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NYC: end of summer... (2014)

Well... since it has been a year since I updated this blog I will just throw some photos in here since I don't really remember the specifics of what we did the last few weeks we were in NYC last summer.

Here is a recap of the fist half of our 2014 summer.

Designing for Provo Fashion Week:

While in NYC I spent most of my time designing my collection, exploring all the fabric stores, and sewing. ALONG with planning and producing 

 ^^The final designs for my Fall 2014 Collection!

 ^^Hand beading ALL DAY while watching Netflix


 ^^The CRACK Pie!!!

 ^^The only time all summer we were able to go out to dinner together 

 ^^Terrible quality but had to document our new FAVORITE Mexican in the city - Dos Caminos

 ^^Sarabeth's is ALWAYS a must

(Once Taylor finished up his internship (we had about a week before we were heading out) we decided to stop by all of our favorite places).

 ^^ CHEESE is always a good idea. And so is our favorite French restaurant, Le Grainne

 ^^ And of course, Mushroom Ravioli at Luce

 ^^Taylor received his full-time offer the second week in August!

Lake Powell:

My family goes to Lake Powell every summer and I haven't been able to go for the past couple years. I was lonely in the apartment all day while Taylor worked 110+ hours each week and I was talking to my dad and we decided to split the price of a plane ticket and surprise my family but coming to Lake Powell. I flew home and Sy picked me up from the airport (he was the only other one in on the surprise). When I got home I surprised Bain and then we all waiting for my mom to get home. We were watching TV in the family room together (the 3 of us) and my mom came home and started talking to Sy and Bain (who were on the couch facing her, I was on the chair with my back to her and all you could really see was the top of my head). They were talking for a while and trying to stifle laughter and she was so confused as to what was going on and what was so funny. They would look at me and laugh, she would look down at me and was confused (she didn't recognize it was me, she thought I was just one of Bain's friends or something) and finally they pointed at me and said "you're daughter!" It still took a second to sink in until she finally put it all together. I guess I surprised her so much she didn't even recognize me! It was the best ever! We left for Lake Powell the next day and spent the week at one of our favorite places on earth. Of course I missed Taylor so much, and of course while I was gone he had his two busiest weeks of his life where he literally worked 135 hours for two weeks in a row, as in he got home at 6AM everyday and would go back to work at 9AM for two weeks straight.

Gavin DeGraw Concert in Central Park:

We decided to stay in the city the week after we finished the internship so that Taylor could enjoy the city a bit and so that we could go to the Gavin DeGraw concert - since he is my all time favorite singer ever! I have now seen him in concert 5 times (3 times together).

Drive to Utah via Atlanta, Gulf Shores, and McKinney:

We packed up our apartment and headed up to Connecticut to pick up the van at Taylor's aunt and uncle's home. We stayed over night and left bright and early to drive into the city, hopefully find a parking spot close to our apartment on the street, carry everything down our 6 flights of stairs, load the car, and drive the 14+ hours to Atlanta. It was a long day!!! And the traffic was terrible and it took around 16 hours to get there.We visited Seth, Jenn, and Taytum for a couple days and then headed to Gulf Shores Alabama (stayed at the Phoenix All Suites Hotel) for 2 days on the beach!!

 ^^We found a spot on our first try!! Our apartment was the one with the black door


We then made our way to Texas to visit Brooke and Hadley! Taylor's family met us there at Brooke's home and we were able to spend a few days all together before we headed back to Utah just in time for school to start back up at BYU.

 ^^On the way home we stopped at the 4 Corners

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