Monday, September 30, 2013

Grey Likes Weddings Feature

I was so excited to receive this sweet email from the team at Grey Likes Weddings:

"I'm OBSESSED with this wedding. Like, shouting from the rooftops, screaming, sooooooo excited!"

Summer, the mastermind behind the gorgeous wedding blog, is the sweetest most sincere person, she sure knows how to make a girl feel loved! 

Within a week I received another kind email...

"I wanted to let you know that you are today's feature!!!!!!!! ...This is literally my favorite wedding we've featured this year and quite possibly ever. I loooooove it all so much and your creativity and bravery knows no bounds! We are so beyond honored to feature it!!!"

I am so unbelievably grateful for the lovely ladies at Grey Likes Weddings and for everyone who made my wedding day possible! 

So here it is, the wedding photos have been posted!

Full post coming to this blog soon! As in a couple weeks after midterms probably... 

But here are some of my favorites for now! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

life: Fall Semester 2013

Basically... life is difficult. and stressful. There are simply not enough hours in the day to:

  • sleep 8 hours at night
  • clean the apartment
  • make food
  • do dishes
  • workout
  • read scriptures diligently
  • cuddle
  • relax at all with each other
  • finish ALL homework
  • design
  • prepare for interviews
  • blog
  • do personal projects
  • scrapbook
  • post wedding photos
  • finish apartment decorating
  • write all our thank-you cards
  • search for a summer internship
  • work 
  • change last name
  • fun date nights (outside the apartment) (that don't start at 10pm)
  • attend the temple often
  • and everything else on our to-do lists...
This semester both Taylor and I started our programs at the Marriott School of Management. I am taking the management core classes which include 15 credits of nothing that has to do with marketing such as; Supply Chain, Economics of Strategy, Ethics, and Organizational Effectiveness. Supply Chain and Econ are proving to be very difficult because we are doing advanced excel, calculus, and econ and it's been a while since I've had any of those classes. As in 2008 since I've had calculus. 

Taylor is taking the junior finance core which include 3 intense finance related classes. Plus he is taking a class up in SLC once a week. 

Oh, and midterms start next week. 

AND at the end of next week the semester will be 1/3 of the way over! Exciting.

Taylor works in the Treasury Department at BYU every morning totaling 20 hours a week. I teach dance every morning (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, plus a private once a week) except Sunday. I am extremely excited about the opportunity I was given this semester to team teach the advance jazz class, which basically means that I teach the class on Friday's and my "boss" Lisa teaches on Monday and Wednesday. It is fun to be able to teach all the levels at BYU. I also work at Avenia Bridal on the weekends which has me totaling around 20 hours of work each week as well. And no days off. 

Let's just say we are busy and we average around 6 hours of sleep a night. It's a good thing we love each other so much and can always make each other happy because it would be a depressing place without that. 

Alright - now to the fun stuff. What we have to document the past month we've been back in Utah....

first week: moved in, went to Ikea many times, and Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond, went to Pilates, had Zupas with my granny/grandpa and parents, and J. Dawgs, drive up the canyon, Sunday dinner at both parent's houses, went to the wrong church.

second week: started school, spent too much money on books, went to an Owlz game with my mom, watched Bain perform at halftime, ate lemon chiffon ice cream, got snow cones with Talyn and Colby, found our correct church, Sunday dinner at the Wilkins'. 

third week: homework, ate at Chick fil-A in the Wilk, watched Ghost Adventures, date night at Terra Mia (thanks to gift cards), girls night with Talyn and Emily (Cafe Rio and girl talk), Taylor started the tradition of him making breakfast on Sunday mornings, pictures on BYU campus - so pretty this time of year, Sunday dinner at the Woolstenhulme's. 

fourth week: homework, more homework, sad BYU game with Taylor's best friends and their wives and lots of yummy food, drive up the canyon, Sunday dinner at neighbor's apartment, Trader Joe's. 

And there you have it. Updated life. 

I can't believe it's already been a month. AND that we sadly hardly have any pictures to show for it. Plus I don't even remember all the little things that happened throughout the week. And this is why I don't like going a month without blogging..

Now back to Econ homework. 

For daily updates follow @breelena on instagram. 
For (almost daily) outfit posts check out aBree Fashion.

AND... be excited - our wedding was chosen to be featured on a favorite wedding blog!! I received this in my inbox today.. "I'm OBSESSED with this wedding. Like, shouting from the rooftops, screaming, sooooooo excited! We will get this on our calendar asap!" So that made me feel good!! AND once it is shared on the national blog I can then share it here with you! Yay!

Monday, September 16, 2013

catching up: last week in NYC.

AH!! I am so behind on life. Things have been insane trying to get settled into our new apartment, starting my marketing program, teaching 6 jazz classes a week, and starting back up at Avenia. Not to mention all the million other things I have on my list. So, I am currently waiting for Taylor to get out of a meeting (we only have one car now) and all my books are at home so I thought I'd post about our last week in NYC.

 after grocery shopping on Monday I bought our last Levain Bakery cookie - sad day.

I worked Tue-Thurs.
Taylor worked Mon-Fri.

^^My building on Park Avenue.

 ^^Taylor on his last day of work. They gave him cupcakes!

 ^^cruising the UWS on our way to Shake Shack.

 ^^genius concrete: vanilla custard, bananas, marshmallow sauce, and caramel. Yes, please.

^^we spent a long time hanging out under the trees along Central Park. It was a perfect evening.

On Saturday we headed to Chelsea Market and the Highline one last time for lunch.

 ^^Hands down the best Mint Oreo milkshake in the world - Ronnybrook Dairy.

 ^^DELICIOUS fresh blueberry ice cream cone. 

We came home and started to pack and after a while we decided to head back into the city for dinner. We went to a Mexican place in the village. 

The village on a Saturday night is not my favorite place - but all the drunks are entertaining. And loud. It was too dark in the restaurant for a photo but the guac was yummy and my tilapia tacos were amazing! I was craving Mexican since there isn't much of that here in Utah. The restaurant was called Diablo Royal.

^^We were craving cannoli's and sure enough there was a place close by with amazing yelp reviews. When we arrived I recognized the place. My mom and I had actually been to this place before in 2008 when we went on a food tour of the village before I was familiar with the city. It was AMAZING. I think it was my favorite cannoli yet. Taylor tried a chocolate dipped one which was also good. The place is called Pasticceria Rocco. I highly recommend. Even if you don't like cannoli's they have about a million other options that all looked divine.

On our last day we went to the Frick Collection - my favorite museum. I knew Taylor would love it because of all the architecture and house design. And I was right. Our first and only museum this trip. We also took a trip to Roosevelt Island (between Manhattan and Queens) and ate lunch at a yummy restaurant on the Upper East Side.

We packed all night and headed to the airport the next day for our very long journey home!