Wednesday, October 16, 2013

life lately. the past month. via instagram.

 ^^Grey Likes Weddings Feature 

 ^^October 1st: Happy Birthday to Daddy, Emily, and Granny White


 ^^aBree Fashion

 ^^hail, puffer, and uggs on October 4th... too soon

 ^^5th month anniversary! WAHOO!

 ^^Conference weekend - mmm..

 ^^our home.

 ^^sweats season

 ^^Avenia Bridal went to NYC fashion week. Without me.

 ^^Sunday drive up Payson canyon. GORGEOUS. times a million.

 ^^aBree Original photoshoot!! (coming soon)

^^first hot chocolate of the season. Stephens with Andes mints.

AND Congratulations to two of my favorite dance girls who are getting married so soon!
Annie and Kenzie. Welcome to the married club!

AND a few photos from our Sunday drive, since those are the only pictures I've taken in the past month.. and because they are breathtakingly beautiful. We had such a good time driving around for hours way up in the mountains. Stunning.

and Saturday night date night cold stone. yum.

This weekend Taylor heads to NYC for interviews and on Wednesday we both head to FLORIDA!!! for an Orlando vacation with Taylor's family!

Life is good.