Sunday, August 30, 2009

Perfect SUNDAY

I love serendipitous moments, and today I had 2. It was all about being at the right place at the right time. As I was walking down the street that my church is on I met a man in a suit. Sure enough after I chat with him about going to church, where I am from and what I am doing in the city I took a closer look at his jacket, the mission badge that i noticed took on a greater meaning, his name was president smith and he is the president of the New York New York North Mission, yes that is Taylor's mission, as well as Gavin's. CRAZY!!!! I wanted to say something about them to him...but i didn't. It was enough just to meet him and have that connection.

I LOVE CHURCH HERE! Everyone is so so so so so so so friendly! I have already met some amazing people who are so kind and willing to help! The talks and lessons so far have also been great and it is so fun because investigators come frequently! If you ever have trouble focusing in church take notes! It really helps so much! And you are left with amazing truths that you can refer to throughout the week. This week the talks were on missionary work. WE are the Pearl of Great Price, we need to realize what we have a share it. We need to be excited about missionary work and the gospel!

There are 3 girls from FIT that are LDS. One lives in my dorm and she is a new convert so we decided to take her to gospel essentials class instead of gospel doctrine. While there we had to introduce ourselves and afterward a missionary in my ward told me he knew......ELDER WILKINS!!!!! I about died with excitement. I guess he had served with Taylor, not his companion cause this guy is English speaking, but they were in the same apartment building. His name is elder williams and he was just transferred to my ward. WHen tay found out elder williams was going more downtown i guess he told him to look for a bree woolstenhulme. and elder williams found me! Ah so awesome! i am so happy that i was able to meet 2 people who know and love taylor! It was such a fun day! I only met elder williams because of my friend who is a new convert. because of her I was prompted that we should go to gospel essentials, and because of my other friend katie, who introduced herself before me and said both her first and last name, i decided to say my last name too, and because of that elder williams recognized the name and found me. Taylor has only been out 2 months in NYC and he already happened to know someone who found me! So crazy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here is a tour of my room! Hopefully it doesn't make you too dizzy!

here are some stills... 1) Under my bed, shoes, suitcases, kitchen supplies, FOOD! etc... 2) my bed! Love it! and my beautiful friends. I love you all!!!! 3) my half of the already small closet

And that is pretty much it!! I'll take some pictures of the campus later this week maybe!

Friday, August 28, 2009

from HOME

I meant to put this post up first....but i got carried away and wrote about NYC first... my bad

My Dream House, found right by the Draper Temple. I want my future house to look almost exactly like this only better cause it'll be mine! haha but i want it in the beautiful green forest of upstate New York. With a large yard and an aspen forest in the back, with a long Cullen style driveway! Close enough to commute into Manhattan but secluded, and beautiful! Ah perfect.

Sewing projects, Jen's dress. Fabric supplied by two birds fabric, my cousins company. Check out her blog very cute stuff, she sells on I made it for my friend/dance teacher Jen!
I also made a dress for Bain's birthday. Too bad it was more than a month late....but oh well!

My sweet dance friends, I am going to miss so much, we had Cold Stone! so yummy, i love them!

Good times with my perfect family! haha things i'll miss, funny times I'll always remember
  • "Excuses are like butts, every one has them and they all stink"... haha love you bain and sy
  • Canasta!!!! thanks Carol-Lyn! haha "Canasta, whether it is clean or dirty it still carries your stuff home!" haha -seth, go Spanish
  • "That's so funny..... I know, right... wait, what?!" -Bain
  • "ain't a good place for us to talk, NOVA SCOTIA, just go out and crash your car, just stick me again, just stick me again, just stick me again....When someone drops you on the floor and you dont know who did it, just flip your hair and try to kick get as many people as you can hit, you do what you gotta do but please listen to me, Dont let no one play you a fool like throw a sticky drink on you....IDeAS, IDDEAS.... "- Sonya CSS
  • "Day and NIght, would everybody be happi-er, The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night, a-a-at night. SLOW MO(de)"-Turbulence
  • haha drives down Carterville to sonic.... us black girl hip hoppers haha Love Lockdown, Heartless, Move, SexyBack, Disturbia, Just Dance, Day and NIght....if it kills me -Bain
  • "How could you be so DR. EVIL, I got Homies" -Kanye, and the Fray
  • "Beautiful Nail, Just one, do i get to pick which one.... You have boyfriend?, oh girl why you no have?, oh she say your so pretty!" haha -Bainy
  • "She's with our ...out of the hood program, oh is that what you've been saying? Ru(de), Se-cur-ity this dude needs to go, needs to go, I know what i want"-Bon Qui Qui/Bain Qui QUi
  • Ticket to Ride -mommy
  • Ice cream and berries..every night! -daddy
  • "I wanna be FRE.....E....." hahahahahahaha -haha poor bainy serenading us...and an unexpected camouflaged guest haha
  • "bree where u go and why you no come back no more...oh where oh where did my bree go?" -Seth, text that made my day haha
So many good times! I love my family. I can't wait for Christmas when i get to see them again. I have the whole month of January off! yay

the BIG city...10%

It has been CRAZY here, so busy getting my new home situated! It has been fun though. My mom just left today to go back home....I am alone now, I am all grown up!


We have a wonderful campus here! there are trees on the street, and each of the buildings are on the same block i live on. There are 5 Buildings and they connect and are right across the street from my dorm. There are security guards everywhere, at each street entrance and at each door! You can not get into any building without a student ID and for visitors to get into the dorms you have to sign in, and sign out, it is very efficient and no strangers can go anywhere! It is safe and protected! FIT is a DRY CAMPUS. no alcohol is allowed anywhere and neither is smoking. Of course people here go out and party but if they come home too drunk they will be sent to the hospital and if anyone is caught with alcohol they will be kicked out of the dorms and possibly school! It is a really great policy i think, honestly I dont know how anyone thinks they will succeed while drinking but these freshmen don't know better yet, they haven't experienced college.

I own pans! haha it has been so fun getting my room ready. I have half of a small room to fit all my clothes, bed, desk, school supplies, shoes, suitcases, cleaning supplies, hair stuff, jewelry, bathroom necessities, food, cooking utensils/supplies, towels, laundry stuff, EVERYTHING! haha it is difficult. There kitchen and bathroom are so small all 4 of us can't fit our stuff in there like home so i had to stuff it all in my 1/2 of a small room. Thank goodness for the container store, it saved my life! haha I love it, and everything fits! Also thanks to my amazing mother who helped me all week long get everything organized. I love my room and my bed is so so so so so comfy! We have A/C which is more than I can say for the other dorms. I made my first meal today, it actually wasn't very good at all haha, but i tried and that is what counts. My roommates are all great! It is really a testimony to me that i am suppose to be here cause Heavenly Father definitely blessed me. All of us agree that we won't eat each others food, and that we'll clean up after ourselves, etc. So I don't think there will be any problems. My actual roommate is so great, actually perfect! She has all of the same standards as me, no drugs, drinking, coffee, boys, partying, everything. She is a home body like me and we really get along, I am so grateful and blessed!

My Church was AMAZING. especially relief society, it was really good and very friendly. I met a girl who went to Timp View who now goes to FIT and she is really nice, she lives off campus though and she isn't in my major but it is nice to have a church buddie. Also she met someone in my dorm that is LDS, I haven't met her yet but I am very happy to have someone in my dorm who i can go to church with. It is real close, just 3 subway stops downtown, and the temple is close to just about 5-6 subway stops uptown. Really there isn't a better place to be living in all of NYC. it is perfect here.

Well not many people are in my all, it is really small. I am in Fashion Design and most people are in merchandising, marketing, etc. there are many other majors. And beyond fashion design already being small i am in the 1 year program and there are only 50 of us, and it is INTENSE. I am really nervous about it so please pray for me. I have 17 1/2 credit hours, all designing classes and i am so excited but FREAKED OUT! ah!!! whenever i tell anyone i am in fashion design they all say....GOod Luck, haha that is the hardest major, you'll never sleep.............. ah! A cool fact i found out was there are about 2700 applicants for Fashion Design and 250 get in.. less than 10% and only 50 of us are 1 year. CRAZY

This week has been so great, I am so excited about the adventure that begins on MOnday, cause they did warn us that classes really begin monday, assignments, projects everything! I'll post some pictures with I take some! hopefully tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sethy is back!

MY BROTHER IS HOME!!!! YAY. It is so fun to have him back. I forgot how much alike we are, in personality and in looks, we were always mistaken for twins. he loved his mission so much and he is still trying to adjust but i think he is so happy to see us and to be home! I am only with him for 4 days.... but at least i get to see him! He has always been such an amazing example to me and i love him so much!

haha my little sister! LOVE HER

Saturday, August 15, 2009

growing up

errands-grocery showers.lunches with 9 MONTHS.headband business.decisions...BIG decisions.primary.saying good-bye.
---i guess its got to happen sometime


Challenges provide opportunities to learn and grow and to gain a new perspective and be rejuvenated with feelings of joy and happiness.

It is a fact that we have been called to take our place on the stage of life at a historic time in the history of the Church and the world. The Lord is counting on us.

We must remember that we did not come to this earth to gain our worth-we brought it with us. We were the valiant and faithful ones who kept our first estate, who chose to come to earth and follow the Lord’s plan, knowing that with his help we could keep our second estate and reach our ultimate goal in spite of the struggles along the way-or maybe because of the struggles.


my granny and grandpa came to visit and they are staying up in park city so me and kels had a heroes party up there! All i have to say is the internet up there is.....S L O W, rather obnoxious but... SO WORTH IT cause we FINISHED! yay, all three season this summer. THe 4th season starts september 21st! I CANT WAIT> poor hiro...

Along with heroes we did..........................WATER AEROBICS! with my granny at the pool. WE are AWESOME. we have pictures...... but, there were some technical difficulties and i cant upload them. it was good times though.

IT RAINED!!! a ton. I LOVE RAIN. although it was about 20 degrees, it felt like november rather than august. My toes were frozen, I had to get hot choloclate...IT'S SUMMER! rude, but i do love hot chocolate so it was okay.

WE stopped at a photo gallery and i fell in love with 2 that I want so bad...$75 each for a small print though.... so pretty, almost worth it. AH I LOVE PRETTY THINGS. they had a museum with the miss america gown dresses from the 50's I WANT ONE SO BAD. such great style back then. so pretty.

i love outlets, go J-CREW! my favorite store of all time!

IT was a great weekend, thanks to my granny, grandpa and kelsea! love you guys.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


YAHOO!!!!! Finals are over! no more school....for 2 weeks. I love BYU and all I've learned there! FIT here I come!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Going away...

My lovely Dance Club friends came over for my going away get together. Teen Company to now, 5, i wonder where we'll all be in 5 more?!

There are shortcuts to happiness...Dancing is one of them. xoxo

also Jeanine Mason is my new idol! She is amazing!!!!! So you think you can dance winner and she is only 18! you can watch her here on my blog, just scroll down! So beautiful.

on a sad note... My sister (13 years old) is now officially 1 inch taller than me... I am the shortest one in my family. 5'2"....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a little bit of background info..

This summer has been amazing! I have 7 friends out on missions (including my best friend elder taylor wilkins and my brother seth) I get uplifting and inspiring letters from them which amaze me, and make me so grateful for the incredible friends that I have. Seth comes home in 2 weeks!!!!! 13 days. I can't wait.

Me and my beautiful, talented, incredible, smart.........and endowed (what? haha) friend talyn went on a temple tour. We visited every Utah temple and did baptisms or confirmations for 598 people. Temples are the most beautiful buildings in the world, they are a piece of heaven on earth! many adventures were had on our trips like unforgettable ice cream, the poor herd of sheep we came across.... camping, and star trek!!! So FINE!

I became addicted to heroes, the TV show! WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T! that and one tree hill! My blog inspiring, beautiful haired, Hiro loving, hulu hating friend Kelsea and me made a tradition of watching heroes and dedicated ourselves to watching all 3 season this summer, 5 and a 1/4 episodes left..... haha rude, BUFFER.

BYU is great, go ART HISTORY!!!! I love ART! My goal is to travel all of Europe and see every piece of art that has inspired me, which is A TON! I could go on for days about art but that would probably bore you to tears.

I started a headband business! contact me if you want to buy any! help support my FIT fund! I am hoping to get them on etsy soon. I love beautiful things!

Dancing has been a favorite past time, but since i broke my foot I haven't been able too, rather depressing. I am healed...supposedly.. so I am hoping to find some time in New York with my 17 1/2 credit hours to dance. But I am in NYC to fulfill my dream of going to Fashion Design school at FIT! There is nothing more amazing than seeing your dream within your grasp and having the opportunity to hold on to it! New York City here I come!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm officially a blogger.......... never thought I'd see the day

I am doing this only because I am moving to New York and want to keep my friends and family updated on my adventures! I don't know how often I'll update so we'll see how it goes.