Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with my Fiance

Since the family was all sick Taylor spent his holiday giving his love and service to his sweet family by caring for them. On Christmas Eve we were able to spend a couple hours together; getting yummy holiday drinks at Starbucks, visiting his Granny, and going to a movie.

On Christmas we were both not feeling well ourselves and by the end of the day we never made it over to see each other because neither of us felt it was safe to drive. Sad day.

The day after Christmas Taylor was feeling super sick. Since I didn't see him the day before I braved the possibly contagious circumstances and spent the evening with him watching movies.

Amazingly the next day we were both feeling LOTS better!! We were finally able to exchange presents and attend my annual family Christmas party which was in SLC this year. After, we went to temple square to see the lights since we hadn't been able to make it up there yet this year.

Presents from me

Presents from my parents

It was beautiful, freezing, snowing, lovely, and perfect!

Taylor gave me a BEAUTIFUL real 7.5 carat amethyst stone ring to match the necklace he gave me last year for Christmas! He spoils me. I love it, it is perfect. It has such a gorgeous setting too!

Christmas last year 2011


They match PERFECTLY. He is so wonderful!!!

Christmas 2012

This holiday was a bit interesting. I was able to spend all my time with my family rather than split it with Taylor's because sadly, his whole family had the flu. So horrible - to be sick over Christmas. 

My family has the same traditions. Each year our Christmas Eve and Christmas is pretty similar. If you look through my blog of the past years the pictures are pretty much the same. Our food is the same (and it is AMAZING!) and pretty much everything is wonderful at Christmas time. 

My family loves to dress up for Christmas. We've done onesies, fur hats, scarfs, Christmas sweaters... and this year we all dressed up in either all red or all green. 





Christmas Eve Eve - Tamales

Chicken and green chile / Peppers and cheese

Christmas Eve

Yummy Cider and Hot Chocolate with Taylor

my favorite cracker spread - crab meat pizza

dill pickle dip- also my favorite

clam chowder

crab legs

Christmas Day

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

youngest to oldest

We each get a specific kind of wrapping paper and each year we have to guess which paper belongs to each person

SO happy to see this sweet face. We got to talk with him for over 2 hours!! so fun.

Last year Sy grew a mustache for Christmas so this year we surprised him with wearing these

3 way skype with Brandon, Sy, and us!

the best jello, cooked carrots, napa cabbage salad, party potatoes, and prime rib
mmm... bread pudding!
 Merry Christmas!

aBree Fashion

Back in January of 2011 - two years ago, I started posting pictures of my outfits here on this blog. I have finally started to separate my outfit posts from my personal ones and will be launching my fashion blog on January 1, 2013.

aBree Fashion.

I will still update Bree Lena but it will just be personal experiences, pictures, stories, workouts, food ideas, etc.

So now I have 3 blogs (crazy right?)

Bree Lena - personal
aBree Original - designs
aBree Fashion - style blog

Thanks for all your love and support!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

My handsome fiance returned home (for good!!!!!) on Sunday night and it has been heavenly to have him home. On Monday we made gingerbread (graham cracker) houses and on Wednesday we went Christmas shopping at Fashion Place Mall and at the outlets in Lehi. We've made cookies, drank hot chocolate, cuddled, watched Christmas Vacation, and enjoyed being together the past few days. Let's just say I haven't been quite as productive with my hand beading on my wedding gown since he's been home (nor have I worked out....) but it's worth it!

we made a mess..

before Taylor decided on a career in Investment Banking he wanted to be an Architect (can't you tell)

Seth and Jenn and their friends

Bain's cute house (she even hid golden treasure in the roof)