Monday, August 19, 2013

a weekend filled with a few favorite things..

 ^^The Temple View^^

 ^^New Shirt (Taylor picked out from Anthro for me!)^^

 ^^Dinner at LUCE - Best Mushroom Ravioli^^

 ^^Dessert for Two^^

 ^^Walking the UWS Streets of NYC^^

^^Panini at an Outdoor Cafe^^

 ^^Pretty Buildings^^

 ^^Columbus Circle^^
(Taylor's first view of Manhattan as a missionary was coming out of this subway station and I used to come here almost everyday for work fall 2010)

 ^^He Is My Favorite^^

 ^^Visiting My Old Work - J.Crew^^

 ^^Remembering Milan with A M A Z I N G Grom Gelato^^
(Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Melon)

 ^^Happy Girl^^

^^NYC Midtown Style^^

 ^^L O V E Ralph Lauren's Madison Shop^^

 ^^Some Pretty UES Architecture^^

 ^^Eating H E A V E N L Y Macarons in Central Park^^

 ^^Salted Caramel (UNREAL!!), Chocolate (okay..), Mint (Amazing!), Vanilla (Really Good).^^

^^Central Park^^

^^Breakfast Complete with Leftover Magnolia and Netflix^^
(Sunday we spent most of our day sleeping in and finishing Heroes (which we started on our honeymoon) we figured it'd be our last relaxing day for a very long time... we topped off our lazy cuddle filled day with popcorn and marshmallows, mango licorice, and cookie dough)

We had to fit in all our favorite things because we only have ONE MORE WEEK left!! Crazy how fast time flies. This weekend will be filled with packing and preparing to move. 

We are sad to leave NYC but are excited to be starting up again at BYU and be close to our family and friends. ((Also very excited to start working out again every day!))

Friday, August 16, 2013

Life Lately... {Yankee's game and NYC Inspirations}

Last weekend we went to a Yankee's game!! I have been to a Met's game before but this was my first time seeing the Yankee's play - it was also the first time I've been to the Bronx! I love baseball and it was really fun to watch my NY team play. Coincidentally they were playing Detroit - which was my first baseball team since I lived in Michigan at the time. The game was pretty uneventful until the last inning when Detroit tied it up and we went into extra innings - the Yankee's pulled it out in the end despite A-Rod's 3 strike outs (due to a loudly booing stadium.)

On Saturday we had a very inspirational day!! Taylor offered to come to some fabric stores with me! He is good at picking out my clothes so he thought he'd try picking out some fabric. He is such a sweetheart! I went to Mood and B&J then walked around the garment district to some of my favorite trimming stores. I ate Potbelly's for lunch (ah!!! how I love Potbelly's - please come to Utah! I'm going to miss you..) while Taylor met some investment banking guys at Shake Shack. When we met back up we finally stopped at Mr. Softee (been wanting to stop since the first day we got here) and then went to Saks. I tried on a pair of gorgeous black Louboutin's, looked at all the gorgeous evening wear and the Ralph Lauren collections. So gorgeous. Everything. For dinner we were craving cannoli's (thank you Boston) so we went to Little Italy. It did not disappoint. We decided the cannoli shell from Cafe Palermo (NYC) was better but the filling from Modern Pastry (Boston) was better - so if only they could combine, it would be THE BEST cannoli in the universe!

^^flashback to my first time at Mood (summer 2008)^^

^^all my swatches - so much sparkle. I was in heaven.^^

 ^^aBree Fashion post HERE^^

Life via Instagram:

 ^^a couple days left to enter the $225 paypal cash giveaway on aBree Fashion^^

 ^^Detroit game circa 2000^^

 ^^100 day anniversary!^^

 ^^I miss NYC food already...^^

 ^^How I spend my lunch break^^

 ^^Remembering B O S T O N^^

^^Wedding gown feature^^