Sunday, January 31, 2010


Now that I am back in the city I will hopefully update more than I did while I was on break... Here is the second half of my first time in UTAH adventures.

I went wedding dress shopping with my friend from NYC, she bought her dress, it looks AMAZING on her
Almost won in pool.. normally I lose MAJORLY. Go ME!
Went to a wrestling match, SY WON!! Yahoo.
Ate at Ernie's for the last time, sad story.......
Went to a BYU singles ward with my lovely TALYN
JCREW and ANTHRO party with my favorite new yorkers, Katie and Emily and my favorite little sister joined us.
Breakfast @ Magleby's with Katie and Emily
Ate legit Thai food with Steven, delicious!!!
Had a bigger headband party
Started my website,!
Went on a date to in-n-out and learned the fruit game and laughed constantly all night. Thanks to Vegas
Played fruit game with the family, won't name names but someone actually "peed a little" haha because it really is that funny.
My best friend turned 20! PARTY!
I got a HORRID hair cut, 5 inches off, it is "still long" so others say, but for me it is way short, it hasn't been this short in about 5 years... SAD DAY! grow back fast! PLEASE!
Tried on an AMAZING wedding dress, just for fun of course! BUT it was BEAUTIFUL I couldn't help it so, even though I had no reason, except that fact that I LOVE WEDDING dresses, I tried on this dress... ah lovely. I PROMISE there is no hidden meaning in the reason I tried it on so no worries. But if I needed a dress tomorrow this is what it would be, with sleeves of course. Check out AVENIA BRIDAL in Provo.
Spent 3 hours at the dentist, ya 3 hours
Visited my 2 favorite teachers, Gillett and Downs
Had our 2nd annual "ice cream at cold stone" tradition with Jen, Kenz, and Meg. LOVE YOU ALL
Daddy daughter date and my favorite, Red Lobster
Masquerade Ball with Talyn, Diego, Haley, Juan, and Vegas. Best night of break for sure, haha once again it was a continuous laughing experience. Thank you to all the awkward couples that me and Vegas got all of our ideas from, thank you for the beautiful paintings in the courthouse, and thank you for the fake tree! Sorry I can't elaborate, too much of an inside story to even be worth explaining. Basically thank you Vegas for the good time!

Sorry I have NO pictures... ya, really lame, I will get ones from the masquerade ball soon though and post them!

I just want to shout out to my family, especially my siblings...
'The party to don't start til I walk in'. 'Nobody on the corner got swagger like us.' Sinter Claus get down...'  'Ding dong, answer your door.' 'Pour a sticky drink on you.' 'Fireflies.' 'Apple to Pineapple.' 'Rawr Rawr Raw a a, Rama Ram a ma, Ga ga oh la la, a Bad Ro mance.' haha let me know if I missed any. I LOVE YOU ALL! You guys are honestly perfect!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

due to weather on Saturday and the foot of snow, we are extending the headband/necklace party! If you were unable to make it but are still interested come tomorrow MONDAY Jan 25 anytime between noon and 6!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

headband PARTY!

This Saturday!
January 23, 2010
My home
794 s. 1080 e.
Orem UT 84097
any time
between 11 and 5

We have new styles of headbands
a new accessory..

join the fun, invite your friends

MANY colors available! 

Monday, January 11, 2010

3 weeks gone, 3 weeks to go, I LOVE winter break

Well one thing I DO NOT MISS about Utah is..... HORRIBLY ANNOYING DRIVERS!!! Thank you Subways, yes it is annoying when the train decides to not stop when it is suppose to and when you have to wait 15 minutes for the next one but... it is not NEARLY as annoying as stupid drivers!

I thought it was interesting that I have lived in Utah for oh, 9 years-ish now and during my break I still have so many firsts......


Tying blankets for a family in need for the holidays.... as a date. Sweet Idea

Witnesses stealing in action from the grocery store.... haha harmless, oblivious stealing of course.

Ate home made Tortillas, Salsa, and White Peppers... Thanks to the Native Mexican chef Seth
Won a SMEAL playing Foosball...
Learned the definition of a smeal... the loser pays for half of the winners meal. I'll take it!
Attended ward prayer... I guess it made up for the lack of NYC FHE this month.. SORRY ward.
Forgot the Utah dress code is jeans or sweats... black heels, tights, and dresses should stay in NYC
Ate at Magleby's for breakfast... with FRIENDS (Katie and Richard) from New York. I guess that could only happen in our LDS community AND in provo Utah!
Went to a Murder Mystery dress up dinner party!... Thank you Talyn

Got to act like a spacey, drugged up model named HOPE...BUT I so wasn't the murderer.
Played Loaded Questions!... sweet game, loved it.
Went to a church ball game..
Made up a cheer for the church ball game... haha GO RICHARD!
Got invited to go Salsa Dancing... in Provo. Who knew there was a salsa club on center street???
Went to a BYU dance... in 80s clothes.... it wasn't an 80s dance
Went to a UVU dacne.... 80s style! Me and Steven hit up the dance floor like there was no tomorrow!
Learned how to jerk.. Thanks Steven and audio push.
Ate home made Thai food... on the ground!
Watched a 4 hour movie, North and South, with Talyn at Zermatt... While eating our DELICIOUS snacks.

Mostly though I've just been hanging with the FAMILY!

Sleeping, making headbands (I'm starting a website soon), slowly getting my 50 sketches for homework done... very slowly, scrapbooking, sewing, and READING (the Lost Symbol, The Time Travelers Wife, and Sheer Abandon), and Playing games (Ticket to Ride EUROPE, and Canasta)