Saturday, February 27, 2010

3 A.M.

My EPIC birthday event....

I fell asleep early, still not feeling well, at 11, everything was all good, perfect considering my circumstances......

Then 3:00 AM I get a rude awakening to the most HORRID sound in the universe... the fire alarm, which would be fine if it was there to save my life but no..... We all had to evacuate the building, in the 12 inches of snow, in the middle of the night, with completely stupid people who "didn't have time" to grab their pants or put shoes on even though it is FREEZING outside. Funny, I managed to put my sweats, rain boots, and coat each their own I guess...

The alarm was either a drill which means someone deserves a good spank since it is 3 in the morning, on a snow day, and a friday OR someone on the 4th floor burned their toast or popcorn like last time.

Basically after staying outside for 20 mintues... no fire... I got the wonderful opportunity of going back inside where no one checked ID's so basically anyone was welcome, and some of my roommates never remember to lock the door... either I am lucky to live on the 13th floor where if someone wanted to kill us they would probably start on the lower levels since the elevators were temporarily out of order OR I am seriously in danger because why not start on the 13th floor?! It is already a creepy number.

Oh did I mention I had to walk up all 13 flights of stairs...

Ya so that is how I spent the rest of my birthday, as I was climbing the stairs I did get to listen to my bestie Talyn sing to me on my voice mail, so thanks Tal, love you! 

Friday, February 26, 2010

This post is for my Mommy, so she can spend my birthday with me
I woke up and looked outside to find that it kept snowing all night and.... SCHOOL is CANCELED. which in my case didn't really matter because I only had one class. but... I can't complain. Then I made myself some French Toast! With Magleby's syrup so it is basically like I was there... kind of... haha Serendipity will make up for it though! YUMMY and read my Happy Birthday letter from Elder Wilkins

Then I opened my package from my dear FAMILY, thank you! My healthy snacks along with some rolos (I always need SOME chocolate) and my Rice Crispy Cake!!! YAY I haven't had my crispies in over 6 months... I AM SO HAPPY. Bain gave me her face, Sy gave me a sweet shirt he made, yes, he made, and I finally got my Michael Kors watch I've been wanting for over a year. 

I didn't do much, just lazed around all day which was perfect. I went to Serendipity with Emily and Katie. And it was PERFECT! YUM YUM YUM. Ravioli and my favorite sundae! Nothing is better than Serendipity! They even put candles on my sundae! YAHOO.

Now I have the BIGGEST SUGAR RUSH EVER!!!! I feel so sick haha but it was SO WORTH IT, I always eat way too much. It probably didn't help that I'm not even over my cold yet... but oh well it was delicious.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

THANKFUL for... has been a rather sad week for me, I've been sick and stuck in bed or suffering through classes everyday and have had way to many "wow Bree, you look really tired?" or "Hey are you alright? You don't look good at all" etc. So I figured since I've been in bed all day and I don't want to finish my book yet because then I'll be stuck with absolutely nothing to do the rest of the night that I would take this opportunity to write my THANKFUL list...

I am thankful for...
  • Kleenex's
  • Mentholatum ointment
  • Tylenol cold head congestion and sore throat pills/liquid medicine
  • Chicken noodle soup that takes only 1:30 in the microwave
  • Peach hot jell-o
  • My soft cozy blanket and T-man the frog
  • Chocolate toffee Symphony Bars from Granny and Gummy Bears from Jo-Ann's
  • Birthday packages that are waiting until tomorrow to be opened
  • Books, Hannah (my roomie) let me borrow Fallen so I wouldn't be bored out of my  mind, it is really good
  • Letters, especially letters from my best friend
  • Speed dial: 4 for Mom, 7 for Talyn
  • The 'Add to Dictionary' option on spell check, now Talyn isn't underlined every time I type it
  • the weekend, time to catch up on all of my sick days work... hopefully I am better by then
  • Serendipity TOMORROW with my dear Katie and Emily, Can't Say "NO" Sundae, no matter how sick I am I know you won't let me down! And I can't wait
  • Snow, it has been coming down ALL day, night classes are canceled, hopefully tomorrows classes will be canceled too! I even braved the snow (all bundled up of course) to hit up the drug store, plus I needed the fresh air, and caught a few snowflakes on my tongue, and i loved it
  • My Christmas presents, rain-boots so my Ugg's don't get ruined in the major slush and my big J.Crew puffer to keep me toasty
  • Dreams, and sleeping in general
  • My wall of pictures in my dorm, all the loving faces that smile back at me
  • More importantly For all the people in  my wall of pictures, and the few new ones I've met here who will be on my next wall for sure.
  • Ear plugs
  • Hot showers
  • Love: giving and receiving 

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I underestimated my draping homework... I give it a 15. UGH! I worked on it for 4 hours today and didn't even get half of it done........... lots more sewing to do.

Here is my Product Data Management (PDM) Market Research Report (MRR)

A few of my favorite things... um... bedtime!

A few of my NOT favorite things.. sore throats (please pray mine goes away ASAP I don't have time to be sick) AND crappy sewing machines that decide to break the thread EVERY 5 STITCHES, which causes Bree to be frustrated and end her sewing portion of her homework early which she will regret come tomorrow and Monday!

Please excuse my minor vent session, it has been a LONG 12 hour homework day haha oh bedtime, how I LOVE YOU and will consume to your call even though I have so much more I should do before I retire for the night. Which again I will regret tomorrow...

Sweet Dreams.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Life @ FIT

It was a good week, full of new upcoming projects which means way too much homework!! Rated 1-5 on a scale of 1 being "easy, fine, boring" to 5 being "kill me it is going to take a lifetime BUT at least it is fun!"

Flat Pattern: Creative pants in half muslin-3. only because I am almost done with the pattern already so I just have to transfer and sew.

Fashion Faces and Places: 15 designer reports on American Designers-2. I have done 11 of them already and the other 4 are NO WHERE to be found, not online or in the library so.... It may be hard to make up stuff about someone the internet doesn't even care about.

Digital Flats and Specs: Illustrate dress in computer-3

Draping: Princess French Lining Bodice with boning and junk... AH I can only explain what that means with a picture so when it is done I will post it.-5 or 6 basically I am really not excited about the actual process...

Product Data Management: DEATH! We have 4 projects/assignments due. A huge Market Research Report, with mood boards, flats, and a rendered figure in the computer. And so much more......-5, lied more like 8 for TIME

Textiles: Read 3 chapters.... I haven't been assigned reading for 7 months. Not long enough.-1

Fashion Art and Design: 30 more thumbnail sketches for my cocktail/bridesmaid section of my "Destination Wedding" to Italy project. I can't even express how excited I am about this project!!!!-4

HELLO weekend, I already know you won't be long enough for me to get everything done, but thank you for giving me SOME time.

I LOVE homework! 

P.S I started my FIT dance team choreography! YAY I am so excited, hopefully it turns out like I think it will! I am using chairs again, can't get enough of them apparently. It is to the song "Against All Odds"-Gavin DeGraw. my love. Basically everyone feels a different emotion about the song/relationship


P.P.S. I love you Talyn

P.P.S.S. "May we cherish each and every day, even with its ups and downs, and protect ourselves from becoming consumed in what may sometimes seem like the big things, which might rob us of all the little things that are the very essence of life."
"We may be insignificant and contemptible in our own eyes and in the eyes of others, but the truth remains that we are the children of God and He has actually given His angels-invisible beings of power and might-charge concerning us, and they watch over us and have us in their keeping."

P.P.P.S.S. A few of my favorite things... Excedrin Migraine, J.crew, and early birthday texts and phone calls in class from SETHY!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day treat for Katie and me! French toast, berries, and Magleby's syrup! YUMMY! We ate this after seeing the movie 'Valentine's Day'...our men-less holiday spent a day early turned out to be alright after all!

I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) ya, not my favorite place. I really dislike most modern art, some is really good. I forgot my camera card so I don't have any pictures... My friend Carrie took some so maybe I can get some from her. It was fun to see lots of the art work I studied at BYU though.


BOOKS: Two books I recommend for those lovers of tear-jerk-er love stories. Dear John and Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas.

MUSIC: Favorite songs of the moment, Against All Odds-Gavin DeGraw, The Other Side of the Door-Taylor Swift, Cry-Jason Walker, Paperweight-Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk/Dear John Soundtrack, This is the Thing-Fink/Dear John Soundtrack

We are daughters of our HEAVENLY FATHER
who LOVES us, and we LOVE Him,
We will stand as witnesses of God
at all times, in all things, and in all places
as we STRIVE to live the Young Women Values which are
Divine Nature
Individual Worth
Choice and Accountability
Good Works
and Virture
We believe as we come to ACCEPT and ACT upon these values we will be prepared to
Strengthen Home and Family
Make and Keep Sacred Covenents
Receive the Ordinances of the Temple
and ENJOY the blessings of EXHAULTATION

Friday, February 12, 2010

So at chuch on Sunday I wore a skirt I made and I receive the BEST COMPLIMENT EVER! It went like this...

her: "I love your skirt! Where did you get it, let me guess J. CREW!"
me: "I WISH!"

ALSO last weekend I enjoyed the great movie DEAR JOHN, I recommend it, if you want to cry and all that. I LOVED IT. Here is the star of my heart at the moment... and I watched Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT which was amazing and inspiring! AND this weekend I am so excited for VALENTINE'S DAY! Thank you granny for the valentine's day money, it is definitely going to good use, hopefully the movie is as good as it looks.

P.S A few of my favorite things: sleeping in, and hot yoga. Today is going to be a good day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pellon Dress

Here is the draping dress, it is made out of pellon, which is a really thick papery interfacing thing... and the assignment was to make a garment purely out of perfect true shapes. I chose CIRCLES. So this dress is made completely out of circles. It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped but... oh well. It has been a CRAZY week.
It has a big full circle skirt as the bottom but.. I didn't get a picture of it...
AND it is wearable, (minus the made out of paper part) it even has a zipper

Our Valentino HUGE AAS exhibition garment/sketch was chosen today by the critic. AH it is going to be a intense semester. She did choose my favorite one though so that is excellent but only HALF of the 25 students make it into the show............................... ya, freaking out a bit. We'll see how it goes. The garment will be completed Mid April so I'll keep you posted on how it's going... HOPEFULLY 20 yards of silk and chiffon and too many sleepless nights later I'll be selected for the show. keep your fingers crossed. If not it's all good too! Because winning is awesome BUT when it all comes down to it learning is even better!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


yes, I love NYC school was CANCELED. lovely! This hasn't happened in forever, elementary school maybe, when it was well below -10 with MANY feet of snow.. actually I think even then we had to deal with the snow and trek it out to school. BUT HERE a scare of snow requires a cancellation! It is genius really! It did actually snow today, blizzard ish. and wet but not very much actually stuck to the ground.

WELL on my day off I did.... HOMEWORK during the DAY!!! Imagine that! haha instead of having to stay up to all hours of the night. BUT now I am watching HARRY POTTER and drinking HOT CHOCOLATE so it feels like a snow day! Just taking a break until I do more homework, hey, maybe it will be another snow day, THAT would be excellent!

I have one draping project I've been working on, I may post a picture, depending on how it comes out.

BUT I have pictures from the masquerade ball that I went to on my last day home, yay! They came in a package from my bestie TALYN yesterday and it basically made my day!

PS purple grapes and chocolate toffee symphony bars are two of my favorite things! -I am going to start posting a few of my favorite things in every post if I remember to....

Friday, February 5, 2010

longest week EVER!

New classes everyday is not fun, I am so happy the introductions are all over and we can get to work, I am so bored!

1. Flat Patten: (3 Hours) My teacher is this older man who seems to be nice and knowledgable, we drafted a pair of pants on our first day which was really fun. I am really looking forward to this class. Flat Pattern is compared to Draping, FP is all on paper though with math and technical things whereas Draping is visual, manipulation of fabric on a form to produce your wanted end result. I am better with draping so hopefully this semester will help me love and understand FP better so I can even out the race between FP and draping.

2. Faces and Places in Fashion: (2 Hours) Lecture class. We learn about the people and things that are important in the fashion world. Each week we have guest speakers come and teach us about all the things we need to know to succeed in the fashion industry. Basically we just come listen and take notes, hand in reports and take tests.... not too exciting, I call it my BYU class=not hands on and fun, but useful!

3. Digital Flats and Specs: (3 Hours, @ 8am.......AH!) This class is a continuation of my photoshop/illustrator class from last semester. We only use Illustator though, which is a program where we draw our designs into the computer instead of on paper. Basically it is all the very technical stuff to show all the seam lines, the measurements, the exact process of how the design will be executed.

4. Draping: (3 Hours, 2 times a week) My favorite class, (and I really like the teacher) I already explained above what draping is but what is so exciting about this year is that we get to make a huge final garment for our graduation exhibit. Our inspirational designer that we are basing our ideas off of is Valentino. It is going to be so much work, but it will be so worth it and so fun!

5. Fashion Data Management: (3 Hours) More computer stuff, I don't even really know exactly, we do more drawing and things in the computer and basically we are supposedly going to have a really nice portfolio when the class is over. I think the Digital Flats and Specs is all the technical stuff and this class puts it to use and we actually design a whole collection.

6. Textiles: (3 Hours) Another lecture class where we learn about all and every type of fabric. Lots of tests and memorizing.

7. Fashion Art and Design: (4 Hours) I am pretty excited for this class, it'll be a lot of work, all of them will, but it will be really awesome. This is my fashion drawing class where we sketch our designs. By the end of this class we will have about a 40 piece collection. I am doing mostly evening wear which means I get to do a bridal unit in my collection that I am really really happy about.

8. Model Drawing: (2 Hours) This is a pretty chill class, we just draw models, mostly to get a feel for the fashion figure and for drawing different types of clothes in different mediums. I don't love drawing so it won't be my favorite but it will be my easiest class so that is nice.

Well that is basically what I have been up to. A lot of homework already but also a lot of lame down time too, I am sure that will change once school picks up and all my extra activities start up again.