Thursday, May 30, 2013

Engagement Pictures!

Now that we are safely in New York City for the summer it is catch up on blogging time!

My lovely friend Kiara took our engagement pictures up at City Creek! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013


My amazing month of May 

May 1: 2 hour massage by Amber, eyelashes at Suggestions Salon by Elise

May 2: Nails at Suggestions Salon by Alexa, Bain's Orem Dance Company Concert

May 3: Wax at Wax Me Too by Jessica, arranging flowers for the wedding with my Aunts

May 4: Hair and makeup by Versa Artistry, SEALING to my sweetheart at 10:30 a.m. in the Manti Utah Temple, photographs by the lovely Rebekah Westover, luncheon with family and friends with Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Wilkins, wedding celebration - finally seeing all my designs and ideas come to life!!!

May 5-12: Plane ride to Florida! Treasure Island beach house for 1 week!

May 12-19: Drive to Orlando! Disneyworld for 1 week!

May 19-28 (ish): Fly back to Utah and stay at Zermatt Villa in Midway, pack for the summer

May 28 (ish): Fly to NYC where we will be living for the summer!!!! Happy internship!

So I will most definitely not be blogging much - but get excited for June when I will post about all of my adventures with my new husband!

And to keep you entertained until I get back - you can check out my bridal session on Rebekah Westover's blog!! Dress designed and made by me, Bree Wilkins, @ aBree Original.

xoxo - Mrs. Wilkins

(P.S. I promise I didn't post this on my honeymoon - I scheduled it to post after my wedding  last week)