Monday, February 28, 2011


 My friends Haley and Talyn surprised me Saturday morning with Magleby's breakfast!

Talyn and I went to Timp. Temple. Always a good time! (and a lovely picture HA)
 It's official-My 14 year old sister is taller than me
I got a surprise in the mail. 

Later that night some friends came over to PARTY!
BEST salsa EVER, MAGNOLIA'S banana pudding, S'more cookies, famous rice crispy cake.
My New Yorkers-Emily and Katie
My dancers-Annie and Kenzie
Miss Megan

It was a good time!-didn't get to bed until about 2 and I had to wake up early for my next adventure.

WAYNE COUNTY with TALYN! -My lovely long time friend Gavin Anderson returned from the NY NY North Mission and his homecoming talk was Sunday. We made the 2.5 hour drive in the snow to see him and it was so FUN! Road trip complete with Taylor Swift, our good old friends from the 90's, and some sweet country. We laughed, we smiled, we talked, we sang-it was great.

Gavin and I have known each other since... before digital cameras HA! EFY summer 2005 is when we met and we have been friends ever since! Love this boy!
(I wish I had more pictures of us on my lap top... but I don't)
our changing rooms...
After I visited Debbie for a while

Then I opened my gifts
Best birthday weekend EVER!
THANKS to everyone who made it amazing!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The big 2-2!
Jenn and Seth-Aug 2010
 I love you, I wish I could come up to Idaho to celebrate.
Have a SPECTACULAR day!!!!!
(I hope you like your present!)

This weeks news...

This week has been rather... horrible actually. I finally caught the inevitable sickness that has been passed through my whole family (the one where your head feels like it's going to explode, your head and stomach hurt along with all the sinus problems... yes that one). I had 3 papers due, a Ballet midterm, an ISYS excel final and junk in between... no bueno. 

In worse news... our lovely house, attacked I guess is an appropriate term by lovely teenage boys (we saw footprints)! Oh... and my mom was saved from death or severe injury by prayer! Or so that is one of the reasons we are believing.

As my sister was saying her prayers last night around 11:30 she prayed for the safety of her family members and almost in response she heard very loud crashing noises. Everyone in the house (besides me.. apparently my PM meds knocked me out cold) ran to see where the noise came from. My mom was found shaking in our homework/computer room because she had been next to the window that a rock was thrown through. Yes, a rock was thrown at my mother through the window... okay maybe not exactly AT my mother but we have PLENTY of windows in our house, the attacker chose the only window where there was a light on and a person was visible. Within the room the rock was shot at there are 3 different windows and he went for the one my mom was directly sitting by (I doubt that was coincidence...). The rock blessedly did not hit my mom or damage anything too great (like a computer, printer, glass, pictures, etc.). It simply flew through the glass, spraying glass everywhere, bounced off the wall in between two big glass pictures and into another section of the wall leaving huge gashes. The police showed up and... hopefully they can do something about it. 

I am utterly shocked, appalled, disgusted, and horrified at the fact that a teenage kid would do this. I don't know who they were or how their parents didn't care that they were out past 11:30 on a school night... And what is worse.. we have no idea what their motives were. We know TimpView boys hate Orem boys and vice versa ... But last night after the (TimpView vs Orem) Basketball game (which TimpView won) Sy went out to eat with 2 of his Orem girl friends... he didn't go pick a fight with anyone... so why the hate??? And everyone says girls are mean.....

All I have to say is I am so glad, and those kids are SO lucky that nothing happened to my lovely amazing mother!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Holiday.

No school holiday's are the best.. no matter how unimportant they may seem. President's Day... I mean really-who does anything for President's Day that should require no school???? But hey, no complaints here. 

Saturday was my LAZY day-I literally did nothing but sit in bed-sketch up a few designs (for 2 possible business ideas that may one day be in the works-BYU approved leotards and modest wedding gowns) and watch One Tree Hill, Glee, Gossip Girl, and about 10 episodes of Lost. Productive-I know. I felt disgusting and pointless all day but I think I really needed a rest because come Sunday I was back on track and ready to work. 

Today consisted of a few lovely things and a few not so lovely but necessary things.
  • Magleby's Fresh with Cami
  • Accounting Homework (in all honestly I really like accounting so I sometimes enjoy that homework.. my mom majored in accounting-I guess it runs in the family)
  • Starting and getting 2/3 done with my 10-12 page Anthropology paper (Hunting among the Bushman people of Africa and how it relates to every aspect of society and forms social solidarity) Exciting huh?! (and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... at all! Thank goodness-I was stressing, I've never written this long of a paper before)
  • Glee for FHE with family!
  • Hot Chocolate
  • AND I found the most AMAZING cookies that I am making for myself for my birthday!!! Picky Palate-S'mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies
images via Picky Palate

are you for real???? 
I can't wait for Saturday!
  • one last thing, LOOK at these AMAZING shorts!!!!!!!!! I love them. Oh so very much. Found on this blog.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Seriously the ONLY outfits I have for the past few weeks... MWF are officially sweats days, when you have dance classes from 9-1:30 there is NO point in bringing other clothes. SO I officially look like a slob. Lovely. No wonder I've never been asked on a date while attending BYU... I am simply not dating material. haha I love my dance classes though so I guess finding my future husband will just have to wait.
1.BAIN: Cardigan, Shirt, Boots-J.Crew, Pants-Banana Republic
2.BAIN: All J.Crew
Me: Necklace, Sweater-J.Crew, Skirt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Payless, Tights-Nordstrom, Belt-Gap? (it's my sister's-I don't know for sure)
3. All J.Crew
4. Both Shirts, Shoes (Sperry Topsiders),Pearl Necklace-J.Crew, Other Necklace-street fair in NYC, Pants-Banana Republic
5. All clothes J.Crew, Boots-Steve Madden
6. Sweater, Pixie Pants, Boots-J.Crew, Dress-Urban Outfitters, Necklace-Gift

For your viewing pleasure-some videos of the daily lives of the Woolstenhulme's. We were all super hyper the other night and.... honestly it is probably only funny to us but... oh well. Here is Sy being... well Sy, and here is Bain with her many faces and moods ha.
My daddy is so SWEET. He got my mommy flowers and chocolate for V-Day. And yes, we do still have Christmas up along with our Valentine Decorations. I personally love it! Two of the greatest holiday's celebrating together! Joyous!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Happy Birthday to my fellow sign mates!
PISCES (the best sign EVER!)
Keyword: Compassion.
You are receptive, intuitive and emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable, and mystical, adaptable, and very changeable. 
You understand first with your heart then you rationalize. You have sympathy for all. You are extraordinarily sensitive. You work unselfishly for others. You are imaginative and the most creative artist in the zodiac. There is no more sensitive, perceptive friend, nor one more warmhearted, caring, devoted, and sentimental.

(This is the VERY condensed version, want to read all about your sign? I would recommend getting The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need. It's AWESOME!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

wedding site

Check out this site. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I am in love-with almost every dress/hair piece/accessory/shoe etc.  Anthropologie's wedding site.
 I even took a test to see what bride type I am and it actually did a really good job. Overall I think it was spot on 
I am..
But after reading the other ones I also think my dress style is this one as well..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My life has been good to me.

So.. as I was laying in bed last night for some reason my mind was just running and running over how many things I am grateful for, and how lucky I am.

It all started when I was thinking about these girls who I just gathered with last night for our 4th semi-annual cold stone get together.
On our FIRST ever cold stone gathering-Aug 2009
Being with them made me miss my friends and reminded me of all the amazing people who are a part of my life. I feel like I hardly ever make time for my girl friends and I really miss them. I used to see these girls DAILY for so many years of my life and now we hardly ever get together. Why is it so hard to maintain relationships once you grow up out of high school???? oh right.. everyone gets boyfriends/gets married. ha. Every time I get together with any of my friends it's like no time has passed but in reality it has been way too long. I hate that. But I really consider myself SO lucky to have so many amazing girls in my life. I want to see them more-my goal is to fight my instinct to just stay at home alone on the weekends and actually hang out with my girlies while we are all still living here.

Not only my experience in high school which brought me to my dancers but also my experience in NYC which brought me new friends and experiences that have really shaped who I have become. There were so many people in NYC that touched my life without either of us really realizing it at the time. There are people who I will never see again, and people who I will visit every time I am in the city-people from school, work, church, and dance who have opened my eyes to new perspectives and ideas that I am forever grateful for. It almost seems unreal that I even lived in NYC, yet it happened, and it was such an amazing learning and growing experience for me. On top of all the little blessings in disguise I have a few MAJOR blessings that really stick out to me and looking back makes me believe they were the main reasons why I was impressed to move to New York.

  1. Katie and Emily-My two new friends who became my support system and basically family when I lived there my first year. I don't think anything will ever break our bond that we formed and I know without a doubt they will be my good friends for the rest of my life.
  2. my FIT dance team. AH! I love them. I seriously miss it so much! The unexpected connections and friendships of dancers really just make me so happy! (back at the Dance Club and with my FIT team) There is something that comes with a dance team that cannot be replaced by anything else. I LIVED for dance team and I am SO blessed and lucky to be able to go back this spring to be in a few of the numbers for the FIT dance concert!! I am so excited to dance with my team one more time. 
  3. More obviously-My degree in Fashion Design. I never thought I could learn so much or push through so many sleepless nights to get work done and truly love every minute of it. AND for the opportunity to go to EUROPE. It honestly feels like that was just a dream-but it happened. As a 20 year old I walked around the streets of New York, Paris and Milan alone and have truly fulfilled all of the dreams I had set for myself. 
Katie and Emily-Spring Break 2010
FIT Dance Team 09-10/10-11

Other things I must mention in my gratitude post include

Talyn-My friend who doesn't fall under the category of dancer or new yorker. She has simply been my friend since 6th grade and I love her. She makes me happy-all the time. I admire her (she is graduating from BYU this Spring and she has more self discipline that anyone I know).
Temple Tour-Summer 2009

Naturally my Family-we all know how much I love them. I continually brag about their accomplishments daily. Nothing compares to the relationship I have with my parents and siblings (in-law included). I do recognize and realize our unique relationship (that fact that we all LOVE spending time together and don't fight or argue (anymore)) is not the case in every family and I don't take it for granted. I know how lucky we are to get along so well and I cherish it and am unbelievably grateful for it. To me-my family is one thing... perfect.
Seth and Jenn's Wedding. Our new family-Aug 2010
A few non-people related things including; my ability and love of designing and sewing, my ability to dance (including gymnastics and The Dance Club for my strength and technique), the fact that I truly love and enjoy school and learning, that I've found my passion, the opportunities that I have been given, the choice of future career paths I have, the fact that I am excited for a future family some day (many years from now) with children who I get to spoil and love. 

My beliefs. My Church-the comfort it brings me and the peace of mind and direction I receive from the knowledge I've gained while studying the gospel and coming closer to my Savior and my Heavenly Father. (There is a link on my sidebar "I'm a Mormon-I believe" that has a more in-depth description of my beliefs.) I truly believe that my happiness all links back to my belief in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The truth of this gospel provides strength and light into my life which in turn brings me so much joy.
Salt Lake City Temple

And of course I am grateful for my best friend who is amazing and is a perfect example to me. He gives me so much strength and knowledge, he makes me happy and I am so blessed by his light and love.
Elder Wilkins-New York City

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along this journey of life so far. I've only lived 10 days shy of 21 years and I already feel like I have accomplished so much-all because of my friends, family, and ultimately the blessings I have received. I love my life, who I am, and where my life has taken me. I am full of gratitude as I ponder the events that have brought me to where I am today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

waking up early...

REALLY does pay off.

Remember when I said HERE that I would start waking up earlier and setting aside time to study/ponder more... Well I haven't done it... up until yesterday! At church on Sunday my mentor and friend was giving me some advice which included the SAME EXACT idea that I heard in the devotional weeks ago but had yet to apply to my life.. I figured hearing it twice was enough for me-I really need to get on it and make a change. So I did. AND I've already seen results. I woke up early to start my new morning routine and I wasn't even tired ALL DAY. Even though I was at school straight from 9-9. I also did my accounting homework in HALF the time and therefore got two assignment lesson quizzes done instead of just the one I planned for the day. I finished all my homework (even with my hour I took up blogging yesterday) and even had time for EXTRA homework..that NEVER happens! I know how long things take me and how much time I need to plan for them and I was shocked at how quickly I picked up the material and completed my assignments. I even got to bed at 11 so I could get 8 hours of sleep... again-that never happens. Finally to top it off-when I woke up again this morning I saw this outside my window! (The picture doesn't do it justice!-it was the brightest orange I've ever seen.)
Happy Tuesday!

And these cute things made my day yesterday! Along with all the guys I saw walking out of the BYU bookstore with flowers and chocolate!