Bree started this blog in 2009 when she moved from Utah to New York City to chase her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She married her high school sweetheart, Taylor, in May 2013.

They currently live in New York City.

She's a(n): dreamer, dancer, entrepreneur, pilates enthusiast, designer, and food lover
He's a(n): hard worker, finance guru, excel wizard, positive thinker, and food lover

Their Journey:

| Younger Years |

January 1990: Taylor was born in Utah
February 1990: Bree was born Oklahoma
May 1993: Bree moved to Michigan
August 2000: Bree moved to Utah

2005 - 2008
| High School |

September 2005: Bree and Taylor met the second day of school and started "going out"
January - February 2006: Turned 16, officially old enough to date!
April 2006: Attended their first prom together
April 2008: Attended their senior prom together (along with many other dances in-between)
June 2008: Graduated from Orem High School
July 2008: Taylor started school at Brigham Young University
September 2008: Bree started school at Brigham Young University 
November 2008: Bree applied to the fashion design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology

2009 - 2011
| Taylor's LDS Mission, Bree at FIT |

January 2009: Taylor submitted his papers to serve a two-year LDS mission 
February 2009: Taylor was called to serve in the New York, NY North Spanish speaking mission
March 2009: Bree was accepted to FIT in New York City
May 2009: Taylor left on his mission
August 2009: Bree moved to NYC (Chelsea) to start school at FIT
May 2010: Bree graduated with an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from FIT and then studied abroad to Paris and Milan
Sept 2010 - Dec 2010: Bree remained in NYC (UWS) and took classes at FIT while working at J.Crew
January 2011: Bree started back up at BYU
May 2011: Taylor returned from his mission
July 2011: Taylor started back up at BYU and Bree started teaching dance at BYU

2012 - 2014
| Brigham Young University |

May 2012 - August 2012: Taylor moved to Dallas, Texas for an internship
August 2012: Taylor gave Bree a promise ring
Sept 2012 - Dec 2012: Taylor moved to Scottsdale, Arizona for an internship, and Bree took the semester of school to design her wedding dress
November 2012: Taylor and Bree got officially ENGAGED
January 2013: Bree and Taylor both continued their schooling at BYU
February 2013: Bree made her first collection for her first fashion show 
May 2013: Bree and Taylor got MARRIED for time and all eternity!
June 2013 - August 2013: Bree and Taylor moved to NYC (Queens) for Taylor's internship
September 2013: Bree and Taylor moved back to Utah (Wymount) and started their business degree programs at the Marriott School of Management, BYU
November 2013: Taylor was offered a summer analyst internship at Credit Suisse
March 2014: Bree produced her second collection
June 2014 - August 2014: Bree and Taylor moved to NYC (Murray Hill) for Taylor's internship
October 2014: Bree produced her third collection, and co-produced Provo Fashion Week
November 2014: Bree launched her e-commerce website, BreeLena.com
December 2014: Bree graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Marketing from BYU


February 2015: Bree produced her 4th and 5th collections, and co-produced Provo Fashion Week
April 2015: Taylor graduated with his Bachelor Degree in Finance from BYU
May 2015: Bree and Taylor took a graduation trip to Europe
June 2015: Bree and Taylor moved to NYC (Midtown East)

Taylor is currently working for Credit Suisse, with the title of Financial Analyst of the Investment Banking Division in the Mergers and Acquisitions group.

Bree is currently growing her company, Bree Lena.