Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

We hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

We hope to be posting a lot this break and catching up before school starts again, so keep checking back for updates on what we've been up to the past few months - AND the second half of our wedding will be featured SOON! For now, enjoy these lovely days with your family and friends! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Florida Vacation

Taylor and I flew out to Florida back in October (he was already in NYC and flew down from there, I flew from Utah) to meet Taylor's family for a little fall vacation getaway. It was a much needed break!! We got in super late on Wednesday and when we got to the hotel we went straight to bed. We got to sleep in, Taylor surprised me with macaroons from his NYC trip and then we got to see Brooke and our sweet niece Hadley. We played with her the majority of the morning then headed into Disneyworld for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We rode rides and trick-or-treated all around Disney! The parade was amazing and it was a lot of fun!!!

 ^^So we were planning on be a cute referee and basketball player BUT it was freezing - much colder than expected so we had to add some extra layers... like jeans instead of basketball shorts for Taylor and a few jackets for me. BUT we tried.. haha - we didn't have  any other clothes to wear as back up.

^^does this look familiar?^^

^^Honeymooning... back when we were tanner and not so tired...^^

The next day we spent relaxing by the pool and hanging out with family.

On Saturday we went into Universal Studios for Harry Potter World. Universal is not that exciting actually - but the frozen butter-beer was AMAZING!!!! And the Harry Potter ride was pretty legit as well. We enjoyed being at the theme parks, sleeping in, being with Taylor's family, and playing with our adorable niece.

The trip ended too soon and Sunday afternoon we were headed back to Utah to catch up on homework.

Monday, November 25, 2013

since last time..

Ah.. it is amazing how busy life is. Incredibly busy. I so so so wish I posted more frequently like I used to.. but this semester is kicking my bum. All I know is that I am happy. Extremely happy. And I love my sweet adorable loving and perfect husband. We are perfect for each other and though we are stressed beyond measure most days - Life is good! 

Here is what we have been up to.. since October 16th when I last posted about our daily life.. 

-I baked for the first time in our tiny apartment. Yummy healthy breakfast muffins. 

-I got my name changed on my Drivers License.. Step 1 of that long process

-Gavin DeGraw's new CD came out... and it is AMAZING!! 

-Made my favorite tilapia dish for dinner

-Taylor flew out to NYC for networking and interviews for a few days. Our first 4 nights apart. And I got to use my new amazing iron!

-We met with this family in Florida for a mini vacation (extended post to come)

-Taco Tuesday at Rubio's

-Halloween and Grandpa's Birthday. Too busy to dress up or do anything. We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party to make up for the lack of Halloween activities back home. 

-Spoke at the FCCLA Convention. My high school sewing teacher asked me to give a 50 minute presentation in Salt Lake City on the value of sewing. Due to my crazy schedule (work, school, vacation) I was left writing my entire presentation the night before and had a total of 30 minutes of sleep... Let's just say it was basically the first time since FIT that I stay up literally all night. It went extremely well though so I guess it was worth it in the end. (extended post to come)

-Taylor was one of 6 BYU students who got flown out to NYC for interviews with Credit Suisse!!!!!!!!!! (extended post to come)

-Cut down on my hours at Avenia Bridal

-Midterms. Taylor surprised me with yummy ice cream because I was taking two midterms on the same day. Friday. Late fee day for both tests... awesome. 

-Temple night 

-Calling to the nursery. If you know me, you know this was coming... and it's hilarious. Good thing is we have the calling together and it is every other Sunday.

-Seth's Birthday. He turned 26! I can't believe everyone is getting so old!!! Taylor and I are almost 24, Bain is a senior this year, AND Sy is turning 21 next month (and he comes home in 11 and a half weeks!!)

-Bain was awarded Dance Sterling Scholar!! I was given this award when I was a senior at Orem High School too so I was extremely happy to see Bain get it! Plus she is the most amazing dancer EVER!

-Kenzie's Bridal Shower (extended post to come)  

-Taylor was offered a Summer Analyst position with Credit Suisse for this summer!!! He accepted. We celebrated with Sushi and Thor. 

-Taylor went to NYC again for a week for more networking (again, extended post to come)

-Mom flew out to Atlanta to visit Seth and Jenn and wait for their sweet baby to come!

-Kenzie's wedding! It was so extremely beautiful and happy! Bain came with me to the ceremony and Daddy came to the reception.

-Girls night. Consisted of my besties (Talyn, Emily, Katie, Kiara), girl talk, soup and salad, and treats!

-I picked Taylor up from the airport after being gone for 6 days.. I seriously didn't think it was possible to miss him so much - and he brought back NYC treats for me! He's the best!!

-1 year since saying "yes" - full proposal story here

Some aBree Original news:
-My sequin maxi skirt has gone viral on Pinterest and I have received many many emails regarding it. I've started selling my first item of clothing!! I have had over 10 orders in the past couple weeks and I feel extremely blessed and grateful for this opportunity.

-A wedding store in Georgia contacted me about using the wedding dress I created for Cutting Fashion in their holiday window display!! So random and so exciting. I've been contacted by people all over the country regarding my designs and I am so amazed at all the support.

aBree Fashion Favorites this month:

And since Black Friday and Christmas is coming up - here are my top gift picks for women from J.Crew

And that is all for now - hopefully many more detailed posts to come between now and when the new semester starts in January!!

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