Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Taylor and I will be moving to NYC this summer! We are super excited. We will be there from June - August. Taylor got an internship with an Investment Bank close to Columbus Circle. If you know of any apartments that are available please leave a comment or email me! We would love something furnished and are willing to move around a bit month to month if needed. Thank you so much!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

(Taylor's) Best Friend's Wedding

Taylor's best friend got married on Saturday and we had the special opportunity to attend their sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. It was absolutely beautiful!! It made us all the more excited to have our special day come - 2 weeks away!! We are so happy for Colt and Abby! Yay for love and eternal marriage!

(This was the only picture I could find so far on FB. So happy!)

Me and the cute Best Man!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

life of a student.

I am so DONE with being a student.

I want to wear cute clothes all day and not dress with the freezing uncomfortable library and campus in mind.
I want to cook. To have time to go grocery shopping and try new recipes.
I want to be able to not feel guilty about working out because it takes too much time.
I want to be off at 5 and be done for the day.
I want to have time to blog and take pictures and scrapbook and sketch and create.
I want to be able to have the time and energy to do things outside of my necessities to-do list.
I want to be graduated from BYU.

But due to my degree from FIT (taking time off from BYU) and deferring to prepare for my wedding - I still have 3 semesters left. Only about 36 credits. After this semester I will have completed 136.5 credits combined with FIT and BYU. So many classes... I am incredibly grateful for my education and the opportunities I have been given. But I am ready to move on.

Now back to studying. Only 3 finals this semester. If only my brain could concentrate on business law rather than wedding plans....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

weekend bliss.

Conference Weekend.

Friday - Dinner at Happy Sumo with my family, granny/grandpa, my aunt/uncle/cousins from Indiana, and Taylor. With this lovely masterpiece for dessert!

My cousins make it all the time back home and it is AMAZING! Just don't eat too much or you'll get sick.. 
Pile on 24 mini ice cream sandwiches
In-between each layer top with cool whip, chocolate fudge, and caramel syrup. 
On the top add crushed up oreo's and heath bars. 

Saturday - Country Club fun at Riverside for 6 hours: Yoga with Bain, golfing 9 holes with Bain and daddy, lunch with mom, dad, and Bain.. Monte Cristo sandwich. Yum.

Conference. + Cinnamon rolls

J.Crew and Nike Factory stores - AMAZING sales. Practically steals.

The Host with Taylor - eh.. not very exciting

Sunday - Crepes. Conference with Taylor and his family. More cinnamon rolls. A walk with Taylor up the canyon. More conference. A walk with Taylor out by Utah Lake. Lovely day. Episode of The Bible then bedtime.

It was a very nice relaxing weekend. I honestly didn't even look at my computer the whole time. Nice to get away for a bit and not focus on planning and school.

In wedding news: I received my bridals/groomals back on Monday!!! 425 invitations were sent (thanks to my helpers - Talyn, Aunt Mary-Ellen, and my mom). Only 22 days!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Saw this on I Wast So Much Time.. interesting - I like it! Proud to have two brothers who have served/are serving full time missions and to be marrying a returned missionary. Go Mormons! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My mom's brother and family came into town this week for Spring Break - so did my Granny and Grandpa! Taylor and I split between our two families again this holiday like we did on Thanksgiving (good thing his family tends to eat earlier and my family likes to eat late). We went to church with his family then had dinner at his house. After we were finished we went to my house for an Easter egg hunt and more dinner! It was a really nice day!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

wedding and fun.

Last week I received my engagement photos, my announcements, took bridals/groomals, and registered at Target. It was an extremely busy and fun week. 

My dress is complete. And I LOVE it!! My engagements were lovely! and announcements were sent out this week. We are down to one month! 

Photos and posts to come, I promise!