Wednesday, October 28, 2009


we are a pretty big deal haha we are sponsored by Pastry Shoes which are coming this weekend so I will post a picture of them and our uniforms when we get them. We have many performances coming up. Next Thursday we are performing at our FIT's first basketball game, then that Friday we are dancing at the after party of the huge WFIT concert held here at the school. Also on Saturday we are performing 2 dances at Parent's Day. Then the week after on Thursday is our huge homecoming halftime performance. We have 3 dances (2 hip hop, 1 Broadway) that we switch off performing. Here is our individual/team pictures

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GOod times at FIT

Yesterday was the best day ever!!! YAY.I went shopping at saks.. haha well I guess it was more like homework and I am starting a Burberry fund, their coats are AMAZING. I got to eat cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery! AND it was Hannah (my roommate's) birthday so her mom brought us 12 cupcakes from there as well... haha YUMMY! By the way if you are ever at Magnolia then get their BANANA PUDDING!!!! the BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!

I also got a package from my mommy! HALLOWEEN candy! and our famous CARAMEL CORN!ah heaven, AND i got my necklace back!!! YAHOO i feel whole again. I also got a letter from Elder Wilkins so that was extra unexpected and exciting because I normally don't get two in the same month.

Today was all about me, yes, I am selfish, but I needed it. SO I went to Hot Yoga for 1 1/2 hours and then went to a workout at my school which is like P90X (for those of you who are familiar with that) anyway so I basically worked out for 3 hours and it was so great! absolutely amazing! I love working out, it is so relaxing and beneficial.

SO... TOdAy was exciting as well, guess what famous actor visited my class because he knows my teacher and his daughter wants to come here so they wanted to check out the school?.... DAVID HASSELHOFF! ya FIT is pretty legit! Even famous actors think we are cool enough! Go us!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

NEW YORK CITY. mormons take manhattan

For our institute activity we were giving clues that traveled us all over the city and it was a blast because I was able to see things here in the city that I haven't seen before. We were placed in groups and my group was EXCELLENT. we had so much fun, our team name was the cross town crew. we were legit! The only person I knew originally in my group was Richard (my 'hot yoga' buddy). The only down fall was that it was RAINING the WHOLE day! and we were outside in it the whole day... but it was still a lot of fun!

A few things we did...
Radio City music hall

AND do the can can, the truck at the end even stopped in the middle of the street so he wouldn't block the camera.. we ARE that important. haha

Then we had to do the famous Times Square Kiss... I kissed Jesse from Princeton. Check that off my list of things to do before I die... haha

We had to go to the New York Library and act out a Harry Potter scene. BUT the video is rather um.... lets just say the one actor in the group was shooting the video so..... ya...I don't think I'll post it

at FAO Schwartz we played the Piano (I took the picture...)

We then went to Bloomingdales and two people had to dress up in a crazy outfit.. we chose the same outfit for both our female and male model. We also saw a parade of about 200 zombies that came through the store... Weird.. kind of crazy, and definitely something I have never seen before! Yikes. They went all out! AND had thriller playing, we don't know who they were but if they were doing it in remembrance of Michael Jackson then I LOVE THEM... but I don't think that was the case

At the Met there was a Samurai Exhibit that we had to act out

Then we went to Central Park and acted out a scene from Enchanted... First off I am NOT an actress, and Second... I don't sing haha. all I wanted to do was run through the grass field... but it was raining. So here is our little attempt at 'how does she know that you love her'......... hahaha oh goodness. Watch the real clip on you tube!

Then we traveled up to the 4th biggest Catholic church in the world, St. John's. It was B E A U T I F U L. WOW. Each stain glass tells a story and the church is the size of 2 football fields. It was really amazing.

We went to Tom's Restaurant but it was the end of the day and it was POURING so I don't have a good picture.

We didn't have enough time to complete every thing on our list... We didn't get to 3 but it was good times and a fun experience. I love meeting people here because everyone is so amazing, they all have a purpose and are doing something really cool with their life and I love that. Go singles of NY!

Here is also a little excerpt from Elder Wilkins last email that I really loved..
"I know more than anything that our Heavenly Father loves all of you so much ... He knows you. He knows all the things you are going through in your life. He knows your ups and your downs. Your happy times, and your sad times. When others leave you, He stays standing by your side. Don't ever forget that. Not only turn to the Lord when you need Him most, but also when you need Him less. I pray that God will be with you, as I know He is by my side every day"

Friday, October 23, 2009

As promised here is the project, sorry the picture is a little blurry. The assignment was to drape and sew a cowl (neck, back, skirt, underarm) I went for the neck cowl....

haha I also got told that I have perfect hair.. thanks mom and dad for the perfect mix of genes! we had to runway model our clothes today in front of the whole class and usually I am so not into that sort of stuff, all eyes on you... all the attention, not really my style BUT it was actually pretty fun, I felt like a different person for those 5 seconds. If only I were over a foot taller.... haha

Right now there is the LOUDEST fire truck I have ever heard blocked in the street out my window.. wow so obnoxious. I am almost oblivious to them these days but... WOW not right now

just ate my lunch of cereal and I'm off to class again, THEN I am off to bed haha I wish..... more sketching and homework that has to get done tonight... But hopefully bed will come at a decent hour. 10 would be GREAT.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So today my class just found out that all we have done up to this point in the semester is what usually takes 1 WHOLE semester in the regular 2 year program.. we are FLYING!!! We are now on to jackets and creative dresses! Very exciting. Lots of hard work and endless nights.... sleepless nights! BUT all in good fun....... haha well at least I am learning and loving what I am learning, can't say the word FUN comes to mind at 6 am when I've only been asleep for 4 hours. BUT i am honestly learning so so so much!!! here are a few more projects I have draped...

Halter, Midriff and Hip yoke, Dirndl Skirt..

Here are the pants I talked about earlier... they are actually much cuter in person, the picture isn't too great

And here is the shift dress with facings and buttons, with a poet sleeve and convertible collar

The only reason I am blogging right now is because I have a huge project due tomorrow BUT the work room where I do my sewing has a class until 9:30 So I am killing time until then, tomorrow I will post a picture of my project.

I've also been working on some sketches for my final projects that are coming up and a contest which uses wool from Scotland which is apparently the best and if I end up applying for the contest I will post my sketches... we'll see how busy I am

I would also like to formally thank Katie and Emily, I know I don't tell you enough how much your friendship means to me so I am just going to announce it to all! hahahaha.... Ah good times. Anyways really though it was them and Institute that helped me get through my week. I needed laughter and smiling. Good friends, and good food! it has been a while since we have been together and it was greatly needed!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I went along for more bridal shows on Monday after I finished classes and once again it was all beauty! well mostly all... Tara Keely was beautiful.

I also saw the ed hardy showroom and thought of Bainy

There was some BEAUTIFUL jewelry that I loved. I am surely never going to decide what my wedding attire will be.... So many different styles, headpieces, jewelry, ah i wish I could have a new wedding every week so I could have it all! I LOVE WEDDINGS! I love every part of them! But most importantly I love the FASHION!!!!!!! It was such an amazing experience and weekend. maybe some day I will be showing my designs here!

Monday, October 19, 2009

BRIDAL gowns

I had an amazing opportunity this weekend to attend events at the Bridal Market going on here in the City. Avenia Bridal is based out of Provo Utah and they are bringing custom made and high end BEAUTIES to Utah! They were here all weekend going to shows and meeting with designers that will accommodate to the Utah ways. What makes Avenia unique is the they buy to 'build up' they redesign the bodice to make the dress modest. They don't just add sleeves the new design involves the sleeves so that the whole design is unique, custom, beautiful, continuous, and MODEST. GO AVENIA!!!! Along with that they also custom make complete dresses which is something I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do so it was really nice to tag along as their intern for the weekend.

The dresses were INCREDIBLE!!!!! beyond beautiful. I definitely have a style i've learned and especially this season I LOVE flowers and big necklaces as well as great head pieces. I was actually able to touch the gowns. usually when you go to Saks and try to look at clothes and examine them the workers glare at you and follow you around but here the designers WANTED us to look at detail, the construction, the designs. they wanted us to touch and feel the fabrics. It was PERFECT! and it was such a great opportunity to see what the bridal shows are all about because that is what I want to go into! GO WEDDINGS!!! and if anyone is getting married check out Avenia Bridal It was a dream come true weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perfect salad....for the poor college student

So... Food.... not fun to make when you live in a ghetto dorm and when NYC prices are sky high. I want to formally thank every mother or father who cooks for their family daily (or close to daily). I don't remember ever feeling unsatisfied at the end of the day when it came to hunger. I never felt bored with the food that was prepared for me or that was in my fridge...Here is another story COMPLETELY! i did find a new lunch that I alternate with my almond butter banana and honey sandwich and that is salad. The perfect salad (that I am capable of)...

Apples (FUJI/FIJI.. (whatever they are called) are particularly excellent)
Red Onion
Sunflower Seeds
Dried Cranberries
and Honey Dijon Mustard dressing

MMMmm! if anyone has other quick (healthy) cheap lunch/dinner ideas please share

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HOT YOGA. my personal paradise

LONG week, FLEW by, can't even remember the details....

my heart necklace broke, yes the one i've worn every day for almost 2 years, the one from taylor....(pictured to the right) the chain broke! I about died........... very depressed. It happened Tuesday so it kind of put a damper on my mood.

No dessert this week...saving money...DYING

got a letter from gavin (elder anderson), brandon (elder harvey), and taylor (elder wilkins)

my mom sent me a package with my FAVORITE chili sauce in it!!!! DELICIOUS, thank you!

Van Alen Legacy (the 4th book in the Blue Blood saga) came out... I ordered it, it came, I took it to central park on Saturday (yes, reading in central park, epic)... I finished it, I LOVED it! you all should read it.

I designed and draped pants. Yes, PANTS. never thought I'd be able to do that, and it actually wasn't hard at all, i'll take a picture soon.

I went to Hot Yoga... best day of my LIFE. this was my second time so... it was a lot easier and better. basically it is class inside a 100+ degree room for 90 minutes. you come in dry, you leave wet.... sweat dripping/rushing from every pore. it honestly looks like you went out in the rain. BUT it is the most cleansing and refreshing thing in the whole universe and I LOVE IT! only $7 too! NOT BAD.

went to Hot Yoga again with Richard (my tall, dark, and handsome friend from church). Loved it again!

Saw Joey Dowling at church

Practiced my hand sewing skills.... did homework/went to classes

got better at hip hop!


got 4 hours of sleep last night....

Monday, October 5, 2009

I ALMOST made it...

Joann Fabric store has a prom contest every year for girls to submit their sewn dresses. This past year I submitted my Senior Prom Dress and my dress was chosen as one of the top 10 out of 492. The prizes are amazing, lots of $ and sewing supplies BUT..... I didn't win. You are able to look up the contest and the applicants online at and clicking on 2009 prom contest. The first three dresses shown are the first, second, and third place winners. The rest is in alphabetical order and I am number 487, there is a quick search arrow button at the bottom of the slide show and you can just continue to click that until my number. Here is my prom dress if you are too lazy to see the one on the site....

ALSO... here is my second attempt at art...Figures from real life. Chalk and pencil...the one I did in ink looked like an abstract piece of crap so... I did not post that... wet mediums are so hard, I admire artists so much more now that I have actually attempted drawing. It is so so so hard to make a drawing looked like the actual person, to make it unique and individual, wow props to the artists who mastered that! Go photography haha!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

LOVE the message of the day


It was a very nice day, Katie and I went to our church building for conference (Emily is in Jersey for the weekend). It is really fun because I just fell into a great group of friends here at church. I don't know how it all fell into place but it did and it is a blast. We went to lunch in between the sessions once again at the Italian place Le Zie that I went to last weekend. And it was delicious yet again! Best Creme Brulee I have EVER had... EVER! (my favorite dessert!) Mmmmm...FOOD! Basically I love conference!!! For anyone who was unable to see the sessions today here is a quick overview of what I got out of the talks...

Basically the two main messages were follow the promptings of the spirit and LOVE!

Richard G. Scott: Heavenly Father knew we were going to be given challenges that we cannot do by ourselves, he WANTS and EXPECTS us to come to him, to receive His divine help.

Vicki F. Matsumori: Let the spirit guide you daily, provide an environment where the spirit is welcome. Provide yourself with a still and quiet time EACH day to allow the still small voice to provide inspiration and guidance. Spiritual promptings are there for a reason, either to help yourself or to help others. Be the helper of Christ, be His hand, be His love, follow the still small voice.

L. Whitney Clayton: I don't have his story exactly right but he simply said if you were carrying a 100 pound bag up a mountain would you ask for help if someone offered? So why with our burdens do we not always go to the Lord? He offers to help, which is honestly incredible. It would be like asking a friend to accompany you on your trip up the mountain and having them offer to carry you and the bag up the whole way, never complaining. That is my idea of the greatest friend, and He IS our friend, He IS at our fingertips. Burdens become blessings because it is an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord, that is why we are given burdens/trials. Submit patiently and joyfully to the will of the Lord.

Russell T. Osguthrope: Like a doctor who saves lives physically, missionaries (full-time, or members) save lives spiritually. The aim of gospel teachings is to INSPIRE, not to simply teach information. AIM HIGH! reach higher than you ever thought possible. Have confidence in others. Learning and teaching aren't optional they are essential to the Kingdom of God. Teaching helps SAVE lives.

David A. Bednar: Express love AND SHOW IT. say I love you, be sincere and frequent, don't ever assume people already know you love them, say it, show it. Saying it isn't enough, demonstrate love everyday. Love is needed, it is the desire of every soul. Express your testimony AND LIVE IT. Don't be embarrassed to declare the things you know to be true. Be consistent in all small and simple things because they add up and matter in the big picture.

I know Heavenly Father Loves Me. GREAT SONG!!!! Be grateful and notice the beautiful world that Heavenly Father has given to us. He gave us our LIFE, MIND, and HEART. Thank Him for all the creations of which we are part of. 'I know heavenly father loves me.'

Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Love the Lord with all thy might, soul, and heart. Love should be the center of all things, it is the fire that fills our soul with joy. Christ doesn't NEED us to love him, it is the 1st commandment because we NEED to love Him. Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, God loves us perfectly. The Lord loves us regardless of our current state. If you love God with your soul, heart, and strength then EVERYTHING else will fall into place. Be a person that is known for their love.

Robert D. Hales: God is real, without God there would be NO complete happiness. Your personal knowledge of God's existence is the greatest gift you could ever have, and it brings the greatest joy.

Jorge F. Zeballos: The Lord doesn't expect us to do things that we are incapable of. And since He gives us all of our trials then we CAN handle them! God only requires us to do the best we can, if we do that we will become perfect through Him. Do all that is possible to achieve that which is impossible.

Tad R. Callister: What Joseph Smith discovered... God and His son are two separate beings. God has flesh and bones. There is modern revelation today! God still loves us, He still has power. There are multiple heavens. Joseph Smith was an instrument in the Lord's hand, he brought together the missing puzzle pieces of this true church.

Kent D. Watson: Be temperate. If we are humble and full of love then we will have greater spiritual strength and greater self control. Only a mere 1% of the population are LDS. Be full of Love, we have the knowledge that God loves us, that we are His children. Be grateful to be part of that small 1%.

Neil L. Andersen: Be spiritually wrapped in the arms of the Lord. Come to Him, He is waiting for you, arms wide open, arms of Love lengthened all the day long. He will always receive us. (my favorite quote of conference) DON'T PULL THE SHADES DOWN OVER THE OPEN WINDOW INTO HEAVEN. and remember, though men may not understand, God does, (my favorite scripture was quoted as well 1 Nephi 21:16) 'Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands.' literally graven on the palms of Christ's hands. In my scripture I have a picture of a hand with my name sketch onto it. What a powerful scripture. With repentance only comes greater good, greater happiness.

Boyd K. Packer: A father would not send his child to an unknown place where Lucifer roams around freely UNLESS there was a form of communication, a plan, a way to get through and back home safely. The Lord is this father and He has provided a way of us. He wants us back home. Listen to the promptings of the Spirit no matter how odd they may be or how simple or seemingly insignificant they are. any and every prompting comes from the Lord, it is His form of communication to us, It is His phone call to earth. We wouldn't reject a warning or a phone call from our earthly father so why do we sometimes ignore our Heavenly Father when in reality He knows ALL THINGS. He really knows what He is talking about. His promptings are His form of guidance and protection. Be open for inspiration. follow them, they are our PERSONAL REVELATION from Christ. (my other favorite quote of the day) 'Prayer is your personal key to heaven and the lock is on YOUR side of the veil.'

I Know That My Redeemer Lives!

I love conference!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here is my first project for my fashion illustration class, 5 piece ready-to-wear collection. The board on top is my inspiration and my swatches of fabric.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Dessert......

So it was Emily's birthday today! and my daddy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I LOVE YOU! so we went to the famous serendipity! The best dessert restaurant in the world! We got of course the "Can't say no sundae" which I get every time. basically think of the best dessert you've ever had and times it by about 10! it is that good! It is a peanut butter pie sundae. And we got a sundae with apple pie and cinnamon ice cream which was great as well. Here is Emily with her birthday desserts and here is Katie, Emily, and me outside of the restaurant.