Sunday, January 30, 2011

a short mix of family and fashion

  • Sy won 3rd place at his wrestling tournament yesterday and his school, Orem High, won region champs! 

  • J.CREW's Spring Looks are LOVELY as always. Click on the links below to see the....
  1. Behind the scenes Video
  2. Lookbook
  3. Hollywood Inspiration
  4. J.Crew Collection
  • Rue-Debbie showed me this website/magazine that is AMAZING! I love them most because they use so much J.Crew as inspiration. A few photos I picked up from their blog...notice that every model is J.Crew, the 3 women are even from the new Spring looks.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Just a little heads up... there won't be a legit blog post for at least a week.... WAY TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!

So far the past four days I've been at school from 9am until anywhere between 7-930pm...doing homework. It's been rather horrible... and this weekend and next week isn't looking too promising either.... My plan for tomorrow is 930-7 studying in the library and I even have to spend a few hours on Sunday doing homework which I try to avoid at all costs... Monday-Thursday I won't be home until at least 7 and someday's not until 10 due to homework and review sessions. BOO.

WHY? I have three midterms next week. History, Excel and Accounting... plus all the normal assignments and readings. More like 30 hours of studying 300 pages of dates/people/events/names and trying to read the mind of my teacher to decide which ones to memorize because obviously I can't memorize EVERYTHING. SO all my studying won't even promise me an A... which is so annoying. I'm taking the test Tuesday. Accounting is about 8-16 hours of review (at least an hour on each section) but at least I know if I study enough I'll get an A.. Excel is open book... it just takes time. Both Accounting and Excel I am taking Thursday. BLAH.

Next weekend I am going to VEGAS with my mom and Bain for her dance competition.

Tonight I went on a date with my mommy and daddy. They came to BYU and we ate dinner (taco bell and creamery ice cream!) and then went to BYU's musical Peter Pan. It was DANG good! Now all I want to do is watch the original animated Peter Pan, the Peter Pan with real people in it that came out a few years ago ("I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!") and Hook.

And besides all the studying and homework and approximately the 300 stairs I get to walk up daily, BYU is pretty awesome. The library is deadly quiet, the vending machines have Granny B cookies, the creamery has Graham cracker ice cream with seafoam candy, the bookstore has Chocolate covered cinn. bears, the food court has Taco Bell, I take legit Ballet and Jazz workouts daily,there are always interesting and entertaining people... to watch (I literally saw a guy in a fleece onesie in the library the other day), there are comfy chairs with a pull out desk in the library so you can study comfortably an so on. Oh and a cool quote I read in BYU's newspaper "the Daily Universe"- BYU was ranked the most popular school (next to Harvard). This position is chosen by the percentage of people who actually enroll when they are accepted. OH and we totally dominated our Basketball game on Wednesday! We, ranked 9th, beat San Diego State, ranked 4th, 71 to 58.

But currently BYU makes my head hurt.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

some good reads

2 books from my history class I HIGHLY recommend:
Common Sense-Thomas Paine
The Freedom Factor-Gerald Lund
 Believe me, they are worth while!
They are quick reads too. 
C.S is short and F.F. is just GOOD so you'll fly through it.

Elder Taylor Wilkins,

Happy Happy Birthday Taylor Dear, 
Happy Days Will Come to You All Year, 
If I Had a Wish Then it Would Be, 
To You From Me!

Today, Wednesday January 26th 2011
Taylor turns TWENTY-ONE! 

It is my LAST legit missionary present and so here is what I got him.. 
(rice crispy treats were included, just not pictured below)

The key chain I made in my Jewelry class for my final project.

Taylor Wilkins Bruce
I really didn't like how it turned out, it wasn't able to be polished perfectly, it is HUGE and weighs A TON (all unintentional-along with the B sticking out instead of in....) BUT it was made especially for him by me and that's the best I could do. It was hard, but fun, my teacher approved so I guess it's okay.

I wanted to give Taylor something he would be able to have with him at all times for the rest of his life that will remind him of his mission.. and this was what I came up with. 
I had his name (Elder Wilkins), mission dates (May 09-11), and a scripture (Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible.") engraved on an oil vile.

and since I am already posting about Taylor... I FINALLY finished my Christmas present for Debbie and the Wilkins' Family.... 

The outside reads "Missionary: (n) one who leaves their family for a short time so that others can be with their family for eternity."

My mom made one for Seth and I wanted to do one for Taylor. So I re-wrote the text in my hand writing and tried to make the missionary look more like Taylor and it turned out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


AMAZING Christian Dior Gowns

LOVE LOVE LOVE this. The horse hair that make the cascading hemline is PURE beauty. Not to mention the cowl neck and long sleeves!
 I love the use of interesting materials that make different textures and silhouettes.
 This is BEAUTY! The vintage dress feel with the cascading of yards and yards of tulle...LOVELY!
images found at this lovely blog.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I dislike.... very much

...waking up in the morning.

My bed is TOO perfectly comfortable and my room is too cold that getting out of bed is the HARDEST THING EVER lately.

Honestly I used to be a morning person... but I just barely wake up in time to put clothes on, eat breakfast, make my lunch, pack my backpack and get to school. Whether it is 6 or 8 hours of sleep... it's not enough. I love my bed WAY TOO MUCH.

Quite frankly I think I am just burnt out. I honestly don't know how I survived in High School..
  1. School started at 7:45... SEVEN FORTY FIVE.. my classes usually start at ether 9 or 930. HOW did I used to get up and get ready for school that early. I am not very high maintenance when it comes to getting ready so I don't take that much time but STILL at least 7 if I had to leave my house at 730 and I wanted to eat breakfast and put clothes on... not to mention I had to be to school at 6 AM sometimes when we had assembly rehearsal... yes SIX.. WHAT???!!!
  2. After school I had dance from 3-6 hours everyday but Friday during the week... and sometimes more if it was competition week.
  3. When I got home from class I had hours of homework.. I had 3/4 AP classes (4 first semester, 3 second semester...physics really wasn't my thing so it didn't last haha) and I managed all A's which means.. I did all of my homework.
  4. I actually had somewhat of a social life.. unlike now, and actually participated in activities on the weekends and looked forward to weekends.. now when I think of weekends I only think of sleep/writing all the blog post I had thought about but didn't have time to do during the week/catching up on my letter writing/and homework. Exciting, I know.
  5. I couldn't even sleep in on Saturdays, I had dance every morning at 8 for usually 6 hours.
AND then I have my semester at FIT to consider.... which was about 25-40 hours of sleep...a week. 

So, I think my body is still catching up.. or I am just REALLY lazy...

I feel bad though, I KNOW I should be waking up in time to workout/have personal time/scripture study etc... we even had a BYU devotional on Tuesday about this very issue (I felt super guilty... but still didn't wake up early-I am a horrible person I know!)

Elder Kikuchi-
(paraphrased from his devotional.. (my notes) some may be direct quotes, some may be my interpretation of his words)
How do you open your heart to heaven? Heavenly Father is the gardener, Jesus is the vine, we are the grapes. We must seek nourishment daily from the vine, our Savior, Jesus Christ. We need the celestial nourishment from the Lord. Draw nearer unto me and I will draw nearer unto you.
  1. Personal Devtional-Find your own Sacred Grove, where you can speak with God without interruption. Wake up earlier and prepare yourself for the day-Find a place to speak and set a time to receive the inspiration and answers. You can be in the Sacred Grove every single morning.
  2. Scripture Study- Immerse yourself, spend time every morning reading the words of life, of truth, of Christ. Don't only read daily class reading (15 min in the New Testament) but continue to also read the Book of Mormon. 
  3. Purify life by the Savior's sanctifying power. At-one-ment, together with a special person, even Jesus Christ. Feel God's presense in your life daily, recognize His celestial glory in your life. Live so that you could shake hands with the Savior, feel His love everyday. Be perfectly ONE with Him.
He will send you the comforter. It is so important to have the Holy Ghost with us. Be nourished by the words of our Savior everyday. He is your PERSONAL Savior.

-How about that for a call to repentance... YA.. I think my goal for this week will be waking up 30 minutes earlier... no matter HOW much I don't want to. I have faith that the rewards will be greater than that little bit of extra sleep. The Lord always helps His children and wants our happiness, if we follow his guidance, the words of one of His chosen disciples, we will be happy... I know that, I just need to ACT upon it. I was told today in Sacrament meeting that "Faith is an action. Exercise faith, un-exercised faith is just belief. And to add to my STRONG call to repentance that I am just now all piecing together, in Relief Society we talked about sacrifice. Only in sacrifice do we receive the blessings of Celestial glory. "Two people can do ALL THINGS... IF one of them is the Lord."

Well, I sure know what I'll be working on this week...

wedding blogs

So... we all know I am OBSSESD with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING weddings! I stalk way too many wedding blogs and collect way too many pictures and today I stumbled across something that I never have before...

MY DREAM engagement ring! I never really have fallen in love with a ring before, I don't know if I just didn't care very much (because it isn't something I necessarily decide-along with the proposal and the honeymoon-those are left mostly to the groom and since I can't control them I don't want to have a specific thought in my head and have the chance of being disappointed) or if I just haven't found one I LOVED.. mostly my requirements were basic, it needs to be gold and have a somewhat round diamond (not square). The only other thing I have dreamed of was to have matching-ish thick gold (being that my groom wore and wanted gold-I love when they match, but I also want him to love it) wedding bands and have eternity engraved into it. Precious, I know...

But now... I may be in trouble because I now have interfered with the grooms place and found a ring that I love so much...Here it is, I am posting it and forgetting about it because a ring isn't in my immediate future AND the ring may not be available whenever the time comes AND I need to not think of things that I don't know if I have control over...

BUT IT IS PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE IT... (and I want it) so here it is.

and here is another one that I love and would go nicely as a wedding band.. if it was up to me of course, and if I gave up the eternity band idea... it is just simple and adorable.

I found it on this blog, and here is the link to the website of the ring company...

Oh my goodness I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT.

Outfits week 3

So.. I am kind of getting sick of doing this... so I may stop. I only have pictures of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday because I wore sweats the other days. The thing is, I have Jazz class first thing Mon-Wed-Fri and I have Ballet right after AND then I have 2 regular classes so I have to take a whole outfit to change into on those days and it just isn't really working for me, my backpack and locker are already too full so... we'll see what happens.

My guest for this week is my Mommy, we went to lunch on Monday with our friend.

Mom: Necklace/Sweater-J.Crew, Pants-Ann Taylor, She doesn't remember where the shoes were from.

Apparently it was the week of gray and purple
Monday: Wool Pants/Silk Tank/Cardigan/Boots/Bracelet-J.Crew, Necklace-Gift from the Wilkins Family
Tuesday: Shirt/Scarf/Socks-J.Crew, Pants-Banana Republic, Uggs
Thursday: Sweater/Vest/Pants-J.Crew, Uggs
Sunday: Cardigan/Belt/Shoes-J.Crew, Dress-Nordstrom, Tights-Gap

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mommy Daughter Date

Sy and Dad are gone this week-Both are currently in St. George for Sy's Wrestling Tournament (he is DOMINATING by the way, he pinned 3 out of 3 and is now in the semi-finals BREAKING NEWS: He will either place between 6th and 3rd (out of 40) depending on how the next two matches go)) I just found out that the match for 1st/2nd was a tough one it was 10 points each in the 3 period and at the LAST second the other guy got 2 points. He is doing amazing! It's his senior year and he deserves to win!

 (Senior's Night)

Bain was at a friends house
Seth/Jenn are in Idaho
So all that is left is Mom and me!

-We went to Jo-Ann's for some supplies for a couple projects.
-We got food! Delicious food! IN-N-OUT which is always a delight but I REALLY wish they had a 'shroom burger like Shake Shack. I get my burger protein style with lettuce instead of a bun-it is so fresh tasting and delicious. AND our favorite custard-Lemon Chiffon! It just happened to be our lucky day because they switch their flavors every day and it just happened to be L.C. day. Perfection.

-We looked at old scrapbooks (which was so fun, I'll be posting some pictures soon!)
-We played our favorite game- Ticket to Ride!
-and once Bain got home, we watched Kid History. A while ago Bain and her friends stumbled upon this video... little did she know that it was submitted into a Single Adult LDS Film Festival that is put on every year in NYC (it won) and that both Randy and Richard (who have been in both my wards in NYC you may remember Richard, we hung out a bit my first semester in NYC) made and are in this video. They made a 2nd and a 3rd one as well... and they are HILARIOUS! enjoy.

(I meant to write this post 2 weeks ago..)

A couple weeks ago I started learning about the Indian point of view about the Europeans coming into their land. (and also it is very interesting to think about the Indians in relation to the people in Book of Mormon) ALSO something I can't wait to find out is all the specific timing and the FULL history, the FULL time-line of EVERYONE on Earth, what we have in history books ALONG with the Bible history AND Book of Mormon because I get all confused when I think about what happened everywhere at what time and who was alive when other people were alive ETC. I know there are dates I can find online and in books but I just want it laid out for me so I can see and understand everything! ...

Back to my history class-I have a greater new found respect, love, and honor for some of the Indian clans (I mean really... how would you feel if someone knocked down your house, left you with nothing (or worse) and built their own house on your property without giving you anything in return) AND I rekindled my love for Pocahontas (I had a Pocahontas birthday when I was around 5! I know, I am awesome) I made Talyn watch both the first and second movies with me! She is SO pretty and the SONGS, they are GREAT. I recommend bringing out the kid in you and hitting up that Disney classic.
 and I had not only 1 but 2 Pocahontas outfits! 

She must have been my favorite-Letter to Santa 1995

 Again back to history class, I was reading one of my textbooks The West in the History of the Nation and came across some interesting and insightful things.

The Requerimiento (Spanish document read in every land they claimed)
".. We ask and require you... that you acknowledge the Church as the Ruler and Superior of the whole world and the high priest called Pope, and in his name King and Queen.. our lords...and that you consent and give place that these religious fathers should declare and preach to you.. If you do so, you will do well, and that which you are obliged to do to their Highnesses, and we in their name shall receive you in all love and charity, and shall leave you your wives, and you children, and your lands, free without servitude, that you may do with them and with yourselves freely that which you like and think best, and they shall not compel you to turn Christians...But, if you do not do this, and maliciously make delay in it, I certify to you that, with the help of God, we shall powerfully enter into your country, and shall make war against you in all ways and manners that we can, and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church and of their Highnesses; we shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, as to vassals who do not obey, and refuse to receive their lord, and resist and contradict him; and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault, and not that of their Highnesses, or ours..."

An Indian, Pablo Tac, who was grateful for the Spanish Missionaries said "O merciful God, why didst Thou leave us for many centuries, years, months and days in utter darkness after Thou camest to the world? Blessed be Thou from this day through future centuries."
- I love this because and Indian who supposedly hasn't had connection with the other side of the World KNEW that God came to America... why? Because He did! The Book of Mormon is TRUE! Here is proof for everyone who wants it... what amazes me is that after reading this (I mean historians reading this) wouldn't they be somewhat curious in how Pablo Tac knew this...just sayin...
image found here
And my last exciting thing I read was Micmac Elder's Speech to French Settlers I LOVE IT! The French came and tried to convert all the Indians, they thought very poorly of the Indians a believed the French were FAR superior to them, here is what an Indian said back...

" I am greatly astonished that the French have so little the effort to persuade us to convert our.. wigwams into houses of stone and of wood which are tall and lofty.. as the trees. ...But why now do men of five to six feet in height need houses which are sixty to eighty? ... do we not find in our own all the conveniences and the advantages that you have with yours, such as reposing, drinking, sleeping, eating, and amusing ourselves with our friends if we wish?...Thou reproachest us, very inappropriately, that our country is a little hell in contrast with France, which thou comparest to a terrestrial paradise...every kind of provision in abundance. Thou sayest of us also that we are the most miserable and most unhappy of all men, living without religion, without manners, without honour, without social order, and... without any rules, like the beasts in our woods and our forests, lacking bread, wine, and a thousand other comforts which thou hast in superfluity in Europe...I beg thee now to believe that, all miserable as we seem in thine eyes, we consider ourselves nevertheless much happier than thou in this, that we are very content with the little that we have; and believe also... that thou deceivest thyself greatly if thou thinkest to persuade us that thy country is better than ours. ((HERE IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY GOOD)) For if a terrestrial paradise, art thou sensible to leave it? And why abandon wives, children, relatives, and friends? Why risk thy life and thy property every year, and why venture thyself with such the storms and tempests of the sea in order to come to a strange an barbarious country which thou considerest the poorest and least fortunate of the world? ..Since we are wholly convinced of the contrary, we scarcely take the trouble to go to France, because we fear, with good reason, lest we find little satisfaction there, seeing, in our experience, that those who are natives thereof leave it every year in order to enrich themselves on our shores. We believe...that you are incomparably poorer than we...We find all our riches and all our conveniences among ourselves, without trouble and without exposing our lives to the dangers in which you find yourselves in constantly through your long voyages...It is true that we have not always had the use of bread and of wine which your France produces... (but) experience is making it very plain that those of us live longest who, despising your bread, your wine, and your brandy, are content with their natural food of beaver, of moose, of waterfowl, and fish... there is no Indian who does not consider himself infinitely more happy and more powerful than the French."

I omitted alot and I bet no one even finished reading what I did write haha, BUT it is good, the whole speech is GOOD! I love it.

I am very grateful though for all the steps that brought forth this great land that I live in, The United States of America. I just love learning the history and seeing different points of view on things!

I also recently when to the BYU museum to see the Carl Bloch exhibit-it was phenomenal! One of my favorite paintings (found here) is of Christ being comforted by and Angel during the Atonement. The actual painting is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! It is up until May 7th, I highly recommend going!

Aquarius-The Friendly People

Sorry I'm a little late...
Happy Birthday AQUARIUS! (for those of you born from the beginning of time up until 2009 at least...) I am not really keen on the new signs idea yet so for now I'll stick with what I DO know! 

-Keyword: Friendliness. 
You are assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, and inventive, have strong dislikes and firm opinions. You KNOW. You like being different. You are and avant-garde thinker and refuse to compromise. You enjoy being with people but are content to be alone. You are friendly and outgoing but also detached and reserved. You are a truth-teller. You are a seeker of knowledge, chock full of information. You attract friends wherever you go. You disassociate yourself from emotion but you have a stubbornly loyal heart. No one is a truer, finer friend, among the kindest people in the world. You can change anyone's life for the better just by becoming part of it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

my family...


Seriously I love that I get my ab workout at the dinner table because we laugh so much.

Example: Today we had Seth on speaker phone and my sister decided we should all make the ugliest noise we could... (yes, that is a somewhat normal request in our family haha) and OH MY let's just say I wish it was videotaped by a fly on the wall because it was probably a sight to see, and so hilarious. We are.. interesting. AND my mom married her favorite animal... a horse!

Apparently you pick your favorite animal, and say why its your favorite and that supposedly describes the person you will marry. My mom answered this earlier today (not knowing what her answer foretold) and she said horse because they are beautiful, strong, and smart..... and low and behold when the weird noise moment came, my dad surely made a horse sound.

I love my family, they make me so happy!

Golden Globe Awards

Simple Colors with Outstanding Detail 
(LOVE the open back with the high cut simple front and sleeves!-perfection)
Sparkle-which I LOVE
(and some long sleeves with shoulders!)
Fabric Manipulation
Men (Chosen because a. I'm slightly in love with Mark Salling, b. for once Rob has decent hair, c. VELVET BOW TIE! Finally some style!)

I just found the CUTEST picture of Mr. Tay Tay (aka Elder Wilkins) as I was putting together his birthday card. He turns TWENTY-ONE next Wednesday! and I just had to share his big beautiful bright smile, how could you NOT smile while looking at this picture?!
May 2006

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday was a GOOD day.

I got to see 4 of my lovely dance girls!!!!-Kenzie, Annie, Kara, and Megan- and eat Magleby's!
 (April-ish 2008)
I tried to do homework... but took a 2.5 hour nap instead

AND I got to see my NYC besties -Katie and Emily! Emily and I went to dinner at Noodles and Co., after we visited Katie at work (Banana Republic) and then Katie came over after work. In between it all I got to hang out with my little sis.
(October 2009) 
It all made me SO happy, I haven't seen or hung out with any of these girls in FOREVER. I've missed them. ....and apparently we aren't very good at taking current pictures.

Sunday wasn't as good.... Slept in until 11:30 (aka didn't do ANYTHING productive and I had a LONG list), church was good, played nickle nickle with Bain and Mom, my stomach started hurting REAL bad (aka still couldn't do anything productive including the HUGE list of homework accumulated from Saturday which now all must be done tomorrow... on a holiday, boo. and I still have a long list of non school related things I need to get done) so hopefully my stomach feels better tomorrow, I have a feeling It's going to be a long week.


Week 2:

Monday: Cardigan/Shirt/Jeans/Boots-J.Crew, Necklace-Random Store in NYC
Tuesday: Shirt-Anthropologie, Pants/Shoes-J.Crew, Socks-Urban Outfitters
Wednesday: Sweater/Shoes-J.Crew, Vest-Banana Republic, Jeans-Seven's, Necklace-Random Street Fair in NYC, Glasses-Forever 21
Thursday: Cardigan/Necklace/Jeans/Belt-J.Crew, Shirt-Banana Republic, Shoes-Shoe Carnival
Friday: Shirt/Knit Pants-J.Crew, Sweater-Gap, Uggs
Saturday: Sherpa Hoodie/Shirt/Pixie Pants/Ball Necklace-J.Crew, Pearl Necklace-Present from Debbie, Uggs
Sunday: Shirt/Necklace/Skirt-Anthropologie, Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Kaleidoscope
 Sunday Guests
Bain: Cardigan/Tights-J.Crew, Skirt-Gap, Shirt-Abercrombie, Scarf-Urban Outfitters, Boots-Steve Madden
Sy: Shirt-Costco, Jacket-Macy's, Tie-Urban Outfitters, Pants-Banana Republic, Shoes-J.Crew, Belt-Seth's Closet
(I am just going to add that we are dang good at shopping, I think only 12 out of the 46 items on this page were purchased FULL price. The rest were bought with my J.Crew Associate discount, on the sale rack, on the sale rack with additional discount, sample sale/consignment store, or at a factory (which is discounted from original price and usually marked down even lower due to promotion or sale) store.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night..

I am an old lady already.....

  • hot pad-check (for my sore thigh muscles)
  • ice-check (for my shin splints)
  • soaking feet-check (in Epsom salt for my ingrown toenails)
  • hand sewing-check
  • on a granny chair-check
  • with magnifying glasses-check
  • on Friday night-check

I am awesome.

The doctor and C.C.C.B.

(I apologize in advance for this post, I wrote the first half of it right when I got home from the doctor... I was SUPER mad..)

What is even worse about doctors is that they can make you pay for them to tell you "It's not that bad, I've seen ingrown toenails with puss oozing out..." Awesome... I am here because I DON'T want that to happen, I can't dance, that's bad enough for me. He then tells me everything I already know "soak it in Epsom salt." WOW, thanks for the advice, I knew that myself for free. I STILL CAN'T DANCE. Now, what on earth am I suppose to do? Sit here in constant pain for the rest of my life? "Oh, just stop dancing for a while." Another great idea, but oh wait, my ballet class is graded. AND I've been off dance for a long time already and it just got worse once I started again. I am so angry. He said "If I do cut into it, the nail has a good potential of just growing back anyway."

SO I am going to do what the doctor ordered... not dance today-soak it in salt like 5 times a day, lather it with melaleuca oil, and try to pry my nail out from under my skin somehow or something...........and if it doesn't work I have to go to a foot doctor and figure something else out.

I guess good news is I didn't have to have surgery. Bad news is it isn't fixed.

Today is the kind of day where only Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears from BYU can help my situation. And thank goodness for them! While I was at the bookstore picking up my remedy I noticed ALL the Valentines Day candy. I LOVE Valentines Day! Probably because I think life is like a fairytale and I love LOVE. Even though I won't be getting anything or spending the day with anyone special it still makes me happy because I love knowing that so many people in the world are happy and celebrating their loved ones. Happy Valentines Day-one month in advance!

This is how I used to do Valentines Day...(2009)-Flashback from pre blogging days.
Taylor made me Dinner and we went to a concert (John Allred and Benton Paul). He got me personalized M&Ms and I made his family a goodie box with treats my  mom and I made (cookies, chocolate covered cinn. lips, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate and caramel covered pretzels.)

And in 2006 and 2008 I was given... (words were different in 2006, I think it said Taylor -n- Bree or something...)

...I can't believe I just wrote a post about Valentines Day... in January... AND that it also talked about my feet in it. I think I need to go to sleep.... Too bad I still have another class today and won't be home for 2 more hours... I'm in a slightly better mood though than this morning so... If thinking about Valentines Day, pictures of Taylor, and CCCB do that for me, I guess this post was necessary.

My advice for the day. Go try some Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears, they will change your life. If you live in Utah-BYU's are amazing or make your own with Guittard Milk Chocolate Chips! Heavenly! Nothing beats this chocolate, I've eaten a whole bag.... alone before.
I hope you do something today that makes you happy.