Monday, July 29, 2013

only one more month...

I started my permanent job that will last throughout the rest of the summer! I am an assistant to the facilities manager at a hedge fund in Midtown. It is actually really nice to head into the city and be a working girl everyday. I work Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30-5:30. Since I am only a couple blocks away from Taylor's work we usually meet up after and head home together. 

On Monday (my first day) I was still very sick and so Taylor stopped by to pick me up from work with a sandwich and lemonade so I wouldn't have to cook when I got home. He also wanted to make sure I was alert enough to make it home okay! So sweet. 

Wednesday I was feeling better so we headed down to the East Village for some dumplings at Vanessa's and rice pudding from Rice to Riches. We sampled almost every flavor and ended up with french toast and butterscotch (the best!). 

Friday marked our one-month-to-go date... I found an AMAZING dress at Anthropologie. AND a shirt I have had my eye on since it was $45 went on sale to $17. Thank you J.Crew. 

Saturday we spent the morning doing laundry then headed out for a wonderful date afternoon/night. We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (which were gorgeous even though it is not really flower season). Especially here I LOVE getting out in nature and breathing in the fresh air. It was beautiful and extremely refreshing. After we headed to canal street for some $5 sunglasses and SoHo window shopping. We ended the night in the South Seaport having dinner while looking at the gorgeous financial district skyline. It was lovely. 

 ^^I want my backyard to look like this..

 ^^ pretty trees... 

^^ human nest 

 ^^ loved this cute little tree with the seats made from tree trunks

This weekend it was chilly.. Which was incredible. It felt like fall. I brought out the pants and lightweight sweaters. I am so ready for fall weather. 

We've had so much fun here in the city and are going to be sad to go. BUT we are also excited to get back to family, friends, and school in Utah. Taylor keeps talking about how much he misses the mountains and going on drives up the canyon. We haven't really spent any time in Utah as a married couple so it will be fun to be back there this fall and winter semester!! We secured our apartment at Wymount and are starting to finalize our fall schedules. 

Life is so good. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


week via Instagram @ breelena

^^ listened to the Philharmonic Orchestra in Central Park while watching gorgeous fireflies dance all around.

^^ I started my 5 day headache on Wednesday and it turned into a head cold by Friday. Taylor surprised me with some yummy sea salt caramel ice cream. We decided I was extremely dehydrated because my kidneys aren't getting enough salt (we've been on a very low sodium diet for some medical reasons) apparently I need more than Taylor does. My kidneys were unable to retain water as well as they were suppose to.

^^ Seth and Jenn suggested I "ground" myself with the earth again - it had been many months since I have been barefoot on the ground. So we stopped in Riverside Park at walked around barefoot for a bit.

^^ Taylor and I met up with Paymon who is at Medical School on the UES for brunch at Sarabeth's. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Super yummy! It was so good to catch up with him!!

^^ I just love him!
(p.s. wedding photos are being submitted to blogs so they are on the down-low for now..)

My husband is amazing. I am so overwhelmed by his sweet goodness and help during this past weekend when I was extremely sick.


  • happily woke up after 3 hours of sleep with me when I was crying because of my extremely painful going on 5 day headache. 
  • massaged my head and neck, fed me food, made me tea, and held me for hours until I fell back asleep. 
  • let me stay in bed all day long as he ran around getting me everything and anything I needed. 
  • fed me ice cream for my sore throat.
  • put up Trader Joe's paper bags in the window to block the light so it could be darker in our room. (Our blinds are super thin..) so I could sleep easier during the day.
  • froze a washcloth so it would be refreshing and cold and put it on my forehead - best thing ever to stop the pain! He rotated it and re-froze it a million times.
  • held me and comforted me all day long.
  • got me medicine and herbal sleeping pills to help relax me and dull the pain.
  • made breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and tea.
  • relaxed me by massaging my head and neck until I was tired enough to sleep (at least an hour..).
  • gave me a priesthood blessing which literally saved me.
We survived our first bad sickness. And it was the most painful sickness of my life. Feeling better. Still a headcold but my headache is gone for the most part and I am able to function again.

Marriage is good. Bragging session over. I love Taylor Wilkins. Luckiest girl.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are halfway done with our summer adventures in NYC.


We've really loved spending the start of our married life here together.

Last week we enjoyed one of my favorite things - Brooklyn Bagels. This was a staple in my diet when I attended FIT because sweet Katie introduced me to the amazingness of this bagel joint. Cheap and good and filling. Win win win. We then splurged on some sorbet from Quality Meats - I had heard many good things from multiple people about this place but since the hefty price tag is not too friendly to poor college students we just stopped in for a treat we could afford. The strawberry grapefruit sorbet sounded amazing on that humid hot day, and it was! but the service was not great - at all, and it was not quite worth the price. Good thing Brooklyn Bagels was so cheap so it all compensated in the end.

Over the weekend we made a trip out on Metro-North to Wilton Connecticut where Taylor's aunt and uncle live. His cousins were in town and we had so much fun spending time with them!! We ate yummy food, made a trip out to Compo Beach, walked down Elm Street in New Canaan, and enjoyed the green scenery. It was so beautiful up there. We could not get over how gorgeous the trees and flowers were. We got lost in the gorgeous winding roads of Connecticut admiring beautiful New England homes and nature.

^^ Grand Central: Metro North

^^ we were taking individual pictures of each other when a sweet older lady who was looking at the beautiful scenery in her car came out and offered to take one of us both together. So sweet!! 

 ^^ king of the world!

 ^^ crazy wind..

 ^^ so cute.. 

 ^^ gorgeous. 

 ^^ loved this cute house.

 ^^ hydrangeas EVERYWHERE. love love love.

 ^^ gorgeous green woods - Don and Shannon's backyard! 

 ^^ coolest tree EVER!

 ^^ walking Elm Street - high end boutiques and gorgeous cars all around.

^^and...back to another gorgeous city.

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 ^^ his & her salad
(not enough ingredients for us both to have the same kind..)

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