room up in the mountains. Rose petals lined the stairs down to the room and finally I was able to see Taylor for the first time all day. He is amazing! He decorated the cabin room with lights and candles and also gave me 4 dozen red roses!!

He had a video camera set up so that the actual proposal could be recorded. He spoke the sweetest, most romantic words to me for about 4 minutes (thank goodness it is recorded because I can't remember what he said I was so lost in the moment) but I do remember it was the cutest and kindest thing I've ever heard. He proceeded to get on one knee (I am a crying happy mess at this point) and he asked me the question I've been dying to hear for some time now, "Bree Woolstenhulme, will you marry me?" I kind of cried/screamed/squealed a "YES!" and it was simply perfect. When he opened the box and I saw the ring for the first time I about died, it is SO UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL!!! It sparkles so much, I couldn't stop looking at it all night. He even had it engraved on the inside, "LOVE FOREVER TW&BW." - perfection. 

After the proposal we had dinner - catered by Sundance. We had Caesar salad, chicken and gnocchi, and creme brulee (my favorite) and pumpkin cake. It was so yummy! We were able to tell each other our side of the engagement story and it was fun to hear all the background that went into our perfect evening. He spent so much time making the proposal perfect and he did such a great job. He even asked me to dance after we cleaned up dinner.

I love that he pays attention to detail  - he used navy and mint green ribbon (two of our wedding colors) to decorate. He also brought a picture of us from his room that he put on the mantle. The little things like that make me love him so much more. He knows me so well, he knows everything I love and want. He is just so perfect for me in every way. I am so lucky and so grateful to be sharing my eternity with Taylor Bruce Wilkins. I have loved him since I was 15 and I will never stop loving him. I am so happy!

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MAY 4th!!! It will be the best day of my life!
158 days.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 24, 2012

Taylor proposed!!
On May 4, 2013 I will become Mrs. Wilkins!

(story to come)

Friday, November 23, 2012


I love this holiday. It is all about food and family - two things I love. On Wednesday Taylor and I went up to the Lehi outlets where we found some good J.Crew factory sales!!

Thanksgiving day was so fun and perfect! Taylor and I had dinner with his family at 2, then again with my family at 6. Lots of yummy food and great company. We had lots of pie and played Mexican Train and Canasta. Everything I love all in one day!

I am so grateful for my life and all that I've been blessed with.


Jenn made homemade rolls

Taylor and me, Seth and Jenn. Granny and Grandpa, Brandon and Sarah, Mom and Dad, and Bain

Walnut, Peanut Butter, Lemonade, Apple, Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Chiffon, Blueberry Rhubarb 

Playing Mexican Train

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

gratitude month is almost over..

It has been a whirlwind of happy days around here. Basically I could say...

Sunday - Tuesday: I am grateful for Taylor.

Sunday we spent the morning attending Brandon's mission farewell, he did an AMAZING job. I am so proud of him. We then spent the afternoon with Taylor's family at his Granny's house. After, we went to my house for dinner, games (Mexican Train), and a movie. Things I've been too busy to do lately I've made time to do while Taylor is in town and I am grateful for that.

Monday I had to work most of the day (which I am grateful for - my opportunity to make money while doing what I love (helping brides/anything wedding related, and teaching dance)... and Taylor and I were still able to make a little time for dinner and cuddling - which I am grateful for.

Tuesday after work Taylor and I played with his niece Hadley, ran errands, took a small unintentional nap, went out to dinner at CPK, at Sub Zero ice cream, then saw the new 007 movie which was pretty good. I am grateful for family and for the time I get to spend with the people I love.

I also receive daily inspirations through email and I received this bit of truth this week which I am grateful for!

"Jesus Christ lives, knows us, watches over us, and cares for us. In moments of pain, loneliness, or confusion, we do not need to see Jesus Christ to know that He is aware of our circumstances and that His mission is to bless."
—Henry B. Eyring, "Where Is the Pavilion?", Liahona and Ensign, November 2012

"His Mission is to Bless"  

AND... I've been horrible at taking pictures. Not one since Taylor has been home.. oops

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm grateful for..


Taylor never gave me a date for when he was coming home for Thanksgiving. I knew the company he interns for has work until Wednesday so I assumed he was coming sometime next week.

Last night I was sewing as usual and he was "watching Lord of the Rings with his roommate." Then around 10:30 I get a text from Taylor saying that he just got off the phone with his parents who told him that the package he had sent for me had arrived. He said since he wanted to come home earlier but couldn't, he sent a package to me instead. Even though it was late I knew I couldn't wait until morning to get my package and he said his parents were expecting me so I drove over to his house. His dad answered the door and led me to the living room where a big package was waiting for me on the table. I saw the box and was super excited, then I turned around and saw my REAL surprise... TAYLOR!!! I was so happy I cried. He is home for 9 DAYS!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gratitude Tuesday - Thursday

Thursday was the first Relief Society activity I helped plan (my new calling is RS activities chair) and it was a SUCCESS and seriously so great. We had a seminar on staying "Stress Free During the Holidays" by a lady who teaches Positive Psychology at the U. For me it was more about staying stress free and happy in general and I LOVED it! It was so great and such a good refresher about what I can be doing to help me stay happy. After she spoke we ate pie and swapped recipes which was a perfect way to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Here are some of my notes/thoughts from the talk.
  •  3 steps to LOVE (of self and others)

    1. Get to know the person (you or others).
    2. Make a decision to love or to not love then unconditionally accept that. Accept them and love them, who they are as a person. Not their decisions, not their potential, not what they can be but THEM as a person despite those things.
    3. “DO” for them. Serve them. If you are working on you, serve yourself.

  • Set realistic expectations. DON’T compare yourself to others
  • Happy people have 4 characteristics 

  1. Strengthen relationships
  2. Have meaning in life
  3. Are grateful
  4. Set goals

  • Be KIND. There is way too much negativity and harshness in the world.
  • “You are you” – accept and enjoy who you are
  • Know your limits – learn to say “no.” You can’t make anyone happy – they must make themselves happy, so don’t say “yes” to make someone “happy” if it will hurt you and in the end… still not make them “happy”
  • Acknowledge your feelings – WRITE them down
  • Write the negative, the anxiety of each day on a piece of paper then when you are finished writing rip of the paper and throw it away. Purge yourself of those negative emotions. Just as your body rids yourself of toxins that are hurting your body you must do the same. Throw them out – you wouldn’t keep your physical vomit so why should you keep your emotional vomit?
  • Write down and KEEP the positive of each day.
  • Focus on your STRENGTHS
    • Do this exercise. Write down as many strengths (2­0-30) you can think of for each of these 5 categories. Make sure they are “BEING” strengths, not doing strengths. Start each one with “I AM…”
  1. Social/relationship (kind, loving, compassionate, etc.)
  2. Education/career (dedicated, loyal, passionate, etc.)
  3. Physical (compliment yourself, nice ears, hair, hands, etc.)
  4. Spiritual (humble, repentant, etc.)
  5. Individual/interests/hobbies (creative, dancer, etc.)
  • When we focus on our strengths, we don’t get depressed
  • Don’t make “rules” (expectations) about OTHER people because you can’t control them and therefore you are setting yourself up for failure, rejection, and sadness. Don’t say, “This holiday my whole family will get along and there will be no fights.” That is a nice hope and wish but don’t expect that because you cannot control other people. If you have that rule/expectation in your mind and things don’t go like YOU planned then you will be miserable. That is just dumb because it’s not in your control anyways.
  • Happy people have meaning in life. Find meaning. For each day, for each holiday, for each year, etc.
  • Be grateful. List 3-5 things each day that you are grateful for.
  • Set goals and prioritize them based on meaning and what you need at this time.
  • Remember that you have God in your life – let that bring happiness.
  • Write down every day where you saw the Lord’s hand in your life.
 Wednesday I am grateful for the little things: sleeping, my bed, my soft blanket, showers, blow dryer, makeup, face wash, medicine, my body, food, my home, clothes, car, yoga, shaving, nail polish my scriptures, prayer, my talents, my job, my education, my family and friends, cake, my wedding, Netflix, music, cell phone, love... the list goes on and on.

Thursday I am grateful for my day. It was a day filled with fun activities - I left the house at 9 AM and got home at 9:30 PM. I haven't had a day like this in a very long time - usually I am sewing or running errands on my days off.
  • Pilates class
  • Massage!!! Amber moved to a new (less expensive) location!! She works at Ella Bloom and at her private practice. 
  • Lunch with my lovely Katie who I haven't seen in a long time at the Corner Bakery at Fashion Place Mall - super delicious 
  • Nordstrom and J.Crew shopping for shoes and earrings for my wedding - unsuccessful
  • Picked up my mom from the airport 
  • Stopped by the new J.Crew Factory in Lehi!!!! YAY!!! and found the shirts for my bridesmaids that I have been DREAMING about since day 1, I didn't think it was possible. SO EXCITED.
  • Saw the 7:00 showing of Breaking Dawn with my mom, Talyn, Kiara, their mom and her friends. It was SUPER good. I am a bit of a Twilight (book) fan. 
  • Ate at Taco Bell (my favorite fast food that I haven't had in a while)
  • Chatted with family 
  • Talked with Taylor on the phone for a long while 
Pretty perfect day. 

I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving!! Where has the year gone????

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

gratitude month

Thursday - sewing. FIT. designing. talents. My projects keep coming and coming! I am super busy - sewing every second I can. Projects to be revealed eventually (Feb-May). Let's just say there are sparkles and beads everywhere!

Friday - snow. pickle dip. girl friends. I was able to see Talyn and Emily and it was nice to just chat with my girls who I don't see very often anymore.

Pickle Dip - aka THE BEST DIP EVER
  • 1 pkg cream cheese
  • 1 jar dill pickles 
  • Blend softened cream cheese with pickle juice (to taste), cut up dill pickles and add to cream cheese mixture. Serve with Ruffles.

Saturday - more snow. hot cider. late night phone calls with my love. 

Sunday - Brandon (my practically adopted brother) who gave one of his mission farewell talks in church and did amazing. My dad who has helped Brandon and so many others be the best they can be. Seth for turning 25!!!!!! Happy Birthday. Jenn for making pumpkin pie! My mom who came to all 3 hours of church with me. Bain for being one of my best friends (and PLL buddy). Sy for sending cute emails and photos each week from Peru.

picking up dead bats

eating ants

Monday - teaching dance. fox news. Taylor. decorating Avenia for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God Bless America

Today I am grateful for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and it's leaders.

"The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement Tuesday:

We congratulate President Obama on winning a second term as President of the United States.
After a long campaign, this is now a time for Americans to come together. It is a long tradition among Latter-day Saints to pray for our national leaders in our personal prayers and in our congregations. We invite Americans everywhere, whatever their political persuasion, to pray for the President, for his administration and the new Congress as they lead us through difficult and turbulent times. May our national leaders reflect the best in wisdom and judgment as they fulfill the great trust afforded to them by the American people.

We also commend Governor Romney for engaging at the highest level of our democratic process which, by its nature, demands so much of those who offer themselves for public service. We wish him and his family every success in their future endeavors." -LDS newsroom

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gratitude: Sat - Tues

Saturday: Fall. Fashion. Avenia Bridal - helping happy brides.

Boots + Sequins
Sequin Shirt/Pants/Boots: J.Crew; Sweater: Urban Outfitters 

Warm Muted Colors 
Cords/Belt: J.Crew; Sweater: Gap

 All J.Crew

Shirt/Pants/Boots: J.Crew; Scarf: gifted (H&M I think)

Necklaces/Shirt: J.Crew

And I've been wearing my fur vest a lot - unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet of it this season

Sunday: My divine Womanhood. Relief Society.

"There is something of divinity within each of you. You have such tremendous potential with that quality as a part of your inherited nature. Every one of you was endowed by your Father in Heaven with a tremendous capacity to do good in the world. Train your minds and your hands that you may be equipped to serve well in the society of which you are a part. Cultivate the art of being kind, of being thoughtful, of being helpful. Refine within you the quality of mercy which comes as a part of the divine attributes you have inherited.

Some of you may feel that you are not as attractive and beautiful and glamorous as you would like to be. Rise above any such feelings, cultivate the light you have within you, and it will shine through as a radiant expression that will be seen by others.

You need never feel inferior. You need never feel that you were born without talents or without opportunities to give them expression. Cultivate whatever talents you have, and they will grow and refine and become an expression of your true self appreciated by others." - Gordon B. Hinkley The Light within You

Monday: Taylor: His voice mails, texts, missing him SO much which just reminds me how much I love him and how happy we are and how lucky I am. Teaching jazz. My body. 

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? ... The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are" - 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 "Your body is God's sacred creation. -For the Strength of Youth via Eternal Marriage student manual

Tuesday: Pilates. The right and privilege to vote.This election is so scary and so important. SO much is at stake. VOTE VOTE VOTE. My mom found this on FB, puts things into perspective.

Presidential Election Day 2008 - my first time voting.

Be grateful! They can be silly or significant things. But everyday Heavenly Father has placed things in our path that we can be grateful for. Recognize them. Let them help you be happy and realize how much you are truly loved by our Heavenly Father. He has given us SO much. So be grateful.

Friday, November 2, 2012

gratitude day 2

I am grateful for yoga, wedding planning, my mom, and for having a day off!

Today my mom and I ran errands all over (Evans, Tai-Pan, Archivers, Michaels, and JoAnn's) picking up decorations and supplies for the projects we have planned. It was so tiring and I am so grateful that my mom always does so much for me and never complains. She is truly amazing! Let the MANY projects begin. I love my perfect mommy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

gratitude month

To blog more, I will celebrate Thanksgiving month with a post each day of something I am grateful for...

3 weeks until Thanksgiving (aka Taylor comes to visit and PIE) 
Candy (we have lots of leftovers - not too many trick-or-treaters)
Taylor Swift's new album (especially: Stay Stay Stay, The Moment I Knew, I Knew You Were Trouble, Red, I Almost Do, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together)

Stay Stay Stay

The Moment I Knew

I Knew You Were Trouble 


I Almost Do

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

election time!

Please watch and please vote - Our country needs it!!