Sunday, July 31, 2011

what's kept me busy...

1. Avenia Bridal. Visit their BLOG.

2. Katie's Dress. It's coming along!!! The 2nd fitting went AMAZINGLY well! The next step is FABRIC! YAY. 

1st fitting

altering and cutting

after 2nd fitting

3. Taylor. We've been quite a few places this week. Unfortunately I didn't take ANY pictures....... oops. Monday we went up to Midway/Heber to my family's time share at Zermatt to celebrate Tay's half birthday-cheesy I know. BUT we've missed TWO birthdays so........... I thought I'd be fun-and it was! Friday Gavin and Stephanie got MARRIED!!!! So we drove down to Richfield for their reception. Gavin was in the same mission as Tay so there were ALOT of missionaries there that Taylor got to catch up with... and finally- Saturday Tay and I went up to Salt Lake to spend the day/evening. 

Congratulations Gavin and Steph!!!

Lake Powell

I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking..

the group.

Me, Sy, Alyssa, Bain

we ate. lots.

cooking ribs!


we played. Phase 10, Canasta, Baseball, Nickle Nickle

CANASTA! best card game ever.


our LP cups

getting rained out... more like winded/pelted/stormed out

we rode. In boats, on boards, on tubes.

Daddy skiing
Sy doing his tricks
Bain, Carol-Lyn, and Me
I didn't fall off!!

we biffed it...

we jumped. off cliffs.

we washed. in the lake.

we slept. on chairs, on pads, in sleeping bags, in tents, on boats, on couches.

we got stuck at the dock one night...with LOTS of spiders... no bueno

we enjoyed the landscape. rain, shine, sunset, stars.

we had fun!

hair wraps

painted toes....... guess which is Sy's... haha yes-the hot pink ones.

Mom, Bain, and Me

My cousin Adam put together a video of our Lake Powell trip. Check it out! 

Lake Powell Eleven from Adam DeVincent on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm SORRY...

for the lack of posts....

last week I was in Lake Powell
this week I've been playing catch up and it's been crazy busy.

I have a couple pending they'll be coming soon!!

(lake powell, Katie's dress, life, weddings... etc)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Live Chat..

with J.Crew's wedding designer, Tom Mora.

Tom and Jenna

Friday, July 15, 2011


My family leaves for LAKE POWELL!!!! 
one week of
good times!

Lake Powell 2008

have a good week!!!!

last night.

Thank you Harry Potter.....
You complete my life. 

our EXCITED faces

horcrux, riding our broom, catching the snitch

crying because it's over.............
Thank you HP cast. You are wonderful!
Especially you Emma, your dress is INSANE-I wish I was you so I could wear it! 

and thank you JK Rowling... you are a genius

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The day has come...... 
I might cry. It'll be epic.
Talyn, Taylor, and I are going at midnight. 
Yes, we are dressing up.
and yes, we are excited!!!!! 

Summer of 2009 I read all the books in a row. That was the best experience of my life. I think that is something I will need to do again... soon!

I WISH I was this cool. 
Maybe when this one comes out on DVD I'll have a Harry Potter marathon party and make these AWESOME treats! Find recipes here @ Beantown Baker

In the past I've dressed up HP style twice.
Once for a school dance my senior year-the theme was sports-we were quidditch players!!! We know... we are awesome. 

The other time was for the 6th movie with Sy (I was in NYC for the 7th so we couldn't dress up together for that one)


FASHION. I love it!

Avenia Bridal formed a new partnership with the company Beckett & Robb. I am SO excited about it because....
Beckett & Robb is AMAZING!!!! 
They create custom suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Thank you, for bringing European fashion to Utah! EVERY guy should own a custom suit, they are a work of art. 

Beckett & Robb. Beautiful.

Notice the DIFFERENCE??!!!!

PLEASE visit the blog post I did about them at Avenia's blog, there is a LOT more detail and pictures!! That post will link you to their website. Also, "Like" Avenia Bridal Boutique & Design Studio on facebook to stay updated on all the new blog posts!!!!

New topic.
Remember how I said I am making Katie's wedding dress?? Well, I started cutting and sewing today!!! Since it is my first wedding dress I am going to post the process on here.. I think it'll be fun! 

A couple weeks ago Katie came to me with two inspiration photos and I combined them into a sketch...

Luckily my mom was in NYC during this process so she got swatches of some fabrics for me at Mood and B&J. After discussing fabrics and other design details with Katie the design has changed a bit... The silhouette is still the same but the colors and fabric is different than the original inspiration. I haven't sketched up a new picture yet... but I LOVE the new design! 

Today I found my slopers (general patterns) from FIT and broke out the skills I haven't used since I graduated over a year ago... I forgot how much I LOVE designing and sewing!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited to get back into it! My mind is just overflowing with ideas now of things I want to make!!!

After cutting out my muslin I set my dress form to Katie's measurements so I could create darts/princess lines that will hopefully be close to what Katie will need. Later tonight she is coming over so I can fit the muslin right to her body-so it can fit perfectly. I have never fit a real body before so... hopefully I do a good job because fit is EVERYTHING!!! 

I only fit one side of the muslin, I then traced the lines to the other side that way the fit is symmetrical-this will change once it's on the body since bodies aren't symmentrical but it is good to start with a basic symmetrical fit. Once Katie's comes I will re-pin the areas that don't fit like the dress form and therefore rather than having the bodice fit a "perfect" form-it will fit Katie's perfect form!

dress form-basic fit
I am getting my fabric from a supplier in LA and from B&J in NYC. Hopefully I will have that ordered so that it can be here at my house when I return from Lake Powell! (I will save the surprise of the new design and fabric for another day)

Remember this skirt??

When I saw it I fell in LOVE- for some reason it looked so familiar to me, I loved the fabric, and obviously the design is brilliant (neither of these pictures do it justice).....well today I found all my swatches from FIT and guess what???? I have a swatch of this SAME fabric that I must have gotten at Mood for some project!!!! Cool huh?

Some of my favorite BHLDN wedding gowns.

and just because I LOVE J.Crew...
I am so ready for Fall clothes!!!
Check out their FALL LOOK BOOK!!!! AMAZING!!!