Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NYC: June 1 - July 5

{Week 1: June 1-7} 
Bree & Taylor: Moved in. Shake Shack. Wandered our Neighborhood. Luce. Chelsea Market. Ronnybrook Dairy. The Highline. Insomnia Cookie

 ^^Madison Square Park is located directly in front of Taylor's office - and lucky for us that means that Shake Shack is extremely close. We live about 5 minutes from Taylor's building.

^^Shroom burger + fries + vanilla concrete with bananas

 ^^Behind Taylor is Madison Square Park and the two Credit Suisse buildings - in front of him (not pictured) is the Flatiron building. Credit Suisse takes up two blocks, 23rd and 24th between Madison and Park Avenue - We live on 24th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue.

 ^^Taylor works in the building on the left on the 19th floor!

 ^^Though the photo doesn't look that appetizing - this is hands down our favorite Italian meal. Mushroom Ravioli from Luce on the Upper West Side. It is heavenly.

 ^^We ate at Chelsea Market at Ronnybrook Dairy and then spent some time wandering the Highline.

 ^^S'mores Cookie

{Week 2: June 8-14} 
Bree: Potbelly's. Trader Joe's. Levain Cookie. Fabric Stores. Hart of Dixie. Mango Licorice. Le Grainne with Emily. Billy's Bakery. Scandal.
Taylor: Started training. Worked 85-90 hrs.

 ^^Only the best cookie on the planet - Oatmeal Raisin from Levain

 ^^Mozzarella and Apple Sandwich with Mango Lemonade - not sure where it was from..

^^Emily was in town with her mom so I met up with them at our usual spot - Le Grainne Cafe (my favorite french place!!) and had dessert at Billy's - sadly they did not have my favorite coconut cake but they had peanut butter pie and since I wasn't with Taylor for once... (he's allergic)

{Week 3: June 15-21}
Bree: Union Square. Black & White Cookie. Revenge. Sketching. Bagel. Blogging. Vampire Diaries. Rosa Mexicano.
Taylor: Worked 105-110 hrs, Rosa Mexicano 

 ^^Wandering around 5th ave waiting for our Rosa's reservation. Taylor got off work pretty early (8pm) so we were finally about to actually go out to eat rather than just order in or eat separately.

{Week 4: June 22-28}
Bree: Central Park. Banana Pudding. Whole Foods. Carmelita Bar. J.Crew Sample Sale. Sick. Friday Night Lights. Potbelly's.
Taylor: Worked = 110+ hrs

 ^^Shown with a Levain cookie on top

 ^^I scored some awesome heels!!! and a purse.

^^The view from Taylor's office

-I have mentioned going to Potbelly's a few times but I never have photos... I get the Turkey sandwich with hot peppers and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie - and sometimes an Oreo shake. It is amazing.

-I picked up a cold on Wednesday and was sick in bed basically until the following Monday, luckily Taylor didn't get sick!!

{Week 5: June 29-July 5}
Bree: Sweetgreen, Levain, Central Park, Columbus Circle, Grom, Twisted, Shake Shack, Laduree, Eataly, Witches of East End.
Taylor: Worked 80-85 hrs., Shake Shack, Eataly.

 ^^Ate Sweetgreen (Guac Salad) in Central Park and had Grom for dessert

 ^^My favorite Italian gelato - I ate this religiously when I was in Milan on my study abroad

 ^^Celebratory Shake Shack corn dogs for the 4th of July - SO yummy!

^^Yummy macarons for dessert after eating delicious panini's from Eataly - Vanilla and salted caramel are my favorite, but they are all good! {clockwise: Rose, Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla, Lemon, Salted Caramel}

Taylor's work scheduled (approximate)
M-F: 9am - 2am (sometimes as late as 3:30am)
Sa-Su: 11am - 9pm (usually not later than 10:30)

Taylor has not had a day off since we got here we were hoping to have the weekend of the 4th off because we were invited to a BBQ in Connecticut with all the BYU Investment Banking students who are here for the summer or are working here full time. Taylor is working on a really big deal and had to go in on the 4th from about noon - 10pm, luckily he was able to meet me for a bit outside his building for Shake Shack. The party was on the 5th but Taylor again had to work from noon - 10pm again. We tried to meet for dinner but it was cut short and he had to go back into work. Sunday was the closest to a day off he has had so far - he had to go in for about 2 hours in the morning and then again for 2 hours in the evening.

Since it is so quiet all alone in the apartment I like to keep TV shows going on Netflix constantly as I am sewing/blogging/designing etc. so I don't go crazy... I am looking for more shows to watch, any suggestions? I've already watched the following in the past - plus the ones I included in the weekly lists above - One Tree Hill, 90210, Prison Break, Lost, Heroes, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock Holmes.

And that's what we have been up to.
I am all caught up on blogging, and am halfway through my to-do list. The rest of the summer I'll be hitting it hard with sewing for Provo Fashion Week!

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  1. Bree, have you seen, "Royal Pains" ? It's a really good series, I think there are 4 or 5 seasons.
    Also there are lots of English series on Netflix, "Wives and Daughters", " The Buccaneers", and several others. We used to watch "Monarch of the Glen", years ago. We loved that one!
    love, Debbie