Monday, February 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013 {better late than never}

Last Thanksgiving we ate two dinners - one around lunch time with Taylor's family, the other at dinner time with my family.. this year we were given a bit of a break and had dinner on Thanksgiving Day with Taylor's family and then had dinner with my family the next day. Seth and Jenn's baby was due the week before Thanksgiving so my mom was in Atlanta with them - unfortunately sweet baby Taytum decided to come a bit late so my mom extended her trip.. Sadly my mom had to come home before her grandbaby was born. Dinner was amazing as always and we loved being able to spend time with both of our families.

Since my family didn't have a Thanksgiving dinner my sister joined us at Taylor's house. After we ate we went to see the Hunger Games movie and then ended the night at my families house playing Mexican Train. On day 2 we ate yummy food, lots of pie and enjoyed having my grandparent's in town.

 ^^my favorite part of Thanksgiving^^

Past Thanksgivings: 2010, 2011, 2012

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Taylor's 24th Birthday!!

Taylor's birthday was on a Sunday this year, since I had to work on Saturday we celebrated on Friday night. I was really excited about Taylor's presents this year.. everything we got was on major sale which is always nice and on top of that I found two sweaters Taylor has been wanting forever but were either too expensive or sold out for Christmas. Needless to say, he had a really good birthday!! And he looks amazing in his new clothes!!

I let him open a present early (on Friday before we went out) and it happened to be one of the sweaters he was really wanting - a complete surprise! We headed up to Salt Lake City for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, we had a gift card from the wedding and it seemed like the perfect occasion. Oh my heavens, their food is AMAZING. We don't eat out much due to our diet restrictions so it was kind of amazing to splurge for a night. I ordered the Louisiana Chicken Pasta (I will order every single time - so dang delicious) and Taylor got the Fettucini with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (he loved his as well). For dessert we scored big time with the Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake (Taylor's favorite!! so so yummy) and the Key Lime Cheesecake (my favorite!! SO amazing).

On Sunday I made Taylor pancakes for breakfast and then we taught in nursery and I had the kids sing a song to Taylor - then we spent the day at his parent's house. We had a really nice dinner and Texas Cake!!, opened presents, then watched Mitt - the documentary on Netflix. We stopped by my parent's house on the way home so they could wish Taylor a happy birthday as well and my mom made Coconut-Key Lime Pie that I had pinned on Pinterest. It was REALLY good - I highly recommend it.

Taylor is now 24. I can't believe we are getting so old - we celebrated our first birthday together when he turned 16. I am so grateful for my sweet loving incredible husband - he truly brings so my happiness and joy to my life. I am so blessed and grateful to have my best friend with me for eternity.


17 - the Fray Concert


 ^^decorated his front yard the night before so he woke up to a nice happy birthday sign.

19 - Made him his missionary coat 

20 - First Mission Birthday

21 - Second Mission Birthday




9 years of Happy Birthday's!

Life: December & January

Wow it's been a while.

Let's see - this semester Taylor and I are both taking a full load. My classes include Marketing Research, Entrepreneurship Skills, Consumer Behavior, and Internet Marketing. All fun and applicable classes. We are both also working - him as a finance TA and me at Avenia Bridal, teaching Jazz at BYU, and selling my designs. We are eating like health nuts and trying to work out everyday.

 ^^you can find some of our favorite recipes here

Oh, I am also working on two collections this year - I am in a fashion show this April and I am also putting on and doing a collection in a show this Fall.

This summer we are headed to NYC again and finally next December I graduate, and Taylor will the following semester.

Now for photos..

^^finally had time for date night during Thanksgiving Break

^^we had TWO Thanksgiving dinners - one on Thanksgiving at Taylor's house, one the next day at my house. My mom was in Atlanta (hoping baby Taytum would come) so we celebrated a day late - thankfully for us that meant only one meal per day unlike last year where we went to both dinners in the same day. **More on Thanksgiving to come.

^^sweet baby Taytum was born!!

^^we thought we should support the arts and see a musical at BYU

^^we had a fun holiday sweater/white elephant party with lots of the married guys from BYU who are doing investment banking in New York with Taylor.

^^getting in the Christmas spirit!

 ^^our first little Christmas Tree

 ^^Christmas Day! We spent the morning together at our apartment, then headed to Taylor's house for lunch and my parent's home for dinner. Full post coming soon!

^^visited Temple Square with my family

^^spent New Years Eve sewing a pretty skirt and going out to sushi and bowling with the family - celebrating Sy's birthday without him.

  ^^some favorite December looks from aBree Fashion

HAPPY 2014!

 ^^new aBree Original skirt - one year birthday of aBree Fashion

 ^^featured as Bride of the Month on Ann Elizabeth's site

 ^^much needed dessert date night - the one and only Chocolate

{not pictured} first time snowmobiling at another fun couples night with the BYU New York Investment Bankers crew.

 ^^doubled dated to the ice castles in Midway

 ^^Taylor turned 24!! Post to come.

^^started designing my Spring collection for a fashion show in April!!

^^girls night (and gourmet meal) with Talyn, Emily, and Kiara

 ^^some January aBree Fashion looks

And that is what we have been up to..