Thursday, July 29, 2010


perfect day so far

Woke up to a text from my dad saying he couldn't run this morning due to a work meeting, naturally I was really bummed about it... haha instead I did my P90X yoga/stretch followed by my regular work out. I love stretching. Gosh it makes me wish I still could dance everyday... I was so NOT flexible this morning, it was rather depressing. But the day gets better because I had the BEST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE  (and I have had many)!! Ah it was absolutely AMAZING. I like them deep, the kind that hurt at first and that force the knots out and that is exactly what I got. The best part was that it was FREE. Yep, gift certificate. Lovely. I would HIGHLY recommend Remedez Spa (University Mall) with Asia as the massage therapist. It was heavenly. I wish it could have lasted 5 hours instead of just 1. Now if only my sweets/chocolate craving would go away I'd be the happiest person alive.. but it has been going strong for the past 3 hours... I don't know how much longer I can take it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


with a lovely view

Seth's team is ranked #1 going into the tournament this weekend. Sadly Seth won't be able to play because he has more important things to do, like attending the temple with the love of his life.

running, weddings, life

3 reasons I NEVER want to wake up in the morning..

1. My bed is AMAIZNGLY comfortable
2. Waking up means Running.... ugh
3. Running means time, energy, pain, misery, and sweaty

Me and my dad have started running every morning... I do not understand why ANYONE runs. It is hard. I hear it pays off in the end... I don't know if I believe it yet.. But I keep going. Every morning.

5 reasons why I do finally wake up..

1. I get to spend time with my daddy. Not like we can talk when we run, we aren't to that stage yet.... but it is a nice way to start the day
2. I feel like CRAP if I let myself down and don't go, it eats at me all day
3. I am needing to lose my NYC cupcake weight (which all went to my thighs)... and running keeps me motivated to do my other workout when I get home, so I don't let any more of my muscle turn to fat
4. After I run me and daddy drink my new favorite breakfast drink (my cousin carol-lynn taught me) which consists of; plain yogurt, cucumber, spinach, green apple, frozen berries, and orange juice. YUM! I love it!

5. In the long run I know I will love it, I want to be one of those couples (with my future husband) who runs every morning/night together. Or at least one of those people who can run 1 mile without wanting to KILL herself

I just hope I can keep it up in NYC when I don't have a running partner anymore...

GOALS for this week.
  • Run 5 times (this weekend I will be in Idaho with the family for Jenn's endowments and bridal shower)
  • P90X yoga 1 time
  • No sweets until weekend (I'd say all week but Jenn is a Baker, and we'll be in Idaho... where her bakery is... can't pass it up) p.s. 1 bueno bar and a couple bites of cupcake do not count.... haha
  • Regular (leg/bum, ab, arm) workout 6 times this week
  • Finish senior year-school year- scrapbook this week
Seems easy enough only wedding plans are a little stressful and time consuming (and I am NOT even very involved in the plans) You would not believe how ridiculously hard it is to find yellow heels, and turquoise flats... I think in the past week my mom and I have been to every single store in Utah County and beyond, and every online store and I still have yet to find a yellow pair, especially one that I like and can afford.  I have a pair but they aren't exactly the right color of yellow... but unless I can press a magic button and make some appear I guess they'll have to do. I don't understand how about 80% of all shoes are SO horrible. Ew. Who are designing these things? and the other 15% are all black/gray/brown. The 5% of colored shoes that are great are all WAY TOO expensive. Yikes, it has been ridiculous. We finally found a pair of turquoise flats for Bain after searching about 50 stores. I think I changed my mind, I am going to be a shoe designer, there is desperate need for one. It will all look AMAZING in the end but it has been a little struggle. Maybe I am just way too picky... probably. And just FYI those of you who know the company Shabby Apple, their sizing is ridiculous. A small is a size 6-8, just be careful when you order from them, and if it is a bridesmaid dress, they don't return.

I can't wait to see how the whole wedding pulls together, it is going to be beautiful! I am excited. The wedding is in ONE WEEK!!! Crazy, and the reception is the Saturday after. Happy day for Seth and Jenn. Jenn is making her cake and it is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!! If you come pay attention to it and eat some because it will be beautiful and delicious. She has waited her whole life for this cake (she feels for this cake like I'll feel for my future wedding dress) SO EXCITING!

On a sadder note... the August J.Crew catalog was very disappointing. I don't think I have ever not loved one of their catalog's but..... I didn't love this one, at all. Not the greatest clothes, not the greatest models. At least it will be good for my wallet and I won't have to exercise too much self control this fall. I don't love the colors and the styles for this season. The only thing I did LOVE was their wedding dress section. But that is a given.

We took family pictures last night.. post will follow in a couple weeks when we get the photos. I am excited, they will be nice. We took our last family picture with just us kids, before the in-laws and new born babies start coming. We are all getting SO OLD!

Lake Powell

On the way to Powell we had to do a few illegal U-turns on the highway to pick up the lost mat that anciently fell out of our car..haha!  The clouds on the way were AMAZING, absolutely beautiful. We rocked out to Glee (recently introduced to the show and I LOVE it) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (which is our family tradition on every road trip, the last hour we all bust out to Joseph, best memories ever)
 rocking out to Joseph in 2007, last time we were all together

Us Woolstenhulme's know how to do it right! The week consisted of eating gourmet food, literally, (cafe rio salad, steak, chicken, yams, homemade ice cream, salads/sandwiches galore, corn, cobbler, cupcakes, apple pie, egg croissant sandwich, french toast, magleby's syrup.. the list goes on and on. When we aren't eating we are playing cards; canasta, hand and foot, nickel nickel, baseball, and skip-bo. We are gaming pros. This year it was HOT HOT HOT. Which was actually nice, usually the water is too cold for me and I barely ever get in, this year I was in plenty, and enjoyed every minute of it. SO many good times and memories. We love Lake Powell.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

vacationing, scrapbooking, leasing....

Lake Powell tomorrow. YAHOO. A whole week of nothingness. LOVELY.

This week I have been busy cleaning my overly stuffed sewing corner and have turned it, for the time being, into my scrap booking room. All last summer I told myself I would do my Senior year, and first year of college scrapbook.. didn't happen. Winter.. didn't happen. Finally NOW I am making it happen otherwise it will never get done. It has been fun going through all my old pictures, I am about halfway done with senior year... I am really slow. Here are a few (of MANY) of my favorite memories and pictures.

In other news.. we signed the lease on Nicole's and my apartment. I officially have a place to live when I go back at the end of August. Very exciting!

Peace out for a week. Here is my new favorite picture of Elder Wilkins...and his birthday video (6 months late)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I cried.. for the first time in a long time, yesterday.. in the car.. naturally, to some random song playing on the radio. It was good to cry, it is healthy and natural. And for me, needed. I was starting to think I had to feelings, no emotions. I used to be the one to feel EVERY emotion to its extreme, cry ALL the time, over think and analyze everything whether it was good or bad for my heart, but for the past little while I haven't been that way, I've been almost empty it feels like.. ANYWAYS.. this is the song that made me FEEL again, at least for a little bit.

You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days, hadn't gone by so fast
These are the good times, so take a good look around
You may not see it now, but you're gonna miss this

It is SO true. I live life so fast. I just want to be off doing something different, going somewhere else.. but I shouldn't. Because when I think about my past, I do miss it.

I miss dance-all day, everyday
I miss seeing my friends, with out making an effort to
I miss my best friend

Today I made a memory with my family at dinner that I will miss too one day, but it also helped me see that it is okay to miss things because that means life was memorable, meaningful, wonderful. I have never laughed SO SO SO hard EVER, in my whole life than I did with my family tonight. We had a BLAST. Our Orem Owlz baseball player who is living with us this summer, Ike, was able to have Sunday dinner with us, and lets just say we sure made it interesting for him. Bain is the next SNL comedian so she showed her skills as Bain Qui Qui (youtube video posted below, scroll down to bottom of page), Sy is a raptor, My dad laughs like a hyena, Seth does 'The Bree', and me and mom join in when we can. Basically it was about 40 minutes of PURE laughter, Ike has it on video and I think I am going to start carrying my video camera around with me too because we need some of this on tape, it is priceless. We played Mad Gab after which was also entertaining. BASICALLY I love my family so much and am so incredibly grateful for the times we share together. I don't want it to end. We will never get this summer back. Life changes; marriage, school, missions, etc. but the memories are what makes life worth living. These nights that will be remembered forever are what makes 'missing' okay.

Tonight I feel happy, happy and grateful to have the BEST and most HILARIOUS family on earth. I wish you all could have been a fly on our wall and witnessed our night because it was perfect.

In church today a talk was given on LOVE and KINDNESS. Tell the ones that you love, that you love them, don't just assume they already know. SHOW your love constantly... That is one thing I am not good with, I can show my love through kindness, but I don't use the 'L' word, out loud, often. My goal this week is to say the 'L' word to those who I love and to SHOW my love ALWAYS, no matter what. I am also going to remember some of my favorite memories and miss them, and then make new memories that I can miss later on in life.

ENJOY today! Cherish your memories and remember to miss them. Life is GOOD and perfect. And if you don't believe that, change your attitude because it will make life so much better. Love immensely and show it through kindness. BE HAPPY! be positive, and REMEMBER. Remember your life, the good times, the memories...and remember to love. 

last night....

I saw (and touched) SYLAR! and
Katie stole SYLAR'S favorite fruit 
-"Forbidden fruit, my favorite kind"-Sylar

LINCOLN went on a road trip with Katie and put his arm around her
then she saw adorable MICHAEL in the park, he asked her to join him on the bench

I met the most handsome man alive, MICHAEL, he shook my hand,
he then introduced me to his brother LINCOLN, I then held both of their hands!
 Why do we love the bad guys, the killers and the prison escapees... Oh ya, because they are BEAUTIFUL and SO awesome. That's why! 

What a good night! Can't wait to see what next week brings. We haven't been able to meet PETER yet, hopefully next time!

SYLAR-Zachary Quinto, Heroes
LINCOLN-Dominic Purcell, Prison Break
MICHAEL-Wentworth Miller, Prison Break

Saturday, July 10, 2010


it was.. Missionary Package Day

One to this lovely soul, my good friend, Elder D. Brandon Harvey (He sent my mom this picture for Mothers Day or her Birthday or something.. hahaha)

and one to my dear Best Friend Elder Taylor B. Wilkins (pictured in post below)

Package consisted of these delicious treats and some letters/pictures/drawings/etc. from Me, Bain, and Mommy

Rolo Cookies-easiest yummy cookie recipe EVER.
makes about 4 dozen cookies

2 Chocolate Cake Mixes (any; milk, dark, devils, fudge.. I usually do 2 different types of chocolate just for fun)
2/3 cups Oil
4 Eggs
Bag of Frozen Rolo's

Mix cake mixes, oil, and eggs together BY SPOON/HANDS (it is thick and WILL break your electric mixer)
Roll batter around each rolo so it makes about a 1.5" ball 

Bake @ 350 for 10 minutes


Coconut Chex Mix.. Basically Heaven in a handful

1 16 oz. box of Rice or Corn Chex Mix-(Rice is sweeter, Corn had more flavor. I like both equally)
2 cubes + 2 Tbsp Butter
1 1/2 cups Sugar
1 1/2 cups Karo Syrup
1 1/2 tsp Coconut Flavoring
1 7 oz bag of coconut
nuts optional

Stir Butter, Sugar, and Syrup until boiling, turn heat to medium and Boil for 3 minutes. 
Add Flavoring
Pour over Chex (I put my cereal on a cookie sheet) and Stir.
Add Coconut and Nuts if desired

Now that my assignment is done I will hopefully have time to tackle things on my summer list
-aBree Original. More headbands/necklaces/shirts/sashes
-Scrapbook Senior Year, BYU Freshmen Year, and main events from NYC 
-hopefully cook more and use some of the recipes I have been saving up
-Sewing. I have lots of fabric just waiting to be used.. I don't have MY sewing machine with me here in Utah, it is in storage for when I go back to NYC, so we'll see how my mom's works for me
-Finish my sketch portfolio, add on to the bridal section I used for Study Abroad
-Knit/crochet something with the AMAZING yarn I got in Italy
-and so on...

Only thing is I really don't have much time.. only 6 weeks or so, and one of those I will be in Lake Powell. I need to buckle down and get stuff done!

New Necklaces. Peacock wedding Bridesmaid necklaces, for Seth and Jenn's wedding.

what I've been up to...

I am so tired all the time. I think my sleep is barely now catching up with me, I have been home 2 weeks now and I used to be able to get up at 7 or 8 to workout... now, for the past couple days I wake up and my bed is WAY to comfortable to leave it, I seriously cannot wake up... Now I feel worthless...

I've been pretty busy with my study abroad assignment, it has pretty much occupied my mind so I couldn't focus on making things for aBree Original which is normally what my summer is used for, but my project SHOULD be done today, finally, and I can get that out of my way and move on to some things that will make me money. I desperately need money. BECAUSE...

The coloring is HORRIBLE!!! I HATE kinkos. Their scanners, copiers, and printers are all WAY WAY WAY off on color. Not a fun experience, and they DO do a better job once you complain, just FYI.  Color is KEY to a design portfolio and none of their machines showed all of my shading, the correct tones or anything. ( I will be adding more to have a complete portfolio that I can take to interviews and have copyright under my name. This specific part consists of 8 modest wedding dresses, and 2 wedding skirts that can be paired with 3 modest tops.)

My lovely, beautiful model, famous dancer, amazingly fit, most determined, hard working, friend of 4 years, Nicole, and I are HOPEFULLY getting a STUDIO APARTMENT!!!!! Upper West Side 71st Street, by Central Park!!!!!! SO excited. Now I just need to figure out school stuff, (nights/weekends at FIT, BYU online.. etc) and PRAY PRAY PRAY that I get a real good job, and a part time sales associate job at J.Crew. Life would be PERFECT.

I can't wait to be busy again... I hate not being consumed daily with a schedule and work because when I am not busy, it is NOT good. My mind starts to think about unhelpful things that make me feel bad and I don't like it. I need to be busy to fill all my voids.

Wedding #4. Was Picture Perfect... naturally on the day I forget my camera... so sad. My friend from gymnastics days, long time ago, let's see 10 years or so, got married. It was located at the Asey Barn on Geneva Road and OH MY GOODNESS, most beautiful piece of property I have EVER seen.  Amazing barn with beautiful landscape, a pond, a pool house, a SWEET pool, it was literally perfect. Right out of a fairy tale perfect. The food was great too. Little cheeseburger sliders, sweet potatoe fries, a couple salads. For dessert... CREME BRULEE!!!! YES! (don't tell, I had 2) and Key Lime Pie (another favorite), many cupcakes-we (my mom and I) ate lemon which was an EXCELLENT choice, a little fruit and creme cup, and more we didn't even get to. They also had Italian Soda. You could pick your flavors and they mixed it right there for you! It was a magnificent, classy wedding. The colors were green and purple. It was all so beautiful! I am so mad I forgot my camera.

Friday, July 9, 2010

my D.C. bestie

TALYN CAMP came to visit me during my last weekend in NYC. (sorry the post is SO very late) We had some good times.

The MET Stairs, Mr. Softee, Central Park, Vera Wang, J.Crew, Serendipity, Central Park West Roof, Extra T-Shirt, Subway, 9/11 memorial, Banana Pudding, Staten Island Ferry, Italian Doughnuts, French Place, Highline, Chelsea Market, FIT, Church, Battery Park, Hudson Stroll, Burn Lines, Nasty Vitamin Water, Hot Shirtless Guitar Player, Matching Plaid Shirts, Creepy Old Sun Bathers, Brooklyn Bridge, Mango Licorice, Shake Shack, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Baptisms at Manhattan Temple, Times Square Cheesecake, Laying Out, Buying Aloe, Union Square, Taco Bell, Penn Station (and probably more stuff I forgot)

Love you Tal, the top row of pictures are for you!

My Best Friend

This is what my Best Friend has been up to for the past 14 months!!! He is SO amazing! (click on image to make it bigger)

Monday, July 5, 2010


I am going to be perfectly honest.... JoAnn's needs to TRAIN their workers in CUTTING FABRIC because they are HORRIBLE at it. HORRIBLE. They won't even tear it on grain to make it ON GRAIN, nope they cut like a crazy person all over the place. Not one of my pieces was remotely even or straight. The lady even tried to re-align the fabric.... BY CUTTING IT, not even smoothing it out first, because yes, all she had to do was smooth it from the fold a little and it would have been fine.. but no, this was the result instead... A. she was off grain 1.5" and B. she had a little trouble with the whole STRAIGHT line idea. I mean it is understandable for my brother to do this, or someone who is not trained in fabrics or sewing at all...but the store is called Jo-Ann FABRICS. You would think they could get it right. I would also understand if she was rushed... no again, it took 15 minutes to cut 10 pieces.
Just remember, before any project you must get your fabric "On Grain", otherwise it will not hang properly. Tear or cut on the grain on each side of the fabric, lengthwise, then match selvages and pull/tug on the bias hard and long until all sides match up. It isn't fun, but it is necessary, and you have to do it with ALL fabric from anywhere, but when you buy fabric it should be torn/cut on grain for you already so you don't have to tear off 2 inches that you PAID for, and could possibly have really needed. Plus when it is never cut on grain and stays on the bolt for too long it gets way messed up and is a nightmare. Anyways enough about that.

I got a close up of Brenna's dress. AMAZING. It was inspired by Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

busy weekend

As posted it was one of my best friends wedding on Thursday, Bain's birthday on Friday and Today was again filled with celebration.

My other best friend from jr. high, Cami Calder-Harvey had her baby shower today!!! I can't believe I already have friends who are having kids of their own. CRAZY! She was married in Jan of 2008 and now in Aug 2010 she will be bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world.

We then had our annual 4th of July BBQ at my Aunt and Uncles house. It was delicious as always filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and fruit galore, beans, corn, and desserts for days including festive cupcakes complete with raspberries and blueberries on top, double chocolate cake, apple pie, and homemade blackberry ice cream YUM YUM YUM. Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures.

After that lovely gathering I went to see my dear friend Elder Gregory May who just returned from his mission in Chile! He was released 2 weeks ago and went to visit his parents who are mission presidents in a different area in Chile and just returned to Utah yesterday.



All I have to say was the sunset was BEAUTIFUL tonight! (the pictures don't do it justice at ALL)

Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


My most favorite girl in the world had a birthday yesterday!!! My best friend aka my little sister turned the big 1-4!!!! YAHOO. We started the day at Magleby's for breakfast then went to Toy Story 3 which was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. seriously such a GREAT movie. We did some birthday shopping at J.Crew yesterday then went to Soel today. We ended the celebration with presents and cake, fruit cake! YUM!

Here is why I LOVE my sister. (she might kill me for this..... oh well)

P.S. (for Bain) Salmon, du hur hur hur hur, no one on the corner got swagger like us, the party don't start til I walk in, day and night, how could you be so dr. evil?, nova scotia. LOVE YOU BAINY!!!