Thursday, February 28, 2013


Recent quotes in my inbox via my daddy and LDS Daily Messages:

"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about." - Dale Carnagie

We Love You--Please Come Back
"Love can overpower the undermining effect of selfishness. Love engenders faith in Christ's plan of happiness, provides courage to begin the process of repentance, strengthens the resolve to be obedient to His teachings, and opens the door of service, welcoming in the feelings of self-worth and of being loved and needed."—Richard G. Scott, "We Love You--Please Come Back", Liahona and Ensign, May 1986

Reverence for Life
"Yes, life is precious! No one can cuddle a cherished newborn baby, look into those beautiful eyes, feel the little fingers, and caress that miraculous creation without deepening reverence for life and for our Creator. Life comes from life. It is a gift from our Heavenly Father. It is eternal, as he is eternal." —Russell M. Nelson, "Reverence for Life", Liahona and Ensign, May 1985

Because He Came
"Because He came to earth, we have a perfect example to follow. As we strive to become more like Him, we will have joy and happiness in our lives and peace each day of the year. It is His example which, if followed, stirs within us more kindness and love, more respect and concern for others."—Thomas S. Monson, "Because He Came", Broadcasts, December 2011

Where Is the Pavilion?
"We want to see Jesus Christ now, but our certain reunion with Him at the judgment bar will be more pleasing if we first do the things that make Him as familiar to us as we are to Him. As we serve Him, we become like Him, and we feel closer to Him as we approach that day when nothing will hide our view."—Henry B. Eyring, "Where Is the Pavilion?", Liahona and Ensign, November 2012

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wedding thoughts

We all know I love weddings. I love everything about them. I love planning them and seeing them come to life. I love the colors, the dresses, the decorations. Everything.

It has been easy for me to get caught up in the pictures, the reception, the planning, the "tinsel" and possible forget what is most important. The actual marriage - the covenant - the temple - Taylor. Luckily for me my sweet loving fiance has his head on straight and kindly reminds me that the only time that really matters on May 4th is 10:30am, when we will be sealed for eternity.

Originally I had planned to do the spiritual side of the wedding on a different day than the reception/dinner/luncheon (aka high stress planning activities) so that it would be separate, so I could focus on each aspect individually rather than them all in one packed day. But through discussion with family we decided it was best for our many out of town guests to have all the events together on the same day. This is a challenge for me. A lesson in understanding, patience, "going with the flow," and most importantly in seeing what is important about my wedding day.

Though I am not to the point where I could say that if it snowed I wouldn't be sad (because my dress cannot be in the snow - after 200+ hours I just couldn't ruin it like that). Because I would be sad. I'm not to the point where I could just say "forget the pictures, the decorations, etc." because those aspects ARE important to me as part of my wedding experience. BUT I am becoming more aware of the sweet ceremony that will take place for Taylor and me along with our close family and friends and what it truly means to me.

I get to marry, make covenants with, be sealed to my best friend - to the sweet boy I met 7.5 years ago in the halls of Orem High School. To the person who has been through literally every emotion with me - who has supported me and loved me in all my flaws. The one who I get to wake up to every morning. The one I truly cannot live without. My infinite lover and friend.

I'm so blessed to have such an open and honest relationship with Taylor that he has been able to voice his concern about how my focus tends to slip to the more secular/career oriented side of the wedding as opposed to the important part of the wedding - the sealing. OBVIOUSLY that is the most important part and I do agree with that 100000000%, it has just been hard since my passion for weddings is also great. It is ultimately what I want my career to be in and it has been a learning process - something I didn't foresee, I didn't realize that my desire and love for planning my own wedding would get in the way of the miracle that will be taking place that day. The miracle of eternal family, of coming one step closer to exultation, of becoming Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins.

I am so extremely grateful that I was able to become aware of this before my marriage class today because this is exactly what we talked about. I am so grateful for Taylor in preparing my heart to be softened and to change my perspective now so that I can enjoy my wedding day for the right reasons. Yes, I will still love and stress about the reception, pictures, decorations, and flowers. I am still extremely excited to see all my plans come to life. BUT I am more aware of my actions/thoughts/desires which makes me even more excited for my wedding day - for the sealing, for the real reason there even is a celebration to plan.

Here is the amazing article that was referenced in my class today - with some AMAZING quotes.
Marriage in the Lord's Way, Elder Cree-L Kofford.

"You’ll love it in the temple—it’s like no other place you have ever been. Just think, you have been invited into the Lord’s house—His house upon the earth! His house of prayer, His house of fasting, His house of faith, His house of learning, His house of glory, His house of order—yes, the house of God."

"Once in a while, I’ll talk to a young Latter-day Saint couple who think it’s more important to “walk down the aisle” or “have a big wedding” or be surrounded by human symbols of beauty—my heart aches for them. They simply do not understand. You cannot improve on the Lord’s way. It was planned by Him. The ordinance is His. The authority is His. The words are His, and the house is His. Who would dare to compare the tinsel of the temporal with the gold of God? I commend you for understanding the difference."

"Often we cheat ourselves out of the greatest spiritual experiences of our lifetime by being too wrapped up in temporal things."

"Remember that your wedding day is not a social experience with a tinge of the spiritual, but rather a spiritual experience with a tinge of the social.”

So, thank you Taylor, Elder Kofford, Dr. Larry Nelson (my professor), and my Heavenly Father for the embarrassing wake up call that I needed. Don't get me wrong - the sealing was always the most important underlying principle. It was always what I looked forward to. Each night when I have to leave Taylor I think about how excited I am to marry him - to be sealed to my sweetheart and make the sacred ordinance with him... YET I do believe at times I let the "tinsel of the temporal" stress me out too much, and get in the way of the "gold of God."

The Manti Utah Temple - Where Taylor and I will become One in 72 days.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cutting Fashion!! (part one)

I don't even know where to begin.

It was amazing and inspiring to watch my looks go down the runway.

I was leaning away from the idea of designing - heading more toward the idea of wedding planning, until the show. Now I just don't know. It is so incredible to see my designs come to life!

It was such a blessing.

I am so grateful for the talent that God has given me and for my parents supporting me in my dream to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Thank you to all my amazing models and to all my friends/family/loved ones who came to support me. You truly mean so much to me!

Part one: my dear fans (those who I got pictures with)..

Mrs. Gillett - my high school sewing teacher

Sister Lawrence and Joni - ward friends

sweet Brick

Seth and Jenn
Aunt Leslee and Becky
Sandra and my soon-to-be Mother-in-law Debbie
Cute models!
My collection
Sweet mommy again
Kendall and Emily
yay for Talyn and Colby
Talyn, awkward face me.., Colby, and Kiara
sweet Mckenzie
awesome fan!!

John and Becky
Adeline (fellow designer and co-worker at Avenia)
my sweet fiance

Thank you everyone who has supported me along the way! Pictured and not pictured. I'm so grateful for your love and kind words.

More to come (I had to break it up into smaller posts or it would be too daunting of a task to get it all blogged!)

catching up + cutting fashion

Finally am feeling a little bit better - library all day catching up on homework.

First cutting fashion piece featured on aBree Fashion! Was planning on posting about cutting fashion all weekend - but that didn't happen. Hopefully this week!!

aBree Original: Sequin Sweatpants

aBree Fashion feature

on the runway

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Why is it that your body ALWAYS gets sick at the worst times...

This week was suppose to be all about catching up - not catching a cold on Wednesday that progressively got worse and worse. I thought I'd get over it quickly - that I'd be better by the weekend but nope. Saturday was the worst of it. The day I was scheduled at Avenia for 7 hours and was suppose to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. Instead it was laying on Taylor's bed all day in and out of consciousness with my box of Kleenex's and Mentholatum ointment feeling like my head would explode while Taylor deep cleaned his room. Romantic I know. He even let me borrow his eye mask. At least I had someone to keep me company rather than laying all alone in my own bad all day. And at least that person was my amazingly caring and loving fiance. I could hardly even look at a computer screen for more than ten minutes without my head hurting too much so I wasn't able to be productive at all. We had soup from Zupas for Valentine's dinner. At least I love Zupas. Especially their cauliflower soup. Naturally we ended the night (on opposite ends of the couch - trying NOT to get Taylor sick) falling asleep to Ghost Adventures. I sadly could only sleep for less than 30 minute intervals at a time because I'd either wake up because my mouth was so dry and I could hardly breathe - or the opposite, having to go to the bathroom so bad because I drank SO much water all day.

Sickness is the worst.

3 un-productive Saturdays in a row (1. cramps = daggers in my stomach/nausea/migraine; 2. fashion show; 3. cold = sinus head exploding kind). Not good. So behind. At least there is no school on Monday.

75 days until it's all over and I'll be honeymooning with my sweetheart.

We did find some cute little memories from the start of our love - way back in 2005. So sweet - Taylor literally kept every single thing I ever gave him.

Thanks for listening to my vent session. Happy Sunday. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day.

I used to be good at Holidays... at least better than I am now.


Taylor is always so cute too - I can't find all the pictures but he is always so thoughtful - in the past he's given me personalized M&M's, jewelry, etc. and always a sweet hand-written card.

I also used to be good at blogging... (I read though some old posts as I was searching for past Valentine's Day posts) - Sorry I am not as fun, entertaining, or exciting as before. If I REALLY told you what I did each day you would be bored or stressed to tears like I am... So I guess I'll save myself the time and you the trouble of reading when there is nothing substantial to write...

This year consisted of - lots of LOVE (which is the most important part!) with my Taylor. I only saw him for a few hours though.

7:30 - Call from Taylor wishing me a happy day!

7:45 - Picked Taylor up from the parking lot and drove him to work (saved him a 10 minute walk in the freezing cold) - gave him a kiss, a brownie, and some hot chocolate.

12:00 - Met with him and his family in the Skyroom at BYU for lunch. It was yummy!

1:30 - Found the sweet card and yummy mint chocolates that Taylor snuck into my locker this morning! - Such a cutie! I also gave him his love card I made him.

3:15 - Changed out of my cute clothes (thank goodness for my dance clothes in my dance locker) and stayed in the library to study while Taylor went to class/meetings/internship presentation.

7:30 - Taylor came back to the library from his meetings and classes and we had dinner - me: Taco Bell (naturally - who else would I spend my Valentine's Day with? Pretty sure I have had Taco Bell each year on Valentine's Day at BYU) Taylor: Subway.

8:30 - Took my personal finance exam (last midterm! Holla!) I got progressively worse each test. Marketing 96%; Accounting Business Law 80%; Personal Finance 73%. It was bound to happen - I had less and less time to prepare for each exam. ((Like this personal finance exam was literally the most unprepared I have ever been for a test at BYU - I simply put "B" for Bree at least 5 times..))

9:45 - Met Taylor in the library and headed home.

10:15 - Taylor dropped me off at my house and came in for a bit so I could give him his Valentine's gift - BYU creamery mint brownie ice cream. YUM.

12:30 - Taylor called to say goodnight.

Flowers from Taylor from the fashion show - Appropriate for Valentine's Day too!

See what I wore (for the first half of the day at least) here @ aBree Fashion.

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life currently.

You guys.....

 My life is too busy.

So I will post when I get the time to.

The fashion show was incredible! Pictures to come.


I really shouldn't have taken classes this semester. Or at least not as many.

And no matter how much I planned in September - this wedding is so stressful. So many people to please and deadlines to make. It'll all be worth it come May 4th! When Taylor and I are happily married and relaxing on our honeymoon.

Today will be the first time in my whole life I will not have studied for an exam. Awesome. Here I come Acc 241 - Business Law.

And there are things on my to-do list since the beginning of January that I have yet to complete. 

I pray that God will make up the difference.

I'm so grateful for my amazing/loving/selfless mom/personal assistant/seamstress. 
For my gorgeous models.
For my sweet fiance.
And for all those who came out to support me.
Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last week - aBree Fashion

I have so many pending posts - and no time.

The next 3 months are going to be CRAZY. So much school, so much planning.

The fashion show is this weekend!! I'm so excited (then I can cross that off the list).

2 exams and 1 assignment to go this week - Accounting Bus Law and Marketing Management exams, Personal Finance assignment. 

Honeymoon planned - check. Now to find an apartment for the fall. And finalize summer plans. And... oh how the list just goes on and on.

Wedding dress -------------- Next most important task! Will be done in less than 6 weeks - because bridals are in 7. Custom suit for Taylor - ordered.

Good thing I love planning weddings and I get to be with Taylor all day during school - because even amongst my long lists and stress I am happy!!

aBree Fashion - looks from last week